Trans casserole for Christmas Irrenhouse

Christmas begins not with me, if they show up at the first Gingerbread emperor or Lidl, either, when I hear the first time load Christmas by Wham, and not just, when the first Christmas trees are sold. No Christmas starts at the latest, if it snows on the stage of Irrenhouse confetti and Mariah Carey “All I want for Christmas gespielt wird”


As Nina Queer says it all really. That is why we are all here, and that makes the Christmas Irrenhouse the most beautiful ever. And every year. In the end it is a normal astray House, like all 11 also in other, but somehow it is just something else, homely, secluded, atmospheric.


Hotly, as always, fully, As always with a unique trans still show by Nina. And show precisely that began with Brigitte as Christmas angel with the first number, which obviously sung live “the legs were spreading” and thus it led up, what should follow, for since the Cheffin indulged their favorite activity and blew on stage other than a Saxophone… For details, but I could not see.


Next came her dearest daughter Stella DeStroy as Frau Holle with their version of “Let It Snow” on the stage. Of course it snowed here but no snow, little confetti, it then but still white substances in small plastic bags, that would certainly prove to price reasons as flour…


It was in a great glitter sequined dress for the first time in ages again Melli Magic, Berlin has completed their Abstinez, but not their love of great divas in general and in particular Whitney. So isses, if not can Whitney, then Melli is just the very best representation. And honestly, who has heard Whitney's live singing attempt, which is always much happier with Live on Tape. And there is just no, Melli can hold a candle to.


Diva-esque and after the asylum House can tolerate a little trash and it was on this evening Mataina Ah how sweet responsible, However, with a song, I had not heard before, yet I would have remembered. Did not matter, because it was really only a placeholder for the highlight of the show… Mariah Carey.


And so it was, like every Christmas Irrenhouse, wermutlich since there is this, But at least since 6 Years. All Drags on stage, which occurred on the evening, to Mariah Carey and lots of confetti… First they threw it just a little and I was immediately reminded of, to call for this, were taken as two fans at once and then it just yet snowing right….


Although, I think so, that there were more confetti in the past OR… and much smaller confetti, that you could find even months later at his home somewhere… Because I need this time have little fear. But it was still great… as always.


But one was somehow different, This time in the asylum House. It seemed, as if the whole of Berlin present. Okay okay, it was as full as ever, but the number of hair replacement wearers that evening but was surprisingly high, not, I could assign all names correctly, I could probably, I could apply myself to the successor of Thomas Gottschalk “I'm betting that I appeal to all of Berlin Trans only on appearance with the right name”… But what is there Facebook.


And it is always a stupid situation, when someone says, “we know, We're friends on Facebook”… Uh, and, about you and a few thousand other people. Sorry, that does not help me, but anyway where I can remember people only me, times when I have a few minutes with them entertaining, or they simply bring any distinctive features… Hair Colors, Hairstyles, Height, Make up, By the way, outfits and the like are not part of 🙂


Though you came to me with the question “what you had in the last CSD at” Were you the one with the Louis Vuitton bags and other? Das war toll… So I was actually recognized as the outfit. When you consider, that this again is yes a few months ago, this is really nice


Oh beautiful. isses are continually, mislead the House in general and in particular the Christmas Irrenhouse. Merci Nina


Oktoberfest im Irrenhouse


After the last (Birthday)-Mislead the House last month, the highest mass of trannies on stage, should this month rather the least amount possible on trannies on stage. Strictly speaking, all of two Nina Queer itself and Brigitte, both dressed in dirndls a Oktoberfestirrenbouse showed..

Oktoberfest is a mad house slowly as common as that for Christmas or every year on the anniversary. This also means, that we know about,what to expect on the show. Trannies in dirndls, Pretzel, Beer and what you can expect to folk music as a gay party berlin… Which is limited to about four songs and a flourish.

So then brought Nina and Brigitte Hellwig also daswas could be expected in about, Heidi, Servus, Gruezi, and Hello, The cuckoo song and again “semen is disgusting”…. For each new great, for regular visitors like me Janka and frankly a little boring, since all the numbers already seen so, heard and taken.

But as always throws out the YouTube videos,one can also add some more times…. also has (if I'm right errinnere Mataina ah how sweet the last time) not thrown around the cuckoo song with mushrooms. Fortunately, however, are neither hard nor wet – different than things, otherwise the fly from the stage of madness as House… So two trannies make less mess on stage as four or five…. Although I'm sure Margot and Maria umm Nina and Brigitte could punish me lie without problems… is, after all, the Mad House, gell.

To which I got pretty much the rest of the show…. I barely reached the bottom, began, the theme song of the Muppet Show and Nina entered the stage.


I was surprised but then later, as an SPD politician also boarded the stage for a 5 Liter keg to stand in order to impress the guests and attendees to vote. Hmmmm. He promised, one 20 Liter drum, it should actually be the mayor of the district… he is to become actually.. wenn ja, then at least not by my voice, namely that went to the political competition…

10 Jahre Irrenhouse Party

In Berlin's party scene is not new, times when a party series 10 Years lived, but it is very rare. Surprisingly, there are gay scene in Berlin several of these rare events. The GFE Club is longer than 10 Years old, Club International as well and now I just mislead the House of Nina Queer.


I think I write it on each anniversary astray House, However, for 10 Year I have to repeat it again. The Madman House has a significant share of this, I now live in Berlin. When I first came to Berlin, the real reason was an interview on ebay. Actually I was interested in this job but less, I especially wanted to go to this party, I saw the pictures on the internet. Irrenhouse Party.

I came back – and it was a revelation for me. After the first time it was clear, I would come back a month later – anniversary 4 Years Irrenhouse. Consequently, since now I accompany this party well over half of its existence, and it is also a mandatory part of almost every month. Congratulations from me, therefore, to Nina.


But congratulations on that evening there was a lot of Nina, especially their girls, which brought a really great medley, of the Nina obviously really did not know, what to expect – and Nina are usually such things out of hand. All the girls messed up on the stage with great songs and just under 8 Minutes is probably the longest ever performance in a mental house, Nina die mit “pee in the eye” vefolgte front of the stage. Great and Erplaus for Nina was real.


and greater than according to their own piece of the medley – Somehow, sometime irgendo by Nena, However, that was extremely happy sing-along and has no ill feeling cared for.


Although mood and sing along, there was also the next song: I can’t live If living is without you von Mariah Carey, that had quite Gänsehautcharater and was certainly meant and felt on both sides. For the guests the Mad House is an important reference point once a month and Nina's statement “Thank-you – because of you my life is so much better was certainly not simply say so.


As can specify many other abschauen something, such as Valery Pearl from Hamburg, which happened to be in Berlin and was the first time in a mental house…. Quite impressed with was the good of the party and the venue and I hope, she takes great impressions to Hamburg, because there is still much to do.

And that can be implemented immediately, because on 24.09. there is a misleading House Party in Hamburg directly into the Grosse Freiheit. I'm not sure whether directed by Valery and Nina, it is, both have their fingers in the game and a mad house in Hamburg is actually a good reason, to visit my hometown again.


Was there anything else? s I, my camera does not flash, Therefore, although I can shoot great videos, But I have to use photos of other… What the heck 🙂


Wii Gitte and live singing in a mental house


There was a third Saturday of the month and thus a misleading House Saturday. But this time were on the event invitation on Facebook funny names. Alfie Levi and Daphne thingy… I knew both not previously. Something with thingy… this was not the model from the jungle camp… Sarah Dingens?


No matter, when we arrived was already evident from a distance not watched an incredible and long queue in front of the asylum House. As the came, But I could not quite tell me. Neither the club was so full at the time, that would have been an inlet-mounted stop, yet there was a queue at the cloakroom, more… more. Well, there was no reason, out of, that a long line in front of a club looks good 🙂

There were then but all purely, so that the House was misled once again well filled – and thus – wie im Sommer nearly Traditional – once again was extremely hot. …So of course I mean the temperature and not the mood, although that was also pretty good, like Nina could tell after the first trans number.

Started Mataina Ah How Sweet Supervixen with breasts and the old “I Love Rock N’ Roll” Number of Joan Jett… I'm not quite sure, but I think, to have seen the number before… This may already be a few years ago, but it seemed pretty familiar to me 😉


Now I look indeed been some years the numbers in the House to mislead, the very first time since I came to Berlin and became aware for the first time with the misleading House, that outside Hamburg there still a big wide world drag, of which I had not previously dared to dream and then let me drive at least monthly as a result the Hamburg Berlin motorway, until I actually just settled me in Berlin, and left his province province.


Meanwhile, as a lot has changed in terms of drag scene but done so in Hamburg, and still useable, a first-time visit to the Irrenhouse still be a revival signal, so for example with Marie from Hamburg, was the first time in a mental house and obviously felt something like, I then. 🙂


Also came from Hamburg aforementioned Daphne thingy. I also completely unknown to date, I think I desperately need time tutoring in Hamburg drag-customer. Well yes is soon CSD in Hamburg because I can time questioning the usual suspects, what you need to know in Hamburg. In any case thingie live Daphne sang a Tina Turner number. Live Sing End Drags? If Kaey trained as Berlin-export live there Drags? You do not know.


But there are also live in Berlin Singing Drags. Maggie Knorr for example a musical piece, von Nina als “the baddest princess, she has ever seen” titled… Not nice, but absolutely Nina 🙂 You have to say that too, that they then individual “Buh-caller” short and strong clasped together in a great manner and made silence. Actually, times to bring up a musical number on the not optimally controlled astray House stage, all honor is already worth….


And because it worked so beautifully sung with live, was equal to or slightly after-: Alfie Levi… Never heard of? I do not even. A bit of Googling brings to light the following: In November, appeared to coincide with his first album "The Attic" and the single "YES" – Along with New York's main drag queen Sherry Vine and Gloria Viagra from Berlin was a dancefloor number with hard electro-acoustic beats. Sherry, Gloria und Alfie… Ist and Spannend…


Now, neither Sherry nor Gloria were there that night, but all previously occurring drags with him on stage, and a co-singer, but that it had gotten a much louder micro, Levi selber to Alfie. Need to coordinate live music to learn a little more in the birthday club. Everything else is yes else like clockwork.

DSC00760SuperZandy's also photographic artist and loved the picture, I just trust it 🙂

How could it be otherwise, to time, that there is this party. Nina grabbed because of a little and given notice The Anniversary Party 10 Years Irrenhouse, who will soon take place. Wow, 10 Years Irrenhouse, 120 Parties, + a few summer, Gaypride, New Year's Eve and special asylums, as 500 Shows and everything trannies before and on stage, running around in Berlin as. A real institution in Berlin and drag-Germany.

At the party itself, they can always come up with something new. In this case, that meant, that Wii Gitte this time two people not married, but let go at each other with swords. Well, at least before a Nintendo Wii.


Some Games, I lost of course against Janka later I had to admit, I'm not really created for such games, I believe, I have not once lost in a Wii game – The times I was in a car race third of four. What is also no real power. As Janka need not at all to boast ;-)… Hmm I might come to challenge for carting…


Speaking Janka… she was a little out of tune, that the temperatures coincide let their hair in a mental house, as a yeast cake… And that which fell from their particular, yes except it was not a hairdresser on site… So at least for a long time, Then came two of their trainees namely legally be announced in the misled House. Both worst with high heels or boots and a pony with a long white blond wig, known to be felted fast times. Good, dass Janka da war – and my brush…


By the way, there were SuperZandy and I agree. Boss Janka has since become a little stricter, and let a drag introduction incorporated into the teaching. I thought something like this would be in hairdressing gear and encoder – or is that just a cliche, which rises at least a drag in every hairdresser and makeup artist vocational school?