Teddy Award 2012

My colleague, that the last week has taken an extra totally free for the Berlinale to migrate to from cinema to cinema, was slightly surprised when reading the program, that ran there so many gay movies.


Well, love Sabine, this is due to a cuddly little bears, which is distributed at the Berlinale. Specifically speaking, the Teddy, dem weltweit renommiertesten queeren Filmpreis, which was presented last weekend again at Tempelhof Airport. Time, to attend the grand departure hall again.

Important people sat in a field, which was referred to as large VIP, less important in the business sector and unimportant people in the area economy. My press invitation was for the latter and even then it was only two rows behind me chairs behind me… What the hell, front, but there was plenty of room and I do not want yes, empty spaces that appear on TV, I sat down unceremoniously to… one wants to see something from Teddy.


For example, the show acts. For example, by Stereo Total, I actually always wanted to see ever, but could not really excite me. Peaches has me somewhat more enthusiastic. She's just been really cool.


Rather awkward, however, was the head of the Berlinale, who spent his brief appearance especially so, more or less to talk to his neck, to be with strange views on trans * and obviously still a problem because. So he had to explain urgently, that his colleague was in the process although, but you should not think about it, he was straight so exactly like himself… Spannend dann auch seine These zu Homophobie in Männergesellschaften. This is mainly because, that there would be extremely Fleichgenuss… Ähhhja.. Is right.


But it's not a film award organizers but to Movies. Thus, the usually awarded by the Victory Column Goldelse. This was awarded to the film Parada rightly, the film clip, which provoked with me goosebumps. It is about the alignment of a gay parade in Belgrade…. The film was 500.000 views. And with only 7,5 Million inhabitants in Serbia. Surprisingly. And every year, currently playing.


LAN is 2010 a Gay Pride in Belgrade with many riots it was 2011 equal banned. Perhaps the film brings with it positive for a Gay Pride 2012 in Belgrad. It would be nice.

Most applause there was the awarding of the first Special Teddy to Mario Montez, which as Queen Mother of all superstars has been announced… Actually a lot of nerve? Bald ist aber Mario Montez 80 Years old and it still looks great and is absolutely alive – anders the Queen Mum. Mario Montez has become known as a transvestite in underground films including Andy Warhol and one speaks of a historical role in the emancipation of homosexuals and transvestites. Thank you so completely honest.


Also, the main theme was trans-heavy and was called “Transrespect Vs. Transphobia” and once again showed, what happiness you can have, to live in Germany and not in countries with compulsory sterilization or other things not really inviting. A really hard life in other countries…


But as part of a Teddy always right music Marianne Rosenberg came next on stage and sang with a really great voice along with some newer pieces also Marleen group next to me and the Lord showed to be very safe and text really big fans …. Whether they were there only for Marianne Rosenberg??? You do not know, but perhaps also for the main Teddy.


This went on Keep the Lights on, a film, looked not really exciting in the neck, But the jury is so knowledgeable and will be sure to be there. In addition, the film has already alone deserves a teddy bear for financing… Financiers for such films there is hardly, in this case already… 400 People gave money for this movie and made sure, that it could be rotated. Great.


I would have preferred to see something more from not winning film Una Noche, obviously dealt with Cuba. Sah das ich doch dort im Hotel Nacional Cuba Trailer… and since I have already visited Havana, would have been certainly interesting.


Overall, I found the teddy again pretty good and we do not talk about his charisma about Berlin and Germany. A successful event with nice music and once again a great after-show party. I look forward to the Teddy Award 2013.