CSD Hamburg and Advertising

It is known that each CSD has, Gay Pride Parade every fight in Germany again and again against, that accused her, only one party- to be commercial and event.

With this knowledge it should be of course, that repeatedly reminded, that this is a demonstration of – and just as naturally it should also be, that one rejects too clumsy monopolization. Just as this year's parades contribution of Citeecar.


Has made me really angry – I really have not seen such a blatant advertising on one of the CSDs and I once witnessed three to four parades for many years now.

What the hell was that?
Five in a row moving cars' a maybe 4,50 Meters + 4 *3 Meters distance without any immediate sense – excluding advertising. Everyone was on the equivalent of about 35 Not much more experienced meters Parade, except that one off at Citee cars 1 Could rent €…

It will not work.


Okay, I have seen other advertising on the CSDs, but most of the companies is trying somehow to “cover up” Myth Slogans, mit Regenbogen Fahnen oder etwas mit Musik. Einfach nur Plump, unverschleierte Werbung allerdings, das ist neu. Ehrlich gesagt hat mich das wirklich geärgert.

Auf die Frage an einen der Fahrer, Welch andere Message transportieren sie wurde er ausser Werbung antwortete peace Ehrlich:
“Keine andere Message”;
“Das ist doch ganz schön FRECH, or?”
“Sorry, ich habe das nicht peace ausgedacht”

Also Citeecar, wer von euch hat sich das ausgedacht, schämt und ihr euch ein Kleines wenigstens bisschen?

Achja und Hamburg Pride, I wish you a little more self-esteem, at times like even “No” say. Check it please in the future a little on the car, that at least a minimum is included in message… Such participants should urgently cancel your. Rather an entry fee less. At least I saw the so-, and those, with whom I talked about it, also…


You have the massive doubters not so willfully offer explosive!

And no, only because the slogan of the CSD on the roof is (where can read it just a helicopter) or on the door of a Hinnerk logo is emblazoned in a promotion not a CSD Post!

FDP and CDU should reconsider their participation in the Hamburg CSD

I find itself very well, although I'm pretty sure, that there will be both a CDU and FDP a Truck. But at least certainly discussions. I myself have always asked myself actually, what do these parties there.

From an open letter to the applicant Hamburg Pride of cars and stalls for the CDU and the FDP at the Hamburg CSD.

Dear Mr. Kruse, rather Burkhardt, dear Christian,

On 28. June the parliamentary factions of your parties almost closed or against the applications submitted for opening marriage. voted for equality of registered partnership with marriage.

Not least because of z.T. public discussion is aware, that there are complex reasons for the negative voting. In the end, however, the result: Homosexuals be discriminated against.

Their parties have shown the voting behavior, that they do not stand behind the motto of this year's Christopher Street Day in Hamburg: “Marriage 2.0 – After the duties of the rights now”. We have therefore been asked by several people, To exclude them from the CSD demonstration and other Pride events.

Hamburg Pride e.V. sees itself as a platform for pluralistic forces, which supports the rights of homo-, Would- use and transsexuals. Against this background, we conclude no democratic organizations of the events from Hamburg Pride.

We strongly encourage you but, To reconsider their participation in the political demonstration, and the Christopher Street Day at the street festival.

Sincerely yours

Dr. Lars Peters
First Chairman Hamburg Pride e.V.

I would have preferred a letter, the parties does not exclude the, But the result interpreted as a rejection of the parties at the CSD, as the motto of the CSD obviously contradicts the Abstimmungsverahlten. Should this be a misunderstanding logout, But you look on a feedback of the party.

Gaypride 2009 Hamburg Photos

Gaypride 2009 Hamburg Photos

CSD Hamburg
in CC 2.0 by King.Jabe

I myself am not yet so far, but that will come. Here, in any case, find all links, I as the Gaypride Hamburg 2009 could find.. Oh and if you know more links, nur her damit 🙂

My pictures can be found

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Pictures of my yesterday's private photo grafs found here:


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Abendblatt Pictures Gallerie
(Hello Evening Gazette, why are you doing a 98er Gaypride Galleries, but only if you 40 Inserting pictures from this year. Olivia Jones was not there this year, Ortwin Runde's been an eternity, no longer mayor and Tatjana Taft's indeed great to see, but she was only guarantees an outfit and not the three to…

Oh, I should refer to the Flickr group Gaypride Hamburg point out, where love may be posted more pictures of.


CSD Opening Gala @ Fliegende Bauten

Pooh I'm behind at the moment, not so properly. Also, Last Saturday was the temporary buildings that Gaypride Opening Gala Hamburg 2009 and I was there of course. After I had found a place adäquarten, could start the show. A show, had the ups and downs, But more about that in the course of the article.. The creative design offensive with Mr. Steffen I ever been reported yesterday..


At least you can expect a grand gala also a great program, but – I must confess – bislang re von TJ-Wheels, nor by Wolfgang Gilley, To have heard Ina Z or the choir Schola Cantorosa. No reason not to be, however, the, because who knows, which pearls are found there. At least Orange and Blue Coco Lores were familiar to me – and of course Kim Fischer and Sascha basket.


It started with Ina Z, to the world wrote as follows: …after Chansonnier Ina The with little voice and flat rhyming clichés 400 Guests had put to the test of patience and harvested many boos. I thought they were not quite as bad, but at best arbitrary. But it was not until the beginning of the show. Growth potential was so definitely available. And as the voice, it was much better on stage


For example, the gay choir “Schola Cantorosa”. Approximately 25 Sailors, the necks from full songs gave the best, not, however, shanty songs, as the exterior might suspect left, but hit, funny and hilarious. “A pink Risenraumschiff with a loud queers was full example, a song, great also the Canons various pop-art, which can be thought of as. On the North Sea coast with “In Munich stands a Hofbräuhaus”, 7 Barrels of wine, Viva la mexico and and and. Great. One of the two Acts, who cleared properly. In the unanimous opinion.



The second Act, has cleared properly, had to do with pop. You know Wolfgang Gilley? No? I did not know him well so far. Ein Comedian, how to say yes today, moreover, a great. Mark your name. Wolfgang Gilley dissected hit on its meaning and explains very impressive, what is zusammenmusiziert and written as a crap. Let's take his example of the classic Michael Holm “On the road to Mendocino” So there anyone takes with a girl and rides it – although he wants to San Fernando – times just to Mendocino. That's according to Google Maps 507 So Miles 8 1/2 Hours.


The type is so stupid and does not even ask for her name… Therefore he goes in the future EVERY day to Mendocino…. 1000 Miles every day… And as if that were not enough, he stops at every door along the way and asks for his girl from Mendocino…. …And now it comes, in the middle of both cities is San Francisco.. Each door, Every day, 1000 Miles… Oh Good. I lay next to and under the table. The man is a genius and has, Sascha basket as correctly observed, the store just once turned to the left.


That had quite realize at the end of the singer from Blue Orange, who stated quite rightly, that the audience had just gone along much better with the comedian. Agreed, because although Orange Blue stand out with a great voice, also with great songs, However, one has heard so often, that they carried away only as medium. Sorry Orange Blue, But Wolfgang Gilley and the Schola Cantorosa were called by most people as HighLites.


There were also artistic contributions, Coco Lores, is the only song with far less exciting than with moderation. (Because just missing their repartee) and each Eien number of Sascha basket and Kim Fischer, in the other also has a really great voice. The Texas Lightning Classic “No No Never” Jane Comerford had to get any better.


Overall it was a gala with strengths and weaknesses, but definitely an entertaining evening, even if I can join the opinion of Ricardo M, the rather more hamburgers Acts had seen. But ultimately, a really nice show with the temporary buildings for Gaypride Hamburg in a great atmosphere.

100_0239mit Ricardo M