Oliver Kahn und High Heels

Again a nice advertising, which has crossed my path and I pass like, I find it amusing and witty. Did you know, that the goalkeeper Oliver Kahn has previously worn high heels…. And, he wasn't even the running coach in Heidi Klum's first GNTM season 😉 It's quark, of course.


Sweet, Mobilat small spot

Marcel Ostertag

Male designers are actually a funny little people. They create collections for women, although they themselves are not, they create clothes, which they themselves do not carry and force their models in high heels, they do not wear themselves. The worst example was there once the show by Daniel Herman.

marcel ostertag High Heels
Marcel Ostertag als Braut in High Heels
Danke an http://zeitgeistmagazin.com

I quote here from an article itself once the Artists Charity Night 2010

At least better, as Daniel Herman, showed its pretty latexhaftige underwear collection, while not particularly well dealt with his models. I really do not, which purpose it has, To have shaken the catwalk models with high heels on high "Knöcheltod" across the stage. You could see them clearly at, that they had all sorts of trouble, to cope with this accident-free. I believe, the Herman time you should strap on those heels ... And let perhaps even wear his underwear collection. I'm not sure, b Model of, String that his clothing was clearly not about but between the labia, this was so absolutely hilarious. I found it rather off-putting.

Nundenn, I can see the press has handled this Daniel Ostertag absolutely different. I could read you liked his colleagues Transportation silk, Chiffon with rather bright fabrics, Although now and then something short but feminine in any case.

Why I write this article, but is actually part of the, I as above “knöcheltod” described. Marcel Ostertag showed namely, that he can expect of yourself, what he expects of his models. “Running on high heels… Nungut, a significantly different level at the time when Daniel Herman, but still quite okay for a man 🙂

Champagner aus High Heels

I myself just to SMX fair in Munich and since that takes place in munich Hilton Hotel, I was also billeted there. So I am now sitting in a hotel's own bar, Eat a really expensive burgers and stare at a somewhat strange tablet with mysterious crystal stilettos, which my colleague – not just wrong – called Fuck me Shoes.


She's right, because on the pitch could not be run – wrong and she has also, because these shoes are not suitable for carrying, da sie a) too small and b) are made of glass…

A closer look, however, they appear to me to be not only off glass, but ONE glass… The tray on which they are namely advertising makes for a champagne Places – and it is supposed to give people, it may, to drink alcoholic liquids from high heels.

I enjoyed the times ruined the sole years ago… That one need not worry about these stilettos – I find it strange but somehow.

But the tablet I would something like it – and the accompanying champagne bottle too 😉

Louboutin shoes are not expensive

Man kennt seed and, the expensive shoe brands, where many a woman and almost every tranny is starting to water in the mouth. Louboutin, Gianmarco Lorenzi, Giuseppe Zanotti, Casadei or what I still remember. Mostly from Italy, usually with very high heels , which are only beaten by the even greater price.

there was a picture here

Honestly, even if I zerfliesse, If I for example such as in our London trip a great pair of high heels with – suspected – Svarowski crystals of Gianmarco Lorenzi 1000 See pounds, I wonder, who is so crazy and such a sum outputs – for a pair of shoes. Okay, a pair of high heels and to be more specific a few divine Heels… but in the end it's just a pair of shoes. Crazy people are just – and rich.

there was a picture here

But this pair of shoes, of which I dream are real bargains straight again, described herein with respect to the. To buy these shoes, you have to be really really rich. No, it can not also hinsparen, following shoes who would call his own, this has probably just about money.

100.000 £ in terms hundred thousand pounds cost the most expensive shoes in the world, the “Eternal Diamond Stiletto”. The British designer Christopher Michael Edelstein Shelli made of real gold and these stilettos from 2.200 Diamonds with a total 30 Karat. He says, it is the absolute shoe, Society for weddings and red carpets…. But you can still appear there with cheap Louboutins 😉

Interestingly, this Eternal Diamond Stiletto a guarantee of 1.000 Years… Why have always megalomaniac 1000 Year ideas?

there was a picture here

Incidentally, I find these shoes are not really nice, on the contrary, I find even, they look a little cheap. I would still take the Gianmarco Lorenzi with Svarovskis. … and 100-300 other beautiful shoes 🙂