Enough is Enough – Open your mouth Demo

The situation in Russia is even talk of the town and has actually led to, that the World Championships in Athletics in Moscow Sports – even in media – is temporarily pushed into the background. That was hardly to be expected and enjoyable – taken alone, it does not have much.


Now it was not like the last great sporting event, which will take place in Russia. In less than 6 Months to find the XXII. Olympic Winter Games in Sochi place and it is sad, what to say to the IOC:

“As a sports organization, we can continue to work, that the discrimination against athletes without Games, Official, Spectators and media take place.” The IOC have “Commitments from the highest authorities in Russia, that this legislation will affect no one, who attended the games or taking part in”


What previously, or happened in Russia after the IOC does not matter, or what happens to those, the newly “only” live in Russia, and not coincidentally the play participates. Not matter to the IOC, however,, if a player has rainbow colored nails. I could imagine but already, that the IOC also has no problem, when a confused Russian pole-vaulter makes known their opinions to the public yet wirreren.

coke-deutsch_med (1)

In my eyes, this reminds me a little of all of Berlin 1936 Hitler in Germany. And “And”, I know, that actually prohibits any comparison of a state with Hitler Germany, because no other state 6 Million people killed, but it had in Germany 36 and not.


But the time left aside are already similar characteristics to see.

There was a man in Germany, which could appoint himself under windy conditions democratic chancellor more or less, and a man of the left as windy by the President as head of government and then back. In both cases, had during the time of civil rights, To laugh at human rights and political oppositions little, and in both cases the law were degraded to second class citizens while these people qua. People, which subsequently have a certain bird-free status and its abuse are socially and legally recognized not really punished….

They may try in the sequence by means of the Olympic Games to the world stage as a great host and Cleaners in which to play the Olympics suddenly everything is okay – for at least this time. I make these things up to this point parallels fear. And I do not want, other parallels that emerge.


“No”, I am not directly affected, I'm not gay. But of course, I'm tranny, Drag, Queer. I also live in Germany, can visit CSD's and even raise rainbow flags without any reprisals and even wear. For all of this would be already arrested in Russia – and probably will. This is unacceptable for me, either, when meeting others and not me and even then not, if it happens in another country.

I think of the following sentences:

When they brought the Communists,
I did not say anything. I was not a communist.

When they brought the Social Democrats,
I did not say anything. I was not a social democrat.

When they brought the Jews,
I did not say anything. I was not a Jew.

When they brought me, there was no one who would be able to say something.

Russia clearly shows fascistic tendencies and I will not be at some point of, who said nothing.


So I'm doing on Saturday, the 31.08. my mouth, and check out the Enough is enough – Open your Mouth Demonstration on Kurfürstendamm to the Russian Embassy. However, in my rainbow outfit without the wings, for there is no CSD, It's not a party. It is a demonstration of! You MUST be colorful, one should see us and they MUST be loud but remarkably – and I mean no bass of trucks with advertising slogans but it, Lettering u.ä. And by the way, I believe and hope, they will.

I'm on 31.08. to 12:00 the Kurfürstendamm area Bleibtreu Strasse and I hope you, of you that just reads. Was also someone who has NOT said anything – whether it affects you or not just.


Btw. and just to be safe.
Of course I know, want that other countries even worse turn back the wheels of time and introduce even the death penalty. Russia, the largest country in the world, however, has a far greater “Role models” as it has for other countries, for example Uganda. Is both bad and I decided, to put more focus on Russia at the moment and NOT to say anything.

Social problem homosexuality

The CDU is tackling social problems:
Today homosexuality.

It's election campaign and as always in election campaigns Parties with comic views, with empty promises and with all kinds Dünnschiss. That they are more committed to the actual clientele, is clearly. In the conservative CDU this means people. Some very conservative. And which is probably still all suspect, what they do not understand.

The only way I can think of, why since the 22.04. a contribution to the CDU discussion forum entitled: New treatment methods change homosexuals to heterosexuality. could be, without that because someone had disturbed… Aside from that I believe anyway, that a little bi is in every person, and it's pretty Bib, what an unimportant member of my party so unsympathetic says, but is it all really important this short story in the first sentence.

Homosexuality as a general social problem could be curbed soon.

A-Ha. Total Social problem so? I simply can not really, what exactly is the societal problem of homosexuality, probably the problem, that this comic view of life does not provide for offspring and thus aggravates the age pyramid. Really bad.

I think, who writes such a sentence has elsewhere in life as one or the other subject. Gays, Foreigners, Transvestites, Women might. One should deprive them of all rights, the right to vote anyway, anyway not choose the CDU…

So writes the author of therapeutic methods, The Cast. Homosexuality is not an equal sexual orientation. The signs would condense instead, that it constitutes a disorientation with multiple causes, but it was just a mental illness. A world without homosexuality is therefore no vision and no longer just a dream. One must only advance the research in the field and indeed free from ideologies….

….However, whether any sick homosexual must be locked and cured in a warehouse, wrote about the author Jochen Trebmann nichts.Aber sure Mr. Trebmann is also the opinion, Trensvestitismus that is as curable.

I find that somehow as a letter from bygone days ago, like an old bad dream.

Sad, that this scribbling has endured six days on the CDU website, until it has been cleared…

Who would read again. Here you go:

Amsterdam's Gay Christmas

If the Pope knew of the:

Nun ist and “we have pope” Benedict XVI recently noticed his statements against homosexuals and transsexuals negative. Although this was an understandably great outcry, but it did not mean, that in the speech of non-treated and Christmas – even church Christmas – would celebrate.

So there are some years in the Netherlands, Amsterdam's gay Christmas or also called the Pink Christmas. So to speak, a small winter CSD. Amsterdam has at some point considered, it's nice, would, to profile itself as a little city for gays. Therefore also bear the costs of 15.000 € Stadt.

And as it should be, There is also a picture of such an event, that the press should forward. In this case, it is the portrait of Jesus Family. A picture, so that would hardly be pleasing to the Pope.

Because it shows the child Jesus in the arms of Mary, Drag Queen Miss Wendy. The Three Wise Men and Joseph are displayed with four homosexuals.

One should not show this picture Pope Benedict XVI rather, sonst muss wieder ein neuer gewählt werden 😉

Eurovision Song Contest ohne Schwule

Eurovision Song Contest ohne Schwule

Comic has views of the Moscow mayor. In such views, you can once again be happy to live in Germany. And to be there home as hamburger deern than in Berlin.

Mr. Luzhkov was actually maybe even before the sinful men Wovereit or ever met in the pool sin cities of Berlin and Hamburg, and he has Beust? Even if it spontaneously me and does not relate directly, Yuri Luzhkov as what is of itself, I can not stand such intolerance.

I think that is still quite a stir the next Euro Vision Song Contest give….

So is the will of Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov, The last week was again struck unpleasantly homophobic, when he claimed gays were responsible for the increase in HIV infections in Russia.

Now, at the handover ceremony of the Grand Prix relay through Belgrade, he shall, after: “¾ The display of homosexuality is on the streets, Places, not tolerated at marches and demonstrations.”"Although he noticed, that he unfortunately had no chance, Imprison gays and lesbians, because homosexuality was no longer punishable, yet they were not welcome in his Moscow Society.

via blu.fm

I can finally take a picture, I've long been on the record and I knew, I can use it someday. Although it is intolerant Christians in the U.S. and not intolerant mayor in Russia, but it is still suitable