Champagner aus High Heels

I myself just to SMX fair in Munich and since that takes place in munich Hilton Hotel, I was also billeted there. So I am now sitting in a hotel's own bar, Eat a really expensive burgers and stare at a somewhat strange tablet with mysterious crystal stilettos, which my colleague – not just wrong – called Fuck me Shoes.


She's right, because on the pitch could not be run – wrong and she has also, because these shoes are not suitable for carrying, da sie a) too small and b) are made of glass…

A closer look, however, they appear to me to be not only off glass, but ONE glass… The tray on which they are namely advertising makes for a champagne Places – and it is supposed to give people, it may, to drink alcoholic liquids from high heels.

I enjoyed the times ruined the sole years ago… That one need not worry about these stilettos – I find it strange but somehow.

But the tablet I would something like it – und die dazugehörige Champagnerflasche auch 😉

Back straight – After-Film Party

Good, I St. Pauli fan am I've discussed more than once in this blog and that I as a fan of faster, dreckiger Gitarrenmusik bin, which is not very heavy metal, is also not entirely unknown.


So I was really disappointed, I do not for the new film could backstretch at the Berlinale, and also not to the party afterwards. Only for a short explanation, the backstretch is the grandstand at St. Pauli Stadium, which then also housed me, when I was in the stadium, insofar somehow my movie.

And the party afterwards in a Berlin hotel precious, that only- and probably the last time housed a concert Slime and was then taken apart by guests and SEC task force, I could also be noticed only by hearsay. Large crap something like.


I was pleased, however,, when I learned shortly, that there should still be a premiere party last weekend in Hamburg, re in a good hotel, However, this time without Sime – but this in Hamburg.


St. Pauli, Hamburg, expected good music and an absolute treat for me is the possibility of an inlet. Enough spontaneously again my hometown basic pay a visit. In fact, I learned Friday night, that would probably something with the entrance on Saturday night, So onto the motorway to Hamburg.

The whole was held at the Intercontinental Hamburg, a 5 Sterne Hotel an der Alster, I previously only known from that time still included casino, in which we did for training students or times times 50 € mit 5 € playful chips at blackjack, während Kiezgröße Kalle Schwensen am gleichen Tisch mit 500ertern um sich schmiss. Deprimierend damals.


No matter, this evening received this hotel Colored People, Tattooed hostesses, B and C celebrities and me and umm who would have thought now Kalle Schwensen. However, he needed to throw themselves with nothing, for drinks and finger food was free and the casino is long elsewhere. Instead, he invited me to his new fetish club “Club de Sade” one, he would have bought on the Reeperbahn, I just needed to write him and would clearly… uh, and. No Thanks Mr. Schwensen.


But I could without a visit to this same club at the party at the Intercontinental enjoy very good, erstmal from Tanna, where the tattoo Hostessierte, as well as many other nice people, For example, a designer, or a journalist of the ….ääää some magazine, I've never read, but which is determined sooo great.


In any case, I could see, that the music was one of the best, I default party experienced in recent years, ud the party that people absolutely do not fit into the Intercontinental, that Jägermeister-O with fresh squeezed oranges a poem is undman get to know the inter-binge most people in the smoking room…


Also, I have to say anyway, that it does not really turns me, to be punched by Claude Oliver Rudolph, but occasionally you can save as little… What the hell.

Exciting way again, that you come back with me or suspected drug. but I would need to know, where you would get that – I did not know – could the people, asked me a short time later, if I was looking for drugs but help, where he would find customers… Mist, ich hätte Provision verlangen sollen 😉


I felt a little sorry for the hotel staff, which had to perish with such a crowd of guests and only looked less-fortunate. But I was completely unfounded worries, I learned at two meetings. One lady told me about 7 Abibällen, they had already been through, with snap corpses lying on the response, hyperventilating parents, and even some things. Another security man told me, he even fun, is actually a Psychobilly, aber die fortschreitenden Gereimratsecken sowie sein Job liessen einfach keinen Flat mehr zu 😉 Okay, in this case the backstretch after film party was probably just an exciting change from the hotel everyday.


We went there after that the magic triangle of 20 Flight Rock, Cobra Bar and King Calavera and was after all of 2 Addressed people, I again saw the – while I think I was only 2 or three times since.. Ich falle wohl auf 🙂

In any case it was worth it to drive to Hamburg.


Macao – Hong Kong


It was the first time on this trip, I have to rely on someone. In the prospectus of the great Grand Waldo Hotel Macau, certainly not without a reason 5 Sterne Hotel position and besonderheit, that the hotel has a concierge service and this one like with any questions (among other things, clearly ferries and flights were performed with help and advice is available.

grand Waldo Hotel Macao

My question was actually quite easy:
What should I do, order to 15:00 to be at the Hong Kong International Airport.

His response was also evident:
Shuttle to the ferry 13:00 or 13:20, then the direct ferry to Hong Kong Airport.

For safety, I would rather then took the shuttle 13:00 to be educated at the ferry terminal, that would not, the ferry to Hong Kong Airport, I would need, would in 5 Take minutes, they close this but half an hour earlier, ie, no chance. The next ferry would not, however aureichen, which would come too late.


I can only try, to take the ferry to Kowloon and Hong Kong to get to the airport by taxi, also not really enough, but it's worth a try.

Now I'm sitting in the ferry to Kowloon and Hong Kong not to Hong Kong Airport, 'm at least an hour to do nothing and I'm pretty damn served. Operated correctly I will then later be.


So stick to it, you leave yourself one and only on themselves and not on the concierge of a 5 Sterne Hotels, not even on the Grand Waldo Hotel Macau.

I could puke

Update 14:36 – Due to rough weather, the arrival time will be delayed.

Nope clear

Update 15:20 – The taxi driver has indeed promised “I’ll kick it” but he considers himself 100% to the traffic rules and the left and right pass us other taxes….. aaargr


Update 16:16 – Somehow I made it but then again, I actually can still check in and just reached the departure gate, in 4 Minutes to start the bording Bangkok Airways. I'm broke but happy.

Ibis Hotel Zürich City West

It is dear Ibis Hotel.

I was looking for Artist Charity Night a hotel, that had to have exactly three basic characteristics.


1. affordable
2. near the Maag Hall
3. W-Lan

I found all three at the Ibis Hotel Zurich City West. In this respect there is little to complain about, Sheila held that even if all the designated hotel rather than Hotebunker. The room was overall okay, the only thing missing gengend sockets for TV, two mobile phone chargers and two laptops.

Even the wireless was Swiss standards with 9 Franken for Person for 24 Hours comparatively low – now what do you mean not just cheap. ummerweise meant the wireless setting, that whenever, when a person einloggte, always has been logged, the second, So this meant two wireless per person per trip Zurich.

Interestingly, the hotel was still by two Notes. Firstly, through the note, that every problem, that you have, within 15 % would be otherwise resolved and free guest. Unfortunately, with the restriction, that the Ibis Zurich would be to blame for the misery, so that this could happen. The forgotten long false eyelashes or so were not in a quieter plight of the hotel, but as his own fault… Okay, I can understand.

I can not understand anything. UNFREUBDLICHKEIT the second real plus point. The Ibis Zurich City West boasted with a snack bar and a bar, the 24 Hours had opened and a 24 Would provide hours of delicious drinks and snacks… So we came to the Artist Charity Night hungry and thirsty to the hotel and wanted to make this into Remedy. So I called down.

An obviously annoyed employee bleated at me, that there was no room service and he is still 20 Minutes “the settlement” is busy. I generally represent the view yes, that the guest is king and “the settlement” would, but let it show nothing, swallowed something nasty feeling down and wanted to be just for in 20 Order some minutes.

He saw, however, different and considered, I could not order anything on the phone, because they had no room service, itself, if I would pick it up… Ask my now quite something annoyed, why it was not possible, his only reply was a deep sigh, as would lie on his shoulders all the world's problems, followed by a clear statement. “If you want to order something, they must come down”…. Aaaah

So I came down looked in over his receptionist in his settlement with and finally came off, my order of 2 Abandon Croque Monsieur and a Panetti and annoyed in turn reaped a reply “we have only “Panetti pullets”…. Although there was a lot more on the map, but I had – pretty annoyed – still do not feel like excessive anger and just ordered 2 x the only, what he was willing, to proffer me and a rosé and a coke and sat down, to continue to wait.

Sometime much later – I had to wait for the front – He came out of the kitchen with two unloving compiled Panetti baguettes, later than half frozen turned out and should remain so for out half, posed a three-quarter liter bottle of rosé on the tray and asked if it was the now been…. When I pointed, that three quarters of a liter bottle was not on the card and I just would have like on the map, he replied, that he is just not a bartender and I could just take that now or could let it be.

I did not take it, but went back to the room to show him the card of his hotel and also the, what was it… toasted Mr. eben und o,1 L Rosé… I got this too and then moved powerfully operated – However, poorly operated again to try to up the cold Panetti…

I would say so, the night porter has overwhelmed the image from the Ibis Zurich City West feel sick crazy. But if he is not a man Kock and bartender of accounting and, moreover, unfriendly, then you have a otel, that with 24 Hours bar and delicious snacks and drinks recruits just hire a person, the advertised just for this can also provide. But that was obviously too much to ask….