In Kitty, Renate und Backstage we trust

Shortly after waking up I look at my phone and find the following horror disaster message, that somehow all times, who had been awake since split. The Kit Kat and Sage Club must close, as the owner of the house has terminated the lease. In June 2020 it is over


This can only be described with one word: CATASTROPHE

The kitty is one of the three clubs in Berlin, have a global significance, come for the people extremely to Berlin. Berghain times described as the best club in the world, Safe as a primordial soup of techno and even the Kit Kat. Above all, it is the only club, which means I subjectively something. The Birthday Club has long tight, the White Trash even double-sealing, the Bassy has closed last year and really gave everything again in the last month. So now the Kit Kat…

You could hear it quite a while rumbling, but I did not want to believe and hope, that there still find ways. If confirmed, the following definitely the most violent “Dance on the Volcano”, because Berlin has seen since the 20s.

For the evening, there was the other dance on the volcano. The House of Red Doors in the wild Renate, a club, who also life is under threat but also once again under the motto “Animal” really gave gas.

I have nothing animalistic wardrobe besides a large feather headdress, Leo diverse dresses and just now this Zebra Dress that I believe ichgenau once wore and that made me enough to Zebra to obtain entry.

not happen to me often, but I looked in the mirror and thought “Wow, looking really good” then saw it, amazingly, later nine hours still out.

but in Renate and waiting in line in front of it there was an issue especially “The impending closure of the Kit Kat”.

No question, the audience of the House of Red Doors is congruent to the Great with the kitty and some regulars to find the closest weekend to the ORD less than normal in a Kitty. Now I think, that some people still went well Saturday, because it might only 7 Months is possible, to visit the Kitty… Too sad.

In any case, the House of Red Doors was again visited extremely well and we could only speak of happiness, that gave us shredder Eat Lipstick backstage tapes, because up there are always the best people – and it is not sooooo so full.

I was on Saturday but still so broken from Thursday, that it is not pulled me into the Kitty… Next weekend 😉

Denise Weekend

It glittery and has the mood to party

God, the Olle is hard. But I am too

I was recently Juliane in Frankfurt from, and Denise has since through social estimate what kind and for the 26.09. logged in Hamburg. Denise in Berlin ? Cool. There is on Thursday but the House of Red Doors. And since I have bought anyway as a precaution two cards, why not. Maybe the ol has indeed Lust, come along.

Had it!

The House of Red Doors: Vintage Circus from Bad Bruises on Vimeo.

On Thursday, and on Friday and Saturday also. The old is insatiable

Because the evening on Thursday was so nice, we visited Monty still on the Piepshow in Kit Kat, and how this party in turn was so boring, we sat still the same Saturday in the Kit Kat hintendran. What to do.

Because Denise still working in between had and it should be somehow fair, I remained each a whole lot of hours later at the parties, while they slumbered already saved. Early to get out of parties is not my super power.

In Kitty I was first photographed by one of the photographers. I am considered so now actually as regular guest or was it only the extremely horny outfit, I wore the first time there and that I earned compliments like never before. So many, that Denise felt closed out in the shade.

She said, if we do not already so we, would know long, she would not let it pass :). In, but I'm glad 🙂

House of Red Doors Midsummer Dreams IV

solange ich noch in der glücklichen Lage bin, Freitags nicht arbeiten zu müssen, besuche ich liebend gerne die House Of Red Doors Party in der Wilden Renatesolange es die noch gibt.

How Eve recently schon sagte: Wie die Fusion, nur haben die Leute etwas weniger an. Für mich die beste Party überhaupt und fast noch etwas besser als der von mir favorisierte Kit Kat Club.


Das scheinen auch viele andere. Zumindest trifft man bei der House of red Doors immer eine ganze Menge Menschen, denen man sonst im Kitty über den Weg läuft…. Aber auch viele andere, denn die Schlange vor der wilden Renate wird von Mal zu Mal länger. In diesem Mal unglaublich lang

Well, Urlaubszeit, Semesterferien, CSD Wochenende…. Ich habe tatsächlich fast drei Stunden in der Schlange gestandenund dieses nur, weil ich kreativ etwas Zeit sparte….

Als ich dann allerdings drin war, war es wieder großartig. Dort habe ich Menschen wiedergetroffen, Menschen neu kennengelernt und war wieder erst gegen 11 Uhr Mittags at Home.

Hamburg war im House

Deep Space

Am Donnerstag war mal wieder die House of Red Doors in the Wilden Renate und es war Sommer und Heiss und Hamburg war im House (of Red Doors)

Zum einen war Eve Champagne in der Stadt, weil sie gerade irgendeinen Auftritt hatte, zum zweiten waren Leo und Helge da und ein nettes Dreigestirn von Mädels aus Rahlstedt, die mittlerweile in Berlin leben.

Was ein toller Abend mit tollen Menschen. Es war nicht nur heiss draussen, wie heiss drinnen. Es gab auch massenweise heisse Situationen.

Ich werde mich allerdings nicht noch einmal eine solche Schlange stellen, die war einfach nur verrückt lang. Entweder bekomme ich Karten vorher oder ich gehe nicht hin. Just!

Aber wäre ich an dem Abend nicht da gewesen, ich hätte mich furchtbar geärgert.

Ich muss mich mit mir aber noch mal selber einigen, wie ich diese Party finde, sie ist weniger Heimat wie das Kit Kat, aber nicht minder toll. Manchmal gar noch besser, mehr tolle Leute auf einem Haufenzumindest wenn man auf den obigen Floor kommt.

Den brauchte es diesen Abend aber nicht, denn die Leute im Garten waren so großartig.

Eve war auch begeistert und meinte grinsend, es seialles so toll hier, wie eine kleine Fusion” . Ich überlege ja seit einiger Zeit auch, dass ein Besuch bei der Fusion eine gute Idee sei, wenn es nicht schon lange keine Karten mehr gäbe

Eve meint, es gebe da vielleicht ne Möglichkeit.

In, mal sehen 🙂
Wär cool.