Flight Berlin – Rio de Janeiro

Now I'm almost in Rio de Janeiro, and my first impression of the airline Iberia has not a bit improved.

Oh I forgot another, that the lady at the counter was friendly sof course not, times to ask, if I had certain preferences based on any of my flights… Somehow I know the way…

iberia test
Nundenn, it gig going on in any Airbus and I felt like I was in a boarding à la Ryanair… Everything tasted something, want to have if you had anything since… I bit back to me, because on Intercontinental flights there are known Lich something to eat even with Iberia.

Well, and now that I'm sitting in an Airbus A300 600 say of Iberia and must, I am very disappointed by the whole affair. The machine is clearly older construction, as can be seen not only in the scrolled color in the toilet. Also been pasted on just this ashtray on toilet…. The are certainly long gone

¿What is the inflight magazine a great multimedia system, the entertainment program in this flyer can not keep up with it, however, and consists of a screen at the front of the wall… In a size, which is considerably smaller, than my TV at home…. But where the entertainment system is already not score, because you can perhaps score the culinary program…

entertainment iberia

Well as I said it is not due to horrendous prices on the way to Madrid… And it does not on the road to Rio… Iberia obviously saves not only the aircraft, but also in food and beverages.

Although food cost nothing, but this is true of the set “Nix cost, is the(s)t also nothing”.
At the food counter, unfortunately, showed, that the menu only to about a number 35 submitted, I sit in 41, so my choice was made easy. Risotto, Risotto Risotto oder.

I chose the latter and got risotto: Cold, indefinable with tons of parmesan, make it at least tastes like something. I did not like it and I gave a couple of spoons and devoted myself to the cardboardy rolls… that tended to the pages already hard to be. letztenlich convinced me of the pasta salad (Pasta with Olives) yet most… which is surprising, I can not stand olives… That does not speak for the rest.

Oh, Rest. Still about 5 Hours 10 Hours ahead, and just as a white bread with cheese and salami and some liquid was passed, showed, that only three different juices and non-carbonated ater is present. Carbonated, oder gar Cola, Fanta, Wine…. None.

Really the most rotten piece of art in Flight, that I have ever enjoyed. Ground staff, Aircraft, Eating, Drinks, Entertainment System…. (okay Easyjet does not count, since the price is at least not the same person) And I'm really flown with many comical and Airines in recent years.

Iberia Test


Okay, I'm in the last few years a lot of really and flown around the world. Felt 30 Flights of aircraft determined 15 Airlines around the world. Domestic Flights, Intercontinentalflüge, between flights and low cost airlines. This highly secure and highly unsafe airlines cubana but never like I was already so pissed, wie heute mit Iberia. Drum dieser Artikel Iberia Test.

Iberia ist, as I can now say, the rudeness in person. In my eyes, I can say the following “Iberia is an asshole.

What has happened, now quite simple actually. I'm about the nights 17 Spend hours in various aircraft and airports between Berlin and Rio de Janeiro and this in Iberia aircraft. Since aircraft are usually cold, I usually have a sleeping bag rolled up the backpack, I use as hand luggage. This has never bothered anyone, nichteimal in the U.S., which are so paranoid when it comes to flight offered. Iberia, however, one pays.

“This is definitely no more hand luggage, is too large”…

Now the null space would take away, because their would unpack it immediately and use, also is such a proper sleep also not particularly difficult. This information and the 17 Hours, however, have not mind, keien Chance, I had to tuck it in the normal baggage. Since he is now housed great, because I would only use it during the flight…. I will not now but, because I can not unpack it in Rio and stow it on the return flight back to normal baggage… Okay, I understand it, see it but not a, because it takes away space and null is not difficult… Also you must not be so undreundlich on switch, Iberia.!

Second thing, that happened… I had a 200 ml bottle of liquid thereby, emptied clearly visible over half…. 200ml – 60% = ???? as 80 ml… ie well below 100. Okay, Here I see it even a, when it really should be so, that the bottle size is crucial, you do not want to argue with each passenger, However, as will be told, is also friendly.

Iberia Dame
“Now you can either check the backpack with bottle or dispose of them”

??? What I want to say this infomercial. ???

on my view then as follows fragenen

Iberia Dame
“I'm talking to you”

“I hear, but what exactly are they telling me?”

Iberia Dame:
“Now you can either check the backpack with bottle or dispose of them”

Does this mean, I can pack it

Iberia Dame
“And, But then they go back again to the switch and check in the luggage”

Ah, that she meant… I have thrown away the bottle and of course annoyed me for the second time within a few minutes over Iberia. Much more about the “HOW” than about the “THE”

Now my Iberia test has therefore found the following:

Iberia: The unkindness in person.
Let's see, which still follows in the next 17 Hours