Billy shelf shoe cabinet

My shoe closet is called Billy

Billy Regal Schuhschrank

For quite a while I think about, what I do with the giant pile of shoes, that clog my apartment. I leave them in the shoe box, I never know where each pair are, I let them out, it's a big pile of shoes, where one must also once together find the right pair.

So I went to see times today with a shoe in my highest heels to IKEA, what a shoe closet I can find there – no ordinary – All ugly and too small. I then took the largest shoe cabinet, I could find – ein IKEA Billy Regal.

Unfortunately there were no shelves, firstonce so I had to work with five shelves.. 20 Some High Heels used as pure. Actually, quite a lot but then somehow it just the tip of the iceberg,

I have Billy overrated and I think I'll probably have one or two Billy shelves – and just have to buy a lot of shelves.

As of today, my shoe closet has a name…

Achja und ich brauche einen großen Rahmen für das heute angekommen Kinky Boots Poster 🙂

… shoe closet looks today but then somewhat different from….

Tranny Werbespots

I noticed, that there are now a number of commercials Tranny…Time, to gather views and to look, which is the best Trannyspot.



Clothestime Werbung


She is Mark
The blonde beauty in advertising Clothes, which has been raging in the little black lolling on the bed a pretty deep voice and goes by the name Mark. I think, that this clip is, the least transsexual has attitude and is most likely the, where a man dresses as a woman simply.
[youtube] = rYZYm1kxvUc[/youtube]

Motorola Werbung
Motorola Werbung


She is a he
With Friends Like These, needs enemies?. This advertisement is a little older and dates from the time, as not everyone had a cell phone and texting was not yet in Dusen. At that time there were still so strange devices called pager – and already advertising with trannies – or not?
[youtube] = N6lyL0TuZ78[/youtube]

HOM Advertising


She is a boy
Also handsome, but this is the girl Malschwarzhaarig, that in the stylish, chilled HOM Advertising, sinnigerweise takes along with the Bee Gees song More than a woman in a bar a guy, of a surprise to HOM men's briefs look only at home. “Underneath it all I’m still a Man”.
[youtube] = myTluP9eeaE[/youtube]

Campari Werbung


Spilled Campari
I spoke at HOM of a stylish Advertising? Not questioner, it is, but even more stylish, but at least the equal of Campari Red Passion is advertising. Woman, man, ein Glas Campari – or was it the other way around. No one knows exactly not. But the commercial is absolutely worth seeing – as indeed for the spot with Selma Hayek.
[youtube] = 7TOve6swe7M[/youtube]

Heinz weave


Somethings never Changes.
Campari has already shown us, does not have a Trannyvideo have always and completely to do with it, that a man slips into women's clothing, pretending to be a woman – or a former husband is now a woman. No, rare treat but can also bend the surrounding road. Two men or two women but just the spot for at Heinz baked beans.
[youtube] = eEPK9QW31sY[/youtube]

Mastercard advertising


Okay, probably the MasterCard MasterCard is no real advertising, but it is still so well done, that they could keep this. No question, Here, someone has given a lot of effort and perhaps after all it comes from the actual Mastercard marketing department and was planned as a viral marketing campaign and conducted.

Holiday Inn Werbung


I never forget a face
Similar to the typical MasterCard commercials also the spot of Holiday Inn begins. “New nose 6.000 $, New lips 3.000 $. … But it is not a MasterCard spot but a Holiday Inn Spot. The woman, to which the guy tries so hard to remember, come to him in spite of these changes back into memory. They called Bob, Bob Johnson.
[youtube] = iEsvDZfSacs[/youtube]

IKEA Advertising


You see a woman, as we see it every time, if we manage to make ourselves. (Not in all cases so handsome – but yet so similar in most cases finished making) When this woman has just finished and want to go out swinging, it happens – and it hurts, daan some places give you more istals only believes.
[youtube] = I4pv39j95Ls[/youtube]

Samuel Adams Advertising

Im A Trassexual
It's stupid for the guy, the just landed with a hot bride in bed and then they told him, that she is a transsexual named Phil. But after a deep look into his beer over sets of type, that it really does not care.
[youtube] = ZBWH8cj6XTI[/youtube]

Amstel Beer


Offside rules:
A pub, three types of a table, a woman at the counter. One type is totally unwerwartet to her and asks her about the offside rule in football. She knows and can answer this question – The types are now safe. “Its a man”.
[youtube] = ME_tKvSySi8[/youtube]

Bank Advertising


Somewhere far away
A pensioner goes to a store, will receive cool and apologizes to the owner for what he had previously thought about it and said. He got retired as a loan from the bank, where she also received her credit for their business. So you are sitting somehow in the same boat.
[youtube] = Qweo-6zyOE8[/youtube]

New York Advertising


Dress for the moment
What you can not do everything themselves from, if you have the right parts. Johnny Depp will make a man in his villa various parts, the combined result in a really good-looking woman, Head, Legs, Already exchanged hull and the date can be nice.
[youtube] = R149UpKPVOQ[/youtube]

Nomad Advertising


Wedding Day
Since there has really been no sex before marriage. If the wedding night, the woman runs off cuddling and then to pee standing up next door, then because something went wrong – at least if the husband knew nothing about it beforehand.
[youtube] = cg0L6VcNwnE[/youtube]

IKEA Advertising II


Redecorate your Life
Another IKEA Spot. This time the topic “Redecorate your Life”. Now IKEA furniture is well known for the rather simple type and not rather for furniture, which will change a life or keep for a lifetime. In a TS operation, it is certainly different, but in any case, such an operation is definitely a “redecorate your life”
[youtube] = yofQc1exZ50[/youtube]