Jankas Meerjungfrauengeburtstag

Solange ich Janka know, steht sie auf Meerjungfrauen, Nixen, Arielle… Und da sie seit einiger Zeit mit Flosse als leibhaftige Meerjungfrau durch die Gewässer der Welt schwimmt, war ich nicht sehr verwundert, als sie zu ihrem 40sten Geburtstag zu einem Meerjungfrauen Geburtstag einludmit der Bitte, doch möglichst in einem passenden Outfit zu kommen.

und sie kamen. Als Meerjungfrauen, als Perlen, als Walrösser und so weiter. Ich selber bin ja immer vollkommen uninspiriert und unkreativ. Aber ich fand in meinem Kleiderschrank einen alten Travestiefummel mit blauen Pailetten, den ich genau einmal getragen habe

Passte tatsächlich noch – class. Dazu ein paar Fische bei Deko Behrendt gekauft und angenäht: Voilá eine astreine UnterZOElandschaft.

Es war ein schöner Abend, toll von Janka und Maurice geschmückt.

GMF – Drag Queen Contest

GMF – Drag Queen Contest


Once a year there in the Berlin Heimat very Drags, the GMF Drag a GMF Contest. I'm not sure, whether before Ru Pauls Drag Race, but in any case very long before the German branch, the big announcement has long been no big message… Some people talk about Ru Pauls Drag Race Germany already of a stillborn child. Too bad wäres.


But be that as it, last night a drag should be named in the GMF. And it could be so beautiful. It was really given everything. The GMF bursting at the seams yesterday before Drags. As may be the Berlin CSD almost a slice of cut.


Nicky Dynamite, Lady Bob, Janka

This a really top-class jury consisting of actress and burlesque Actor Sandy Beach for the performance, from Michael Michalsky responsible for the costumes and made Barbie Breakout, ihreszeichens drag queen and Makeup Artist, responsible for the make up of the ladies on stage. What more could you want from a jury.


Nine women were selected by the jury, join, plus a wildcard for the previous year's winner.. And if you asked frequently, Janka steadfastly refused to join there, they can do nothing except “Appearance”…


But much more would it not also used, to join. …except maybe a little stress resistance, because somehow that was not, with this Contest. The first two rounds consisted of questions – However, it had the great problem of technical incomprehensibility.


In fact, the system was so, that the stage could understand the questions from the jury and the jury had hardly any problems, to understand, what the girls responded to the scene.. This was all a bit chaotic.


For this I wondered a little about the decisions of the jury, because I would have at least Dynamite Nicky gevoted definitely in the finals, would have asked me. Hair, Makeup, Glitter fumble and ever.. I not only they had more expected at the end.

DSC05664Ades was the show program

Incidentally Ruda also. Ruda puda, has submitted an application for Ru Paul's Drag Race and is impressively. Nice to meet and get to know Ruda.


It won a Bitch… at least that was her last name. I forgot her name, or do not remember, but that's nothing.


Human Hair Wig from China

It's been a while since, da mir klar wurde, it would only make my real hair wig very limited time and it is almost as long ago, I thought about, that since I actually have to make time for replacement.


Unfortunately, I'm always a bit hesitant about such things, since a real hair wig unfortunately also always represents a significant investment, since they are now really expensive. Na clear, it is an investment in yourself and I bought for Zoe actually nothing more important, as the first true Wig… And after I have really considered and long abgewoben. I eventually bought at a price, in which I could not say no. This possibility did not exist this time and the regular price of a human hair wig? Priceless!

Was also tun?
Well I inquired directly in China, found a manufacturer, in which I now have a new hair jewelry imported directly from the manufacturer. two colors blonde, silky straight, 20″ long, Babyhaar etc. Janka has prepared me there, I would probably.

…It turned out, that the manufacturer only works with MoneyGram, a payment provider, in which you go somewhere and someone sends money it takes off somewhere, no security, No Nix. You could also just throw the money in dennächsten Gulli. Nevertheless, I ordered a real hair wig and sent a hefty sum to anyone anywhere in China, with the hope, it would be all right.

There was, for today, just in time for the CSD Berlin 2010 I received a small package from China with a beautiful knotted, blonde human hair wig. Ungestyled allerdings.

perücke echthaar

A call and a visit with Janka I now have a wonderful new wig with a wonderful updo from Kroftscher hand and comb kroftschem. Thank you very much. Now my outfit CSD must only be done, then the CSD Berlin can now actually come.

Cross and Qu(and)it through Berlin

What was a way through the night on the last Saturday. I mean, We are almost always more than one party in the night, but that was pretty amazing. After de Rock’n’Roll Allnighter in the Palais am Fukturm, a meal and a closed door in front Roadrunners Paradise we went back to the west in the direction of Goya.

goya propaganda

If nothing really urgent rests in Berlin society night, the propaganda is always a solution. The propaganda as one of the biggest gay parties of Berlin is once again nice and the Goya is a building of course always a unique. The propaganda is really exciting but not really, especially since this time it was comparatively not really fully.

propaganda gayparty

Somehow it's just a normal gay party, times with better, times with worse music. I thought the music was actually really good this time, but except Barbie Breakout, the hung up on the Popfloor and Bork, we actually met at the first go, were hardly known to the propaganda. Furthermore, since our two “real” Women of our evening entertainment group, not found it really exciting and preferred to continue dancing in Felix, we started in the direction and Felix Adlon on – back east.


The door management at Felix's always a little bit of a box of chocolates, you do not really know beforehand, what to expect. That evening, both women had to pay, while the three of us were granted free entry Drags. Actually, that's discrimination, but who would we, that we would complain because, after all, we had won.


On the way there, however, be asked Janka, exactly what she wanted, because she could not even make fun of the chicks at the Felix, because of extremely dramatic hair, extremely high heels and short shorts, so to speak fairly represented the Obertusse the Felix that night or a parody of the most high-heeled Fashiontussen in Felix. Of whom there are still some….


It's hard to believe, but it did not stop us too long in Felix on the dance floor, because Janka wanted the tape near the main train station. There was this evening the “Horse meets Disco” Party. I was far from the only time New Year's Eve 2 Years in the Tape Club, and I think today every time, when I hear Beyonce on the appearance of Barbie Breakout. That was great. And actually it's the tape also.


Unfortunately, I did not know how I can get to. Somehow I know myself not quite in the area of ​​Berlin from. Somehow too far away from the center and from Kreuzberg – and I was only there once. Consequently, I made a half-Berlin tour, until I finally reached the Tape.


For the Horse Meets Disco Party, the tape was bursting with people. Aha, So here they were all still. Many people and some pretty crazy and wacky. Men with Pippi Longstocking Wigs, Dancers, that burned with belted headlights light in the smoke and guest where you do not know the best will, what they should represent. Thus and thus freaks exciting guests.

Probably the most interesting party of the evening, but it is very crowded and very stuffy and by the time it was too late, like we had actually promised, yet to visit the Schulmädchenreport party of Nina Queer in Ken.


In Ken arrived, however, showed only really, HOW LATE it was actually. Tired two people – do you mean a couple flezte there still in the couches around, to a DJ, hung up the last of Tunes. Nina, however, no trace…


Someone – must have been the DJ probably – however, gave us the tip, to look at the floor again above, because there we met a few people like Nina and Brigitte Skrothum, who wanted to end the evening just, but then still attached to it for a while and a few drinks and still remained on one or the other Klönschnack.


Some people may have thought the one here, I was completely drunk, although I had not drunk a drop of alcohol until that time, I danced for 90 Euro Techno smashers like Mr.. Vayne, Snap, Haddaway and so on and so forth. Memories of youth, which reminded me of very bad greater discotheques, which were somehow but quite cool.


And as already said Brigitte properly, it's okay, when you eventually come back to the music, the man love hörte, matter, whether it was good or not. And Euro-trash techno belongs to. How can I object to ex-Sanktpaulianerin. After all, once someone, of my burgeoning Sehnunsucht to the neighborhood from time to time. So not a neighborhood but “The neighborhood” can feel and it just goes on and on.


Everyone who has worked at the Tivoli and has lived in the valley road, may say that the. Cool.

When we came out we found the KEN, it was already light. I knew, that the day is coming, where the evening will end with the day. It was late summer and it is, I did the feet hurt and somehow I was hopping from party also something breaks. But it was fun in the end was really nice KEN.

I did this once calculated, il Partyhooping bedeutete. About 50 Kilometers criss-qu(and)it through Berlin.