UK Angels Award in silver for transgender

Wow, I am extremely speechless. I have just won an award. Unfortunately, not for this blog, but for my project

The Angels Award 2006 (silver) in the Best Website category TG Resource

Normally, an internet price is not worth more than the pixels, of which it consists, However, it is different in this. Not about, because it is the first award I received, no, it has several other reasons.

He was awarded by the British website UK Angels. From the vicinity of this site, some of the best Trannyblogs world and thus find my blog idols.

So hat z.B. Siobhan with the Trannyblogsphäre (unknowingly) where the idea of ​​transgender blogs and not for nothing I was looking at the Pagerank update like a little child. As I wrote then still?

…Now I finally play in a league with some of the most important power of bloggers Trannyszene Joanna, Kath and Becky

So of course I meant only the Pagerank, because these blogs are famously and have not for nothing top places cleared. To be called by these names makes me proud.

I have no idea, how the selection process was, I do not know, but who has voted for me, I'm sure, that I may be rightly proud.

Since my blog is not English, I will therefore never have a chance there, the more it makes me, nevertheless find that the girls of UK Angels some class, I have produced. Un who knows, maybe they will still eventually a Category “Best not english personal TG Site” erstellen 😉


Ich habe den Längsten 😉


Well, not just the longest, but today there was the long-awaited Pagerank update and I rose from 0 onto 4 one, so I can really be satisfied.

Now I finally play in a league with some of the most important power of bloggers Trannyszene Joanna, Kath and Becky

PR 4 is for the German language area already okay, but said unfortunately garnix!

Pagerank is the faithful following example to heart:

Transgender search on Google

Who to “transgender” searches on Google, is my old blog on place 7 Quote (at least, when he googles from Germany and Hamburg). This old blog has a PR of 2. My new blog is equivalent with pagerank 4 However, not even worth in the top 100 to be displayed. This is particularly likely in the domain “” are, which is extremely strong.

When pagerank but doing very much, the drum Pagarank-believers rather look here: Future-Pagerank

edit: there are probably problems with the update, therefore, it seems to have been completed and to be withdrawn. Noch also nix mit einem langen grünen Balken 🙁

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still nothing.

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still nothing.

Transgender Barbie

I'm a few days late, But the Germans have this blogging scene still can not find. A few days ago Joanna blogged from UK small following condition:

Barbie’s Web Site Promotes Gender Confusion

On the website of or is there a poll. Where you could enter, was man so ist.

I’m a girl

I’m a boy

I don’t know

Unfortunately I can not locate this poll, but the website is also very confused. Well, in any case, this poll is actually written out as transgender perspective. Just listen once purely in the following comment.

Tranny Checkliste

Nothing contributes so much to the perfection of a human, as writing his memoirs.

The following are not my memoirs, but so far away from my life, it is not. In the blog Joanna from England, I've discovered a Trannycheckliste, I can translate the kindly and take into My Blog. Most of these items I've already processed.

Tranny Checkliste:

[ ] Wear your mother / sister / wife underwear
[ ] Wear your mother / sister / wife clothing
[ ] Buy a pair of tights
[ ] Snapping a photo of your legs
[ ] Try you in the first make-up experiments
[ ] Buy their own underwear and clothing
[ ] Dispose of all trash in
[ ] Buy a wig
[ ] Go to night 2 gedresst to smash out a letter
[ ] Fotografiere who game, but cut off the head every time.
[ ] Visit Tranny websites
[ ] Think about a woman's name
[ ] Look out for an anonymous email address with your Trannynamen
[ ] Enamel others Trannies
[ ] Sign up or in a Trannyforum a tranny Mailigliste
[ ] Add a short “Hello”
[ ] Post a second contribution on “great songs with TG content”
[ ] Start was a flame between TV's and TS's
[ ] Leave the Trannyforum in dispute
[ ] Jump to a gedresst Fetish / SM / gothic party
[ ] Out a change Atelier
[ ] Jump to a TG club
[ ] Register yourself to a website
[ ] Your photos on your web site
[ ] Throw everything back down – decide to stop and then start again at full speed.
[ ] Exchange your wife name
[ ] Melde Rich or im Trannyforum an
[ ] Post viele Photos im Trannyforum
[ ] Learn, how to change image sizes and try it all over again
[ ] Reading im Forum, but nothing post
[ ] Go to a restaurant gedresst
[ ] Gehe gedresst shop
[ ] Gedresst go to a disco StinNo (Stink normal)
[ ] Jump to a Pride event
[ ] Plane your coming-out and devote a family and friends
[ ] Snapping pictures of your non-scene activities
[ ] Take your Trannyklamotten on holiday
[ ] Start a blog
[ ] Wear a wedding dress in Trampoline
[ ] Dresse up without guilt
[ ] Have fun.

What is still missing, what belongs in this list?

I myself have skipped some steps and example, never thrown away my clothes.