Sherry Vine & Joey Arias @ BKA

Ich hatte dieses Jahr wenig Lust auf den berliner CSD. Zum einen hatte ich nichts wirklich anzuziehen, zum anderen war ich irgendwie noch kaputt von der House of Red Doors von Freitag.

Sherry Vine

Nichtsdestotrotz bin ich natürlich immer für kurzfristige Änderungen zu haben. Z.B. wenn Sheila mich fragt, if I with ins BKA kommen um Sherry Vine & Joey Arias, zweier echter Dragikonen, anzuschauen,

Joey Arias

Insgesamt war ich wieder mehr von Sherry Vine als von Joey Arias beeindruckt. Ich hab sie ja mittlerweile doch mehrfach gesehen und war immer wieder beeindruckt. Wenn sie nicht gerade mit Gloria Viagra than Squeezebox occurs, kann sie richtig gut singen, wie man beispielsweise bei ihrer Shirley Bassy Version erkennen kann. Einfach mal anschauen.

Teddy Award Verleihung

Teddy Award Verlehung 2010

teddy awards berlin

Last night in Berlin at the station of the Teddy Award – better given the Teddy Awards, and like every year there was also the queer society of Berlin and the Republic of the jack in the hand. Was little difference from the last few years, I sent along the catch this time. This year I had a press accreditation, the guaranteed me the entrance to the teddies and again at the press counter posed the question, if I was sure Press, I would look like guest list default… I was.

Teddy Award Berlin

A really nice casserole, which there under the motto “Thy name is man” gathered at the teddy bears. Größere und kleinere Prominenz wie Romy Haag, Hella mad or Georg Uecker, Wolfgang Joop und so weiter dazu Politprominenz wie Claudia Roth oder Klaus Wowereit. …Mr Westerwelle has not be seen, but was solely with the button “Gays against Guido” present, whose display has incidentally created on the video screen a round of applause, was only slightly smaller, than, could take some of the winners. The teddy is just a political event during the Berlinale.


As was already written the motto of this year teddies “Thy name is man” und dieses zur Ehrung Rio Tourss, of this year 60 Jahre alt geworden wäre und der wohl der erste bekannte deutschhe Sänger war, who outed himself. To the glory of playing for the first time since 20 Years Sharam back together two songs. For most of the guests there was probably the song with Adel Tawil I & I mention first of all, I found a lot of moving the first song, to the pieces with a first 14 Old singer who came so close to Rio Reiser, how well it can only. This was great as a broken fan.


Doch eigentlich sind die Teddy Awards ja ein queerer Filmpreis und so geht es um Filme, to which I can unfortunately say little, I have not seen them all – I have to change next year- Zumal der Siegessäulen Award in Form einer Goldelse sogar nach Berlin ging und für den Film “Postcard to Daddy” was awarded…

siegessäulen award @ teddy Awards

Unfortunately, I do not know otherwise, the countries from which the films are, but probably some countries are again, can use a movie, who got the rennommiertesten queer film award. The teddy is just a statement.


Daher beispielsweise auch die Aktion gegen die geplanten Anti Homosexualität Gesetze in Uganda und die eindringlichen Erklärungen von Amnesty International und die Frage, Why development aid is not linked also to the non-enforcement of such laws… Would not be so stupid, or?

teddy award ceremony

For his life's work was honored Werner Schroeter. Unfortunately, this particular ceremony dragged on so long and so tough, that would have been good at it and likes to create their own life's work. Does not matter, wenn an anderer Stelle solch großartige Laudatorenwie eine Indische Drama Queen oder solch ein Auftritt Von Joey Arias geschehen.

joey Arias @ Teddy Awards

Peaches, Joey Arias and Sherry Vine @ Glorias Birthday Bash

Peaches, Joey Arias and Sherry Vineeine ganze Menge Prominenz beim Birthday Bash von Gloria Viagra

Last weekend there was only one party, which needed to visit and that was Gloria Viagra Birthday Bash in the Monster Ronson's Karaoke Bar. Gloria feierte – again – ihren 23sten Geburtstag und das mal wieder mit einer großen Party mit Squeezebox und hochkarätiger Unterstützung von Sherry Vine, Joey Arias und Squeezebox.

It was so full, dass auf mehrere hundert Meter vom Monster Ronsons alle Parkplätze belegt waren, what brought us to a taxi driver once again of the importance of a short trip to convince. Now, We were convincing.

The Monster Ronson's bursting at the seams and the long queue in front of the door was accordingly. But some nice people found themselves in a club. Mia, Denise und Kerstin waren mal wieder in der Stadt und es war wie immer eine Freude, see them again. Pity, that they soon over abdüsten the house B. But there were still a couple other since, Mic, Barbie, Krizzi, Alex and a whole lot of people on stage.

That Sherry Vine to important Squeezebox parties – und Glorias Geburtstags gehört nun einmal dazu – comes just jetted from New York to Berlin, is nothing new, that they are the same but with Joey Arias, another legend and fame still brings the American drag scene but then something new. Joey left then also do not, to bring two serenades, the second of which having at least 15 Minutes and most diverse sexual allusions was pretty much the weirdest, what had long been seen on Berlin stages.

There were more to see. Peaches put on Gloria's shoulders a 1-a serenade and showed, it possesses in addition to the Clash track Elektronic for a tube. And together were the two giant. Peaches auf Gloria.. I think the three meters were already.

In contrast, the Squeezebox were almost normal – at least as far as one can call Squeezebox normal. Class musicians and two great front Rampensäue, make any sound while not always right, but conjure up a great mood on the stages of the world. And the atmosphere was so good, The Monster Ronson was very well filled, when we moved again towards Mc Donald's already dawning in the morning.

There were two girls who were very surprised, when we came, rather than, because we were Drags, but therefore, I had just been watching TV in Mc Donalds… With great conviction, I thought that this could hardly be, dann sah Sheila aber, that just a contribution to the Fashion Rock Night lief und da dort eben nur eine blonde langhaarige Drag war, muss ich das wohl gewesen sein… Obviously I walk in the Mc Donalds loop. Look at that.