Schangeltransen at White Trash

hat Kaey zumindest irgendwo gesehen.

After a great Rockin '’ Hot Rod Decadence but we wanted to continue to the new party, Dermot O’ Cushion veranstaltet. Der Club, whose name I have unfortunately forgotten, was previously unknown to us. But why not. It's always worth a try, especially since Sheila had provided for guest list.

…Arrived > went down > look around > two photos taken > Flipped > Went out again from the store.

…Okay, almost every party needs a course while, until it starts by, but somehow it was scary empty. I guess, that a day lost more people in Dermot barber shop, as we have found there to just after three. If we have to pay admission, we would probably terribly annoyed, so it was not a problem, because the only, which still held us at this party was the question “and what we do now?”

Fortunately, this club was only half a mile away from the White Trash, in the Chicago Rose this evening party celebrating their East Chicago. So we took the decision, to go there, but not on the street without even compliments of approximately two 18-20 Receive olds girls. Something like one hears like.

Sister Junipa

Arrived at White Trash we found, that we have seen the club already much better filled. …The last party of Chicago were probably really busy – and we just come in one day, in which all have moved into their shells – really really annoying, WIE Chicago band.

This was the better, that began shortly after our arrival, the drag show. Almost as if the ladies waiting just for us. Sally Sheeld performte Biene Maja, Dots show Marlene Dietrich was a great, Chicago Rose a perfect show and Kaey did make, to sing live.

…I white, Kaey that can really sing, however, That evening a playback but might have been better. Nene, it was nothing I would say as a critic without own skills. The ham we have heard better. Furthermore Kaey had that night anyway somewhat by the wind, but they welcomed the Schangeltransen in the first row … as good but pink elephants or other weird stuff must have seen, for Schangeltransen were not in the first set. While Sheila and I should have seen this but certainly, after all, we were in the front row. I also do not know, what has the good drunk on the night, aber es wirkte wohl auf die Stimme UND auf das Sehvermögen 😉


Now they went off the stage with the announcement: Now comes sister Junipa, doe sing better than we. …This was true also. Junipa sister could actually sing and it happened something with me, that's never happened to me at a real singing transvestite, I had goosebumps short-term. While not the song here gezeigen, but at this. Although I gleube, that not all the sounds were taken as 100% here, but the voice has something moved in me. Great, toll, Applause. Sister Junipa certainly has not sung for the first time and hopefully not the last.

After the numbers came again the overall picture, for the Chicago also asked us to the stage. Why – but we have not contributed to the success of the show. Maximum for retelling, that there was the show – and that is indeed something, which is obviously more and more people recognize and goutieren.

After this show, we felt hungry and since we were just at White Trash Fast Food, and this addition can be so close to Food, we tried to raise some, had to realize, however,, that no one agreed, catch up the kitchen again for two hungry Drags. Worse – not even a cocktail the bartender still wanted us to make. Cola could we get, or anything else, what can pour without effort from a bottle into a glass.

The but we did not and so we discuss around so long and jingled with our glued eyelashes, until the bartender and let soften and even made me a mojito and a caipirinha or Sheila.

Who now wonders about the quality of the image, and asks, why that may be, I have to say, that this is a buld my cell phone and otherwise I have him with a Monty Python quote reply:

He has no desire, He has passed away. This parrot is no more. He has ceased to be. He has been called and received the Lord. This is the soulless shell of a parrot. The breath of life is gone out of him, he rests in eternal peace. If you had not nailed him, He'd long since the radishes when viewed from below. He shut the screen and twitters now Hallelujah to his heavenly cloud. This is an ex-parrot.

Replace Parrot by camera and think of some 1,50 Meters of air line. Between hand and soil. …Ich sag mal so, 1,49 Meters long was all good.

However, we still hunger and so Sheila had the idea, einzukehren still in the Gilded M. And, properly, you read correctly. Mrs. “Wolf” Eager for burgers… Janka has since done a great job.

But we were not there too long – As in the rest of the nice man behind the counter – also noticed. Not a “Hello”, not a “good evening” Use only dry “In, long time no see”. …yet recognized. …We should have let him advise actually, because as what we normally eat. Let's see, whether he would have also have got done.

However, I have missed my application… But I try to get every time a milkshake, I had learned and this time appointed a – and this time was calculated on the machine and I would get a. So I've got a Fanta taken… Next time I will order again and shake myself tion ne Apfeltasche. So!

Otherwise, we let another pass through the evening and presented Revue hard, that it was actually a really nice evening. The conclusion I steal me now shamelessly and openly with Sheila, after all, I've also worked vigorously to it. 😉


Schwuz pm Grand Prix and Mc Donalds

Everyone wants something different than normal.

Kaey do the No Angels

After Ed Hardy Party in Felix, the us was just too full we thought, what else we could do so. But a Blu Victory Column or were not at hand, and we also knew, what was going on at the weekend – namely nothing…. except just at the Grand Prix Party Schwuz, but the – had now been converted long after the count in a perfectly ordinary bump Party.


Consequently, it was also full as a normal party Schwuz: Good but not fully filled up long. Was at the controls as well as the last weekend in Irrenhouse Polla Disaster behind the controls, after their Time of suffering seems rather to be back on the mound. The Great.


Otherwise, there was dancing in the Mehringdamm Connect

s working towards NOCN Trixi from Today around, since I had last seen her also changed somehow looked. I do not know if it was the hair or what exactly it was, but I thought she looked better, than the last time, where I saw.

Oh and Kora van Tastisch, who pointed me out, and that they Margot Schlönzke the entire weekend, the AHA would inhabit and the best of 5 Years of joint travesty will perform… …Now I can not say, exactly what that means, This A) I've never seen except at the two points counting on one stage together, and b) I was five years ago, just a bad picture on the internet…. Still, I'm sure, it is worthwhile. Start each way 20:00…


I would suggest, To go Sunday, because the two did not get it on the Reihge, To date the flyer properly, Therefore, only insiders know, Schlönzke-newsletter readers and readers of my blog, that Sunday is any notion. Könnte also eine Privatvorstellung werden 😉

But back to that night. So we were Schwuz andn it was like actually getting Schwuz nice. I was thirsty so I went to the bar and ordered a Pepsi Boston and Sheila, who had followed me a caipirinha, I wanted to spend their sponten… Occasionally they always …. just not today.

So after I ordered, thought they, want to be just a white wine.. Was not so easily, the bartender to make that clear. Also: Pepsi Boston pour moi and a white wine for the lady next to me, please DO NOT caipirinha. Then also went smoothly, But Sheila looked at me like a car when I got to the cocktail… Then looked like a car on the cocktail and asked me, wass that was….. Now ein Pepsi Boston, I actually always drink. Some old queens have held Schwuz still a certain raison d'etre.

big Sister is watching you.

A cocktail in honor of Pepsi fagot Schwuz Boston, which is served not in vain in the Pepsi Boston Lounge Schwuz. Very tasty. She believed me, but did not try… Sheila had to be sick this evening.

Not so sick, but, and three more to go to our regular McDonalds in Skarlitzer road to our typical end-of-drag-night fast food order… and it passed amazing things. Actually, just little things, but there seems hinterzustecken a system.


Janka, normally eats at McDonalds Chicken Mc Nuggets with much much sauce, but something she has ridden, To order a salad this weekend… Because something is not right… I'm not sure, what it sit. Is it maybe too thick? Her bacon rolls may… I could not see anything appropriate materials, but otherwise can not be explained, Janka made on why a healthy… They did not really long but also by the. noticed it but irgendwan, that my pack was still intact and some mayonnaise fried potatoes were still there. So they just stuffed a pack of three mayonnaise with fries to himself. …So that nothing but the weight loss..

Woman “Now I eat healthy” Kroft

That is how the person, the times stood before me and in about once ordered the whole map – And a Coke LIGHT.. *Kopfschüttel

I must, however, tend to increase, I have but even with barely enough tape bacon to the body with adhesive tape and only a unwomanly Cleavage added to get, So instead of my apple turnover prefer the Chicken Mc thing for me with fries and mayo… who ate then as mentioned Janka and I won the McDonald's Sweepstakes – and frame OHL – a apple bag… So it was, as always, – and long bright, So from home.

…Somehow too late – or too early or something else was, because I was Sunday whacked and completely finished..

Eurovision Grand Prix of Wigstöckel

Different languages ​​at Wigstöckel Council

Weekend – strictly speaking Saturday! Time, strike out and visit the parties of this city. My party planner Sheila picked out for three parties that night and was the first time Wigstöckel Council in SO36, that took place under the name of glamor without Borders.


Actually, wondering something, that we wanted to get there, because frankly had me Wigstöckel last year not really excited. For this I could hardly imagine, that an event on a first Saturday of the month, Thus, simultaneously with the Clubs International general audience would find… But Wigstöckel is because different, has different clientele and other performers.

[googlevideo] / video play?docid = 2447085955191062306[/googlevideo]

But before we could get there first had to be solved various problems…

Issue No.. 1
My wallet was gone – can not be found – gone – somewhere, should be where it would not… Only where? Even after more than a quarter of an hour Search (Sheila while waiting in the car outside the house and bored) did not let it locate… Here I had just brought money, put the money in the wallet, and I am far away of any people driven home… There I was, – my wallet but somehow not… There was dnn under the seat in the car and we were finally able to go..

A few minutes later we came about 50 Meters from SO36 and we had to

Issue No.. 2
to fight. Sheila tore the straps of her shoes cheap… To do nothing, and for the Mules Pumps were then not designed. So running was rather impossible. Badly at the start of an evening. Safety pins could be a solution… Which can be found in my bathroom… So enter and ride for me. The Wigstöckel Council may wait for us. Two times a few minutes later there was


Issue No.. 3
…the parking lot. our great parking was off course and far and wide parking lot was not even seen for a mini… Eventually went away luckily someone… directly across from SO36. It does not get better. But now was still

Issue No.. 4
solve. The Checkout… Joining? We? We are not on the guest list. Certainly. After all, we have to report, filming and shooting photos. Sheila made it again and I'm always amazed, how she does it again and again, to provide free access. And Yes! that had to be really mentioned times.


Money war usefull da, the shoes viable and we were in.. However, this did not mean, that you could see something, because the SO36 was packed and it was again a party headquarters. !!Benches!! Well I do not know. Now through chat is Sheila parade discipline, is my Durchdrängeln and so we ended up at some point in the front row at the show from up close can attend… And this show – also has to be said – was better than expected.


We arrived just in time to forward to the show by Chou Chou de Briquette track… Cabbage Briquette ist ein Name, of Berlin has an almost reverent tone. Okay, I exaggerate perhaps, but the name is well acquainted with almost any in Berlin, Chou Chou although hardly goes into the spotlight. (I saw at least not yet). It dates from a time, hardly with the “the good old days” is to title, was called as a transvestite fagot and still had this really necessarily a political statement. The ladies ie, who ensured on the whole it, that today just to party and have to make around it a little thought to the policy. Apolitical trannies – whether this is better, is debatable safe – but I say to myself yes! I have the name Chou Chou de Briquette first great in Julia Ostertag Film Gender X heard.

[googlevideo] / video play?docid = -7491928257605094789[/googlevideo]

On stage she brought a number of Milva, which was not particularly remarkable, and sprayed wit by most, that the cucumber mask of cucumber, which she applied herself when she sang the sun face, not really stuck. Nevertheless, it must be a person, the lot would have to tell. Exciting.


Their contribution was followed by a spoken word Number of Dr. Not… It was about this Flowers and he was dressed in the best Hawaiian shirts Fashion Culture… I could not do anything, But who am I, to form an opinion about me. Very skurill it was definitely and – different.. But that is probably Wigstöckel..


But then I'm more likely to have the classic drag and since number just fits Kaspar kamale better in the grid. Something glamrockiges sung live…. Now sing live not always the best choice in drag circles, however Kaey Tearing can definitely.

[googlevideo] / video play?docid = 8702109325022477727[/googlevideo]

With her three colleagues she stepped encoded in the sequence under the name “drei Engel für Kaey” onto… It sounded better, as my camera is able to reproduce… I should have just not put directly on the subwoofer…

Next up was a small girl, While that looked very sweet, their Gesangeskünste took me a long time to clear. Sorry, but that was nothing.

[googlevideo] / video play?docid = -8997767908223823917[/googlevideo]

Exciting it was then. The appearance of a Drag Kings, which in turn played a man, who played a woman… In fact, it went to I Want to break free by Queen and Freddie Mercury as he presented shows and sucked like it was the stage for the video… …Respect, I must say. Because if I'm honest, it was the first time, I saw a drag king performance, played with the irony and wit had. Mostly drag king performances are unfortunately created to show it, just what it says on the stage for a great guy. That was a nice change.

[googlevideo] / video play?docid = -4513243905635654559[/googlevideo]

There was a Whitney Houston number. “Whitney Houston?” is the Knower of the Berlin scene Trans ask? Melli Magic on Wigstöckel? No. Although this is their turf, Wigstöckel but is far enough away from the Berlin Glatransenszene to, to be able to enter other areas. The whole thing was less glamorous than Melli but with more accessories on stage. Well worth seeing.


Very worth it then remained with a Slovenian transsexuals, which accordingly also sang in Croatian and fairly and professionally performte. There was something of Grand Prix mood: Slovenia 10 Points. Very well, class to look. The clearly most worth seeing performance at the event. Once learned,. Not for nothing was :Mataina Ah Wie Süß: inform us, she has performed with her on Mykonos.


There was still a French Drag King, but then again who has complied with the ideal of the typical guy and a pretty crazy performance of spicy tigers on speed….

Overall I can say, I Wigstöckel that the Council was much better than expected, but Kaey was right in its conclusion moderation, that somehow lacked the glamor of the event name somehow.

Addams Family Flipper: Zoe – Sheila 3:0

Trounced in the Addams Family Pinball.

When we considered, to leave the House astray towards white trash we found themselves with six people in front of a laid out for four persons Mini Cooper. Was tun?

Well, the Guinness Book of World Records talks about 11 Persons over 2 Meters, who have made it in a Trabi, the doors were closed and then even went. But of ourselves with the highest heels six feet long was, so far no problem should represent the whole. Six people? Ridiculously, there would still loose a seventh tranny fit on the lap of the passenger tranny – oh and of course the doors were closed and the mini drove umm Trabi – to White Trash in which Chicago Rose one A little Rock N Roll Party Feiert.


Unlike the Ackerkeller the beginning of the evening brought her name at the box office this time free admission and therefore also like the review of White Trash.

Have indeed was a Chicago Rose Party but the good seemed to be in the backstage area barricaded – at least let them not show up and we could not he look-. Instead, a girl has seen us and hoped for the answer to the question of all of us.

But now was her answer wrong somehow, because from the book “The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy” we know for a long time, that the question of all questions 42 is answered… Her response was, however, a near miss 43 and the question is not concerned about the life or the universe, but was far more important.

“Where can I get girls shoes 43 her?”

Ouch, because we could not help the nice lady, but sometimes we have a big mouth but not soooo big feet. In Hamburg I would have liked Shoe Messmer or Shoe Durchblicker offered on the Reeperbahn, but in Berlin… Uhh I do not know me like this. Ladies shoe size 43 she has really lost…


Speaking of lost: Sheila and I have been at White Trash – or, in fact anywhere, where a Addams Family Pinball is a ritual. Wir messen uns im Flippern und im Normalfall sieht sie natürlich keinen Stich gegen mich 😉 – Although I'm afraid, she sees things a bit differently, but just my opinion proved true once more clearly how it could hardly. With 3:0 I sent the love Sheila into Greed or in the Swamp… Now I'm getting ready for rematches.


The three of Sarah sat, Seila and I up to the bar, down there but it was pretty boring and we still urgently needed a mojito and a caipirinha. As we sat there and lives on the, the universe and all the rest filosofierten, joined Kaey [ex] Tearing (I have to get her name everywhere umtaggen?) about us, which also needed a drink. Well in all honesty it would not have needed it, but she wanted him and had even left a Getränkebon, the output must. But even without this drink Kaey it was pretty funny.


so lustig, that constituted me little, dass sie weite Teile ihres Drinks auf meinem Bein ausgoss 😉

Not this Kleckerei but the evening was advanced dannauch the reason, why they kicked us out of the bar down. (Been finally swept away again somewhere). At the White Trash basement but we had somehow to make any more so we moved it in front of us on the way home like.



Now it was still dark and the Busche was right on our way – moreover, we had a dance this evening anyway deficit, that we give again in the bush about three quarters of an hour increased, until it actually took us home.