Madonna Mania @ Schwuz

Things change.

maybe not that Madonna Mania but definitely we on the Madonna Mania – or in general in nightlife.

At some point I came to Berlin – almost exclusively because of the nightlife.

The first visits to Berlin and especially the first visit back then to the Irrenhouse opened up a new world for me, that magically attracted me and then ultimately drove me to move.

For years I spent weekend after weekend at various parties in the capital. In Schwuz, Irrenhouse, Propaganda and again and again on the Madonna Mania.

The latter still exist and still exist in Schwuz. However, that itself is no longer this strange basement hole on Mehringdamm but today a sterile building with a charm somewhere between bunker and large disco.

The Irrenhouse is still there too – but also no longer in the basement of the birthday club but in the much larger music and peace. Both have lost their charm for me – but maybe I just grew out of it.

In any case, there was a queer party in Music and Peace that weekend and we decided, as to stop by. That in front of the gate, that the long line of non-existent but possible guests regulates one, was a lock, I couldn't see it like that and overcame it with swift feet….

Not knowing, but then found out from the doorman, that the lockdown had a valid reason and that was the people – including me – before things, that could fall from the roof to protect…

I took that and thought: “ja ja red du man”

But then it showed, that there is something to it, because later came a lot of police time, quite a bit of fire brigade with handcart to bring something important to the part of the roof.

….in fact, I just got away with my life.

But in war and peace it showed, that we not only “escaped”, but also came too early, because the shop was empty when we came and only filled slowly and we were bored and awful… at least with good music.

When it slowly got full, However, we had to make our way to the Schwuz to Madonnamania, because Sheila really wanted to see Epiphany Get Paid and her Lady Gaga performance.

Okay Schwuz also… In contrast to the previous party, there was a queue here and in today's Schwuz the time-honored law applies:

Snakes do not count in fumbling

overruled for some unknown reason. How could that happen?? Standing in front of the club in the cold… Not mine. I don't have to have that. But why did we want to go in?.

To Stella Destroy to see, and Biggy Blonde and Kaey and to hear Madonna and other divas…. Some things just never change. probably they were already there as the first Madonnamania before 15 Years started 🙂

No matter, we were there mainly for the performances… and especially for those of Epiphany. Lady Gaga sang herself… Great looking – but not very inspiring. Sung a little thin. But that may also be because of that, that she later sang a Madonna Gaga medley with Kaey and Kaey showed a lot more voice…

Anyway, the performances were over and so was our lust… The evening was boring, or we're too old, or both … 🙂

Drag Queens, Shemales, Queens Schwuz

schwuzActually, I almost never look at me the newsletter of Schwuz, but this time it seemed to be interesting. He promised a panel discussion

Superstructure in petticoats. The man in dress
If the fagot a dying phenomenon?
Panel Discussion: High-gloss vs.. Courtyard, Political vs.. Glamour, Mainstream vs.. Underground – If the dead fagot?

on the 20th anniversary of the death of Melitta Sundström, Pepsi Boston and Jürgen Baldiga should be thought of the fags, the Berlin have moved in the 80s politically. Moreover, it should be looked forward: What is and exposes the fagot today?

Should discuss Jurassica Parka, Toni transit and Moritz from the Kingz of Berlin, Charlet Crackhouse, Patsy l'Amour laLove, Gloria Viagra, Kaey, Barbie Breakout and Vera Titanic. Charlet was not there, instead Margot Schlönzke came on stage, would fit much better on this topic.


So everything was so, what the complex scene so will bear on stage. The typical drag queens, Queens, Shemales, Kaey with a transsexual, Drag kings and everything in between. It was so exciting – or at least interesting.

It is clear, that it alone in defining the terms transvestite, Tunte, Drag Queen with nine people probably 25 Are definitions and it showed pretty quickly. There were also some Einspieler of this Popkicker-guests, should explain these concepts times… Amazingly interesting and extremely different answers came out of there with.

I think, that these terms are anyway always pure self-definition. The transitions are flowing, but how to be perceived or known by other, it has one anyway no real interpretive

A Barbie Breakout does not see himself as a fag and would probably be referred to by virtually no one so. Sure she's a drag queen. Gloria Viagra however can be both a fagot, go through such as a drag queen, Margot a Schlönzke may be a fagot, a travesty warhorse 😉 , but if she wants, they may also at any time be a drag queen… And if you ask a Tatjana Taft, there anyway just in Berlin “Shemales”. So who cares, what exactly who is? And if it already in such a small “Community” are as many opinions, how is that an outsider can understand – and actually, it is also completely irrelevant. Everyone is, he just plays for themselves or want to be.

Einspieler a score of beautiful popkicker: “I'm not a tranny, I'm a normal person” 🙂

The general consensus was, that fagot always something political in itself has, which does not mean just, that a political man in general is a fag in drag, as you can see even with Barbie for some time.

This also quoted Ru Paul, which said something to the “when I open my with my long eyelashes, it is a political statement” … since it is also because no matter, whether one is straight or glamor tranny gives extra schangelig. Amazingly, in other words, also said that, for example, in a patriarchal Kaey for the world, it is such political, if a man wears women's clothes. I feel consensus.

Surely this is more of the lowest type of policy, yeah, but in my opinion this is absolutely correct. However, I would still point to accept a, the still captures the visibility into. Surely there is another act of, to put on a dress for example Schwuz or so still go out into the public…

It also said many in the closing words “it would have to be put on the road much more – whether out shopping or at Karstadt mouth or anywhere else… But when I think about, Who do outside the Mehringdamm, Gayparties, CSDs and CSD street party already “unbooked” 've seen, then there would be some at themselves take. Except Kaey, the yes now lives as a woman and Gloria, I've seen the ladies not particularly in public…

But it turned out again, that it is always difficult, to have as many guests as extroverted in a heap, the converse that is intrinsically- and independently. Since then needs it more than microphones are present and interfere with the presenters then really only the Schlagaustauchsch.. Although both Mr. moderators were pretty good.

The ladies were also agreed with the drinks – Too little and constantly all.
“Barbie You wanted to say something?”
“No, I wave only after alcohol”

In this sense,.

That was probably the last time in the old Schwuz, so now the soon disappears towards Neukölln and Mehringdamm turn back. shame really. Will they then take the Melitta Sundström picture with them from the dance floor??

Golden Girls fade to grey

Squeezebox – Old but still going strong

Golden Girls

Always, when Sherry Vine in Germany, one can assume, that even in Monster Ronson takes place on the last weekend was Squeezeboxparty and Sherry Vine in Germany.


Already on the eve of the Squeezebox have played in Leipzig and were well received there euphoric. Well, I guess, the people in Leipsch not see something like this so often and are therefore easier to impress than the badly spoiled Berlin audience. This probably also knew Sherry, Gloria and her band Squeezebox and considered themselves, what they might do well. The Angst, not being able to keep this level of mood in Berlin they are probably gray hair grown.


Perhaps the Squeezebox band simply stuck in a time and space continuum or or or. Is fixed, that something geschene seinmuss, because the two singers, with crutches and catheters, as well as the thickest Lego Building Block Glasses, I entered the stage ever saw bowed down with pain, had removed only similarity with Gloria Viagra and Sherry Vine…

Gloria Viagra

Only when she started playing you could tell, that miraculously there was a band on stage, whose members were all far in the 80s… and therefore I do not meien the 80s with Nena, Soft Cell or Kim Wilde but simply the fact, that there was a retired band on stage.


At a time, to the most retirees (except maybe the Rolling Stones) are already in bed, began this – pain diffracted – but surprisingly spry gentlemen of, to rock the Monster Ronson. I do not know, if it so well, was like in Leipzig, but I found it great, which conjured up the old ladies on the stage….


But since those ancient people also need a break, they had Victory Column intern and living room resonance Kaey as special act brought to the stage, something that had the difficult task, to prove for a measly songs, that they should admire actually much more common on Berlin's stages, or she should visit with a solo performance once.


A little more time, the band had previously Glam to Kill (so I understand the name at least). Spanish, who came to Germany to start a band here, then dissolve itself zusammenzuraufen again after a long time… This was a short-to-the-comeback occurs and liked it pretty good to me, what brought on the stage.


What was, however, exactly, I can not say exactly. It also had something of 80. However, the 80s. Today we would probably call it electro-punk? A person on the keyboard, one on guitar, and a singer, of which probably Marilyn Manson brings his make-up tips. This rather rough, but very catchy music.


Overall a pretty entertaining mix of music in the Monster Ronson had but a few more guests well done. Unfortunately, however, was this evening with the propaganda of the Goya another major event in Berlin… But, strictly speaking, is almost every weekend somewhere something.

Maybe the store was not quite full, but also together with the precarious parking situation Monster Ronson's and the prevailing temperatures together. …There is simply no parking nearby and long distances through Berlin's cold drive your are always somewhat uncomfortable…


We could have taken a taxi to Sheila's car on the way back, but somehow we stöckelten then but by the Arctic cold to icy mini Sheila. A Fortunately, the ne seats, the beautiful route to the Goya warmed.

Schangeltransen at White Trash

…at least saw Kaey somewhere.

After a great Rockin '’ Hot Rod Decadence but we wanted to continue to the new party, Dermot O’ Cushion veranstaltet. Der Club, whose name I have unfortunately forgotten, was previously unknown to us. But why not. It's always worth a try, especially since Sheila had provided for guest list.

…Arrived > went down > look around > two photos taken > Flipped > Went out again from the store.

…Okay, almost every party needs a course while, until it starts by, but somehow it was scary empty. I guess, that a day lost more people in Dermot barber shop, as we have found there to just after three. If we have to pay admission, we would probably terribly annoyed, so it was not a problem, because the only, which still held us at this party was the question “and what we do now?”

Fortunately, this club was only half a mile away from the White Trash, in the Chicago Rose this evening party celebrating their East Chicago. So we took the decision, to go there, but not on the street without even compliments of approximately two 18-20 Receive olds girls. Something like one hears like.

Sister Junipa

Arrived at White Trash we found, that we have seen the club already much better filled. …The last party of Chicago were probably really busy – and we just come in one day, in which all have moved into their shells – really really annoying, WIE Chicago band.

This was the better, that began shortly after our arrival, the drag show. Almost as if the ladies waiting just for us. Sally Sheeld performte Biene Maja, Dots show Marlene Dietrich was a great, Chicago Rose a perfect show and Kaey did make, to sing live.

…I white, Kaey that can really sing, however, That evening a playback but might have been better. Nene, it was nothing I would say as a critic without own skills. The ham we have heard better. Furthermore Kaey had that night anyway somewhat by the wind, but they welcomed the Schangeltransen in the first row … as good but pink elephants or other weird stuff must have seen, for Schangeltransen were not in the first set. While Sheila and I should have seen this but certainly, after all, we were in the front row. I also do not know, what has the good drunk on the night, but it probably had an effect on the voice AND on the eyesight 😉


Now they went off the stage with the announcement: Now comes sister Junipa, doe sing better than we. …This was true also. Junipa sister could actually sing and it happened something with me, that's never happened to me at a real singing transvestite, I had goosebumps short-term. While not the song here gezeigen, but at this. Although I gleube, that not all the sounds were taken as 100% here, but the voice has something moved in me. Great, toll, Applause. Sister Junipa certainly has not sung for the first time and hopefully not the last.

After the numbers came again the overall picture, for the Chicago also asked us to the stage. Why – but we have not contributed to the success of the show. Maximum for retelling, that there was the show – and that is indeed something, which is obviously more and more people recognize and goutieren.

After this show, we felt hungry and since we were just at White Trash Fast Food, and this addition can be so close to Food, we tried to raise some, had to realize, however,, that no one agreed, catch up the kitchen again for two hungry Drags. Worse – not even a cocktail the bartender still wanted us to make. Cola could we get, or anything else, what can pour without effort from a bottle into a glass.

The but we did not and so we discuss around so long and jingled with our glued eyelashes, until the bartender and let soften and even made me a mojito and a caipirinha or Sheila.

Who now wonders about the quality of the image, and asks, why that may be, I have to say, that this is a buld my cell phone and otherwise I have him with a Monty Python quote reply:

He has no desire, He has passed away. This parrot is no more. He has ceased to be. He has been called and received the Lord. This is the soulless shell of a parrot. The breath of life is gone out of him, he rests in eternal peace. If you had not nailed him, He'd long since the radishes when viewed from below. He shut the screen and twitters now Hallelujah to his heavenly cloud. This is an ex-parrot.

Replace Parrot by camera and think of some 1,50 Meters of air line. Between hand and soil. …Ich sag mal so, 1,49 Meters long was all good.

However, we still hunger and so Sheila had the idea, einzukehren still in the Gilded M. And, properly, you read correctly. Mrs. “Wolf” Eager for burgers… Janka has since done a great job.

But we were not there too long – As in the rest of the nice man behind the counter – also noticed. Not a “Hello”, not a “good evening” Use only dry “In, long time no see”. …yet recognized. …We should have let him advise actually, because as what we normally eat. Let's see, whether he would have also have got done.

However, I have missed my application… But I try to get every time a milkshake, I had learned and this time appointed a – and this time was calculated on the machine and I would get a. So I've got a Fanta taken… Next time I will order again and shake myself tion ne Apfeltasche. So!

Otherwise, we let another pass through the evening and presented Revue hard, that it was actually a really nice evening. The conclusion I steal me now shamelessly and openly with Sheila, after all, I've also worked vigorously to it. 😉