Jay, Kay, Ray – Never hurts a little bi

The whole travesty community and the whole of Germany looks captured on the boob tube and asks for at least one day if the F-Celebrity Jay from the jungle camp may well now be gay or straight.


What a fuss is made of it. I mean, because anyone says anything about anyone and everyone cares it – obviously even me, after all, I write about it here. It is all but completely unimportant it might also be, that the guy is bi. This is indeed in the best of families and persons with, where you would never have expected.

How do I get it now? Now I read yesterday, that is obviously contrary to his image look around someone with a difference. And in contrast to the jungle camp because something good comes out at.

Congratulations: Kay Ray wird Papa

Kay Ray, Basic design of a fagot, former hairdresser, Today Germany's most gay entertainers in bright outfit, just flash those same hair and makeup, with scharfzünglichen comments, would gereichten the entire jungle camp to honor all, has been found, that he and his best friend, he knows since somehow always, would make a perfect couple. The follow, that the happy couple are now expecting the summer's daughters Valentina. That no one would now expect:

Even the employees of the neighborhood theaters, Oblique much accustomed, amazed, when they heard the joyful message. Schmidt-host Corny Littmann was speechless for a moment. Mirko Bott, Program director and good friend of the entertainer, learned it first: "There is little call for artists, still the one to cut down all the years, But when Kay told me that, I almost dropped the receiver is out of hand. He is so happy - and I am pleased, when his little family time brings a bit of peace in Kay's irrepressible urge to work. That will do him good! We are pleased with Vanessa and Kay!“

Since hats sparked and it is what came of it. Since it is a genuine message from Kay much more interesting than the Jay. And much joyful.

Celebrate the Greens 10 Years Hamburger marriage

Anniversary event 10 Years Hamburger marriage


How should political events always look, then the politics would be less…. 10 Years ago, that the Greens Hambureg the “Hamburger marriage” – the predecessor of the registered partnership – pushed through in the then red-green Senate. Then so outrageous, that was denounced from Bavaria, one could indeed equal to enter into a pact with the devil.


No matter, this pact has been received and then various partnerships, until then this predecessor was replaced by the registered partnership… The whole is now 10 Years ago and a good reason to celebrate and a whole lot of street trees in Hamburg with posters for this event to ever occupy the middle to later replace them with the likeness of direct candidate Farid Mueller. Threaded sent.


No, the reason to celebrate an important event in the Schmidt and the theater should be a good… The whole would have been a “grüne best of Schmidt Theater Show” can call, because there were only artists on stage, which are very connected to the Schmidt Theater, there were large or have spent at least great times there… and they were like Corny Littmann all heterosexual… So at least as straight as he himself….


So stock heterosexual artists like Ray Kay, whom Lilo Wanders, Emmi and Mr. and Mrs. Willnowsky Scwulenchor the Schola Canto Pink and some other. Was hosted by the couple throughout Corny Littmann and Valery Pearl, but had some jitters before the previously. Not because they were afraid of people, but on the stage of the theater at that Schmidt in a political event but it was a little too much… But she has it right on.


The show began with Mrs. and Mr. Emmi Emmi Willnowsky and straight woman was great this evening ausfgelegt. That you could see less of their actual program, that was great of course, but this of course but is always. It all depends on, what happens, when something is just not planned, so in the case of, always dazwischensabbelt if anyone from the audience something… Since the repartee of the two plays from, But Ms Emmi was called a few times on stage and was always a winner.


But was the whole this is a political event and so Krista Sager told a few words about the situation at that time, the first couple and the anecdote, as black / dark black in Hamburg won the election and someone said to her, “they now have it, them with their gay”… with the idea, they would still be surprised, what they would get for a mayor… 🙂 Das war interessant, was moving but, told one of the first couples, they were before 10 Years already 28 Years together and lived openly with an unheard of two names on the doorbell together.


The two men followed some more. Der Schwulenchor Schola Cantorosa,the already on the CSD Opening Gala has cleared, made it here, to inspire the audience. The program was indeed identical to the Saturday before, but that did not, because something like this you can also enjoy listen and watch a second time.


Also a second time within a few days after I saw the Justizsenatpr Till Steffen on stage. I had his opening speech to the Gaypride found still really funny, I found it really good this time on stage. Nevertheless, peppered him with Corny Littmann really nasty questions, he remained surprisingly left. “What would be, when a convict and a law enforcement officer would adopt a child together” and you have to actually know the Equality Ombudsman, wovon Man redet, So the question, he gamcht homosexual experiences in his youth… And then came woman Emmi on stage and want to enter into a relationship with him, then, however, the child must be veradoptiert to a nice gay couple… He did not for me. But he made on the stage best of a bad game and remarkably drawn from the affair. The impression of the Opening Gala, he has completely positive offset again.


Speaking of considerable. After a less important contribution came from “Hossa” , But then a sawyer, the Cory Littmann not without reason as “Best singer on the stage of the theater Schmidt” announced. Unfortunately, I do not know the name, but he had a huge voice, although struck at the first number, but then came to bear right at Prince's Purple Rain. Rousing.


And because so often follows on some great little less great, followed the interview with director candidate Farid Mueller, that a quite something angeschickerter Corny Littman led somewhat confused and in which Farid Mueller replied with politicians Marketing Talk. “Why do you want to Berlin” “Because I think, that time is time for a change.” Ahhh, and. Aha.


But here Emmi woman rescued from the mess, by giving spite ordered and not picked up Irish cents, a little about the unit option, over Berlin and a little about the justice senator fabled. As I said, Ms. Emmi was great on it this evening.


This was followed – to complete the best of Schmidt-Theater Schow still Lilo Wanders, of the CSD also brought their best song for Gab and Kay Ray still some pieces from his repertoire, and this this evening without any bottle of vodka, which is so often given him, applied to the series.


Overall a very successful evening for a nice anniversary. So party events should always look, then the politics would fall. Nice to have a party times can remind, what she has done and you can be fully proud also.


Kay Ray im BKA

Some time ago visited Nina, Sheila and I yes the good Ray Kay in voles and were completely thrilled. When he later came into the bar to have a few photos to make and distribute some of his autographs, He invited us into his Late Night.


Unfortunately we missed the first, but last weekend we were going to watch. A mail and hey presto my name was on the guest list. Sheila whilst ensuring, that Janka and Mel also still found a place and Nina still had a direct phone line to Kay.

So it was done, We had to arrive only. Of course, the three girls have a little more time left than necessary for Janka and we arrived after the official start of the show going with Janka.

What the hell, then we have up our appearance. Five girls, which eventually enter in the show will surely attract more attention than five girls, the normal storm the room in the mass – we thought. However, we have not bedachtz, that we are dealing with someone, of much more importance to his appearance. Kay Ray selber.


So we just 20 after 12 am KGB? BKA? NSA? Well at this theater, named after irgendsoeinem intelligence arrived, nor were the masses legs before checkout in the abdomen.

We just stöckelten forward and it is amazing how easy it passes by a snake, if you look at it as the most natural thing in the world. I mean we did not pay but only say our name and enter.

Sheila + 2? is here, Hook
Zoe? is here, Hook
Nina? Nina? I do not find.

Well, Nina would have been the only, it could prove. SMS on mobile phones – but did not need it, because it was also let in as.

kayray1.gifSo after we were late but there, had taken our seats and ordered nachos with seltzer began with 35 Minutes late to the show. The show was great again. Of course, you already knew one or the other gag from his show, but that did not, since the Late Night is obviously mostly of improvisation. Kay brought so always between something new to the stage.

For example, he had two go-bartender, who had brought their own bar and guests credenzten nice cocktails. I thought so, that the two, who came forward would also take place again sometime in the next – machten sie aber nicht 🙁 Merken: nächstes Mal gleich nach vorne stürmen und Cocktails abstauben 😉

No matter, Showbarmixer the two were definitely large class. Later, they still showed their show. Soe jumped around, threw around juggled everything was round as a square and whip up some cocktails while. Sooo great cinema.

Eher ein horror movie war allerdings Person, Kay came to the hairdresser hour on stage. She held so still in some, like Fidgety and was so cocky in some, as… as… I'm sorry I can think of nothing comparable. No matter, what was on stage, I did not know and I'm sure, that it has this behavior not just introduced the best of all possible hairstyles…

Ansonsten pie Ray Home das, what he does best, themselves and others to take the mickey, to sing and tell jokes. For example, the Fukspruchs between the Aircraft carrier and lighthouse.

While the rest of the baggage to talk to Kino International opened, listened to Nina Kay and I dance the good until the end of his show, and then also went.

Again he ended his show with the nice song from Lucy van org song for my enemies. Whether Kay has so many enemies?

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v = MC18FQHo0Kk[/youtube]

Also: again a very enjoyable evening with Ray Kay and thank you for the space on the guest list.

Ray Kay in voles

It's been a long time, but finally i get time to, work up old stories and experiences, and somehow I have to visit the stage of program Kay Ray completely forgotten.


Sheila had some time ago the idea, zu Kay Ray zu gehen. Of course I was happy with, However, my expectations were rather low. The mainly, because I really did not so pretty, Ray Kay is what actually… Singer, Comedian or is it really just a goblin with no real ability? And if he really is something, why then you know nothing of him???

In Hamburg I could have seen him more than once a month, but it drove me back nothing. This time I'm happy to come along and I must admit, I was completely thrilled at the end. Ray Kay is a bit of everything. Moderator, Singer, Comedian and unadjusted Bird of Paradise with some pretty rough dirty jokes. Presumably, this mix is ​​just not suited to take place on German TV, perhaps it is simply not right to put it in any drawer, because it is more… (Pigeonholing is not my case anyway. Ray Kay is quite simply an entertainer.

[youtube]http://youtube.com/watch?v = KL2Daxm3Q[/youtube]

We arrived just 15 Minutes or even longer to late, But do not let ourselves be persuaded by the Anweiserdame to take place on top of the rank. Instead, we strutted therefore directly in the middle of the room. Front, at the back, links, right about the same place and our seats completely in the middle of a sold-out hall. Just our chance again really stand out and ask all people to the center about, stand up and let us through. So, while we slowly beat us to our seats Mr. Ray played unmoved from his program and settled not disturb us.

Kay is always best, when he 1. Lesbians, 2. Queens, 3. Hairdressers and 4. itself rips jokes. Which of course he 2-4 is itself, and so it may. And has also been said Harald schmist, that each group has the right edge of it, that they were being torn about jokes. This makes kay.

This he understands it perfectly to random events to respond. Although this was a safe or other seemingly unplanned but planned, he could at least the annoying moth on stage hardly have planned. Nevertheless, he managed to, certainly 10 Minutes extremely amusing the flying bugs in his program to integrate.

Total Kay played over three hours effectively. I have rarely used entrance so enjoyable, because he has me pretty excited as mentioned. Now I want more of Ray Kay.


And there should be more, because the good has invited us to the after-show meeting in Forier on his next event in Berlin. Free course on seinr guest list. Thanks for that, we will gladly accept.

6.October is his next Late Night at the BKA-Theater and we will be there, if he keeps his word and invites us. Since I am very confident.

I also read, Kay that every late night a guest missed a new hairstyle. I'm me! Posted advertised. Mal sehen ob er auch mit Kunsfasern zurechtkommt 😉

Kay I want a child ne of hairstyle you