Of wimps and World Champions

Even at the risk of, that Sheila will use exactly the same title as I, I am exactly this title for the coverage of CSD Cologne 2012 use:

Of wimps and World Champions.

Unfortunately, I have to admit but it, that we are among the first of the two possibilities. we are clearly wimps.

Rain repellent

This morning sometime as against 10 Clock in the morning we looked out the window and it was raining. But not as a bit, that is referred to in Hamburg also increased humidity, sondern eher so, that also in Hamburg “cats and dogs” referred. This brought a toe to keep out the unique info “Fuck, it is cold as a frozen pizza”

We deliberated, only once to take a frugal breakfast in our Ibis Budget hotel to us, then continue watching. It changed nothing. Rain, Rain, Cold and rain… so that was a rarity: A Vote, clearly 3:0 went out and testified: Fuck the CSD we do not. No coloring, not start running and especially no pneumonia.

Somehow it took us but then the route, to look a little, who else as the way in – then – Drought has taken it upon themselves, to accompany the CSD… and there were not many this time.

the organizers of this year should reflect the total number of 750.000 People proclaim, then that is a big lie, because it was pretty empty this year. Samantha Cocain war da, the lady with the big hats and Tatjana Taft…

The latter had also left the actual Dalmatians fumble in the hotel and brought out a small weather-proof as possible Costume, in which hardly anything to be lost. But she was in good spirits, because the few investment brought her arguably the highest level of press. She was a world champion.

We Face cloth Wimps, however, stood at the roadside, which has something of mortification at CSD Cologne. At times likely to stick to my planned costume that be something like, as when driving as the third goalkeeper to the World Cup. One is in the vicinity of, has taken the same amount of effort on and has to watch from the stands bustle. really really unpleasant something like.

In addition, that you can not even shoot decent pictures. If you as a drag on the go, one is always sure of any attention, also those, you just want to capture on photo. Than “Uninvolved” on, Interested in one side of the road do not give a damn – if you don't have a Nikon with a mega telephoto lens 🙂 I know that from my own experience … experience on both sides.

Our spirits rose only a little, when it started to rain and we were really cold even with jacket… That was the time, as was clear and, that do not participate was the right choice… even if I then remembered against Tatjana no good excuse.

Gaypride Cologne 2012 Pictures

Gaypride Cologne pictures
In good old tradition, I will also this year post the various sources, from Gaypride Cologne 2012 Have images on the sides, link. Thus one who hides photos somewhere on the net, may email me briefly, I will then insert.
However, I will not go myself this year in search, I was just a guest on the CSD and of myself this time are not expected to images.



I will this year probably the three major Christopher Street Day: gaypride Berlin, Gaypride Cologne 2012, Gaypride Hamburg Participate and massive shoot photos. They'll be here later to find.

And she also finds google - and therefore your, there is this page right now.

So do not wonder, but bookmark, denn der am Sonntag that Parade, may have come here on a Saturday night massive beautiful pictures, as every year
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32 Hours Cologne and back

Cologne short break to the CSD


Relatively short term, we have considered this year, but to still want to CSD in Cologne. The problems, however, there was, that we have not posted in contrast to previous months in advance a place on the plane….


Now the free market but once ensured, that short-term and in urgent wants explanations “I want to Cologne” with special declarations of intent “But I want to be a huge price” be answered. This price should be somewhere in 280 € lie to us then and that was something much…


Consequently, the small Berlin Travel Group rose by Dana Regyonal, Sheila Wolf, Janka Kroft and myself, in the car on each 5 Hours and drive back to Cologne… In my case, let go. Saturday at 15:00 it went off right after the end of work Jankas. To get an iphone for navigation and three as pastimes and off we went to Cologne there late at night.


Leave > Auto > Bed > Makeup > Road > Abschminken > Auto > arrive :
32 Hours… We've been crazy.

Joking made hats. As the CSD actually is always fun in Cologne. Especially because this usually goes hand in hand with great weather. So it was again this year… Significantly less hot and sunny than in previous years, but since all of Germany good weather and decent temperature was already sinking into the rain really well. What then yes a positive effect on the mood.


Which was not quite as euphoric as in the previous year, but still very great. The Deutz bridge, the pedestrian areas and the large end of the cathedral only from the usual cobbled am Dom Cologne? Neumarkt? Something interrupted Market… Class and again the sore muscles and aching feet while and then worth.


Here you can say this one does not even, Who of us actually got the most attention, Presumably again as Sheila Avatar, or Janka at the Lady Gaga meat dress or maybe I but with my shopping bags? We all probably as a complete squad.. In any case, it's always a feast to the eyes of the girls to look, when they see my costume… Only a strong set of, when they see the motto, then euphoric, if you notice the labels on the bags. Grooooßartig. For such reactions, makes it all. How Janka said right: Eben ein echtes Mädels Kostüm 🙂


By the way, this year I was really times …I'll call it witty… As an editor of some newspaper asked me what my costume would have dropped closer sense me a spontaneously, that so many would say, the CSD is only commercial, I would take a little bit on the arm… Wow not at all bad for my standards – and for that I had no idea just five days before the Berlin CSD, I would probably wear….


In any case, our visit to Cologne was closed when we were practically in the target, because right then we still had five hours of driving ahead of us….


We were pretty broken dan again in Berlin. Just 32 Hours after aufbruch. Wild, aber irgendwie klasse 🙂 Es hat auf jeden Fall Spaß gemacht.


Cologne Pride

Cologne Pride 2010

cologne pride
Thx for most images this article to Simon Kühn

For the third consecutive year, visited our small Berlin / Bamberg germany's largest travel group CSD, die Cologne Pride, because the way to Cologne worth, The Cologne carnival are- Karnevalsgestählt apology and even in summer feierwütig… Just then when a train passes through Cologne and dance like many strangely dressed people, laughter, drink and be merry.

cologne gaypride

Although there was the night before severe weather in Cologne and a broken cable straight to the quarter finals of the World Cup, the parade in Cologne Pride should but in the best weather, at temperatures well above 30 Degrees and much, much sunshine held. Best conditions for a beautiful day on streets of Cologne.

köln pride

Somehow it have Sheila, Nina, Janka and I managed, find accommodation at four different corners in Cologne and yet we all managed to start the parade – and I had not seen it with my own eyes, I would not have gelaubt, It took less than half an hour from the start until the arrival of the last of our small tour group ColognePride.


Enough time, again somewhat extensively dzrch the waiting car to browse, all times “Hello” and “Hi” say, to look and, who all has. Shemale example, the car with a loud dress wearer, the fetishists and fetishists, Travestiekünstler und und und und …Daphne with her mother and sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, who came straight from another CSD and wore make finished in the train. Since the traveling have certainly looked funny. Well this ever happened to CSD times.

cologne pride 2010

Like the advertising at such times, is now and different from usual. Cologne was zugeplastert to ColognePride with beer advertising, the CSD clearly the relation. How else can you understand six paneled beer bottles, as the sailor, Indians, Policeman, Cowboy, Construction workers and as a leather biker “dressed” are. Clearly Village People beer bottles. Class Advertising. High praise.

bier werbung village people

But that is of course important in cologne CSD parade, which is quite unparalleled in Germany. People, applauding when one passes up to you, the freak, if you want to spread his wings and have their photograph taken with a mass, you just need to continue, because otherwise staying the entire train and will eventually naturally driven. And there were really many, who wanted to photograph us. It even went so far, that we were asked by a group, but classified them behind us, because nobody was interested in them and who paid for it after all… grinz.


Well we were so nice and filled them this dream, but also adapted itself to, that we do not take ourselves photos. For both Sheila and Janka as were large I also asked – and of course looked great and so appealing, as you can see each gallery in Cologne Pride probably. Although there is always something bad, that we do not run directly along, But what you do not do anything for the Grossan appearance.


But they do indeed all, and Kings are all just as, the entire CSD tour group and the cologne Trans prominence. Although we did not meet Daphne dragee and Shirley Sugar, but judging by the photos were actually all on-site, but with a train of nearly 100 Trucks can it ever be, that just does not run over the path.


fun way, was the jury at the roadside, passing the artist figures 1-10 graded. I vorbeizog I got a smooth 10 from both… Since I did not spread my wings… I got to celebrate the 10 after … and then received exactly one 110 🙂 Das war hoffentlich ziemlich einmalig.


In the final meters of the Cologne Pride, speak directly to the Cathedral and the golden M, where we stop we met Buried_In_Black traditional ties, we actually meet there every year and shoots the always beautiful photos of us. I love it, if you already know photographer and I am looking forward to the photos.

CSD Köln 2010 Bilder

Actually, Janka and Sheila had before, after the parade enfemme to fly, However, I had to fit, I only had my costume while now and this is really unsuitable for flights. There was too expensive… I also hurt my feet… After such a CSD I always ask myself why I am doing my… But it is just awesome moment during the parade. Incomparably or at least close to it.