Clean Bandit @ Schwuz

Es geschehen noch Zeichen und Wunder, ich gehe ins Schwuz und bin nicht nach einer halben Stunde gelangweilt – and especially: Ich zahle EintrittFrevel.

clean bandit

Okay, es war auch kein normaler Schwuz Besuch sondern das gestrige Konzert von Clean Bandit, der mich ins Schwuz gehen liess. Kurzfristig wurde ich gefragt, if I would like, come along, die Karte einer Freundin von Jasmin sei frei und vielleicht hätte ich ja LustIch hörte mal eben bei Deezer rein, was denn Clean Bandit so sei und beschloss: Sounds good, ich komme mit ins Schwuz.

Jasmin nach zu urteilen erwartet sie Clean Bandit ab mindestens dem nächsten Jahr in großen Hallendaher schön, sie in einem kleinen Laden wie dem Schwuz gesehen zu haben vor der großartigen alles illuminierenden Discokugel.

clean bandit schwuz

Ich wollte ein schönes Bild des Clean Bandit Schriftzuges über der Eingangstür des Schwuz machen und wurde von den Türstehern zurechtgewiesen, dass ich bitte achte, dass sie darauf nicht zu sehen sind. Angst vor einem bekannten Gayclub als Türsteher zu stehen?

schwuz clean bandit

Erstaunlicherweise ist ein großer Anteil des Publikums vermutlich auch sonst öfter im Schwuza anzutreffen, wobei das verhältnis derer 65% L-Tunes, 35% Rest sein dürfte. The fact is, Clean Bandit schienen absolut zu Recht im Schwuz gewesen zu sein

Ich erwartete selber nicht wirklich viel – ( achtung nicht zu verwechseln mit wirklich nicht viel 😉 ) einen netten Abend mit netter Musik ohne Gedränge in etwa Reihe vier, wurde aber überrascht, dass mir die Musik viel besser gefiel, als ich von der gehörten Platte erwartete. Clean Bandit sind trotz der großen Elektronik-Anteile eine wirkliche und vor allem wirklich gute Live-Band. Zwei wirklich gute Sängerinnen, Bass Schlagzeug, E-Kontrabass und Geige sowie allerhand Elektronik ergaben sehr stimmige Musik und eine durchaus mitreissende Atmosphäre mit ohne Ende 90er Klängen.

clean bandit at schwuz

Vor allem das vorletzte Stück vorm Haupttitel riss mich miteigentlich nur ein Cover brachten sie – – wirklich echt und ich wunderte mich, wieso das Lied so viele der Zuschauer kennenvermutlich vom 48sten Remix 😉


Wippen, Dancing, Have fun. Ich bin ja immer dafür, neue Musik kennenzulernen und Clean Bandit haben mir gefallen. This 20 € waren sehr gut angelegt.

Jasmin hatte allerdings größere Probleme, mehr als diese 20 € am merchandise Stand auszugebennehme ich jetzt das T-Shirt oder doch das andere T-Shirt oder die Vinyl Plattegibt es eigentlich auch Poster? Auch ich glaube ich nehme das graue T-Shirtoder doch die Vinyl.. or – ach ich kann mich nicht entscheiden


Die Ärzte Vs. Die Toten Trousers

Last weekend I finally started to times, the possibilities, Berlin offers regarding the musical-cultural nature, to enjoy.


When I found some point a long time ago, that in August the doctors and Die Toten Hosen – Although not commonly, so it should occur on two following days, so it was clear, I could not let me miss it. After then declared ready to Nina Petites brother, to come to Berlin to attend the two were×45 In € 2 Concerts and invested much expectation and anticipation.

Die Toten Trousers

Friday should Die Toten Hosen Tempelhof Field, rock the runway at Tempelhof Airport and Saturday as Sunday should then then show the doctors, who both probably in Berlin, the number 1 was…

Purely by the numbers is very clear.
DTH = 1 Concert ~ 40.000 Visitors
DÄ = 2 Concerts ~ 80.000 Visitors
The doctors win 40.000 Visitor or mere 1.800.000 € entrance fees. WOW. The festival has already revenue character. Not bad.


On Friday right after work against 18:00 I met Nina and we drove towards Templhof. And after about 75 Km walk, because we parked far away, only ran in the wrong direction and then again the entire – had to walk around large buildings of Tempelhof Airport, we reached the stage… At least the, what you could see from a distance, held because of breakwaters only one came forward, if you were there early… And we were not,


So we looked at the screens, what would conjure up the pants so. …A solid concert, I would say, nothing really earth shattering but. And, the pants are great, but little has swept me. The great classics “Here comes Alex” and “Bonnie and Clyde” of course, to some other songs and, of course, “Pushed Again” great dipped in red signal flags.


A little ridiculous, Campino as the audience wanted to bring to, to sit, to jump in the sequence… His ideas “It makes for Fortuna” ??? did not work, einschleimen also had no success with Hertha, and non-union… No one sat down… Something he has probably seldom been. Two days later at the doctors the way it worked much better.


Speaking Doctors… everyone was thinking, which would, as Campino “Friends from Berlin” called to the stage, However, there were Peter and Arnim from Beatsteaks.. is now not too bad, although I had seen both bands on a stage like, well as all other, because both bands have the same fan base so now once, as you could see clearly, as Die Toten Hosen “Cry for love” sang and the audience went along more than most of their own songs. As I said, a solid appearance, but not an unqualified success.


Sunday was better at the doctors. We wanted to be there early this time, So already met 17:00. When we einparkte near the Tempelhof Field Nina asked me funny when exiting: Everything included? Map?


I unlocked my car out again, purely sit down and began the walk back to my apartment with your, was answer enough. Thus we went as two days earlier against 18:00 the… Ohmann.


But clearly, if you ask me, doctors have had their audience better grip, How sang Bela B. at the end of the concert yet: “we rocked Berlin, as there can be no other band.” Well, He's right. the audience was much more concerned with, sang with much more and in the discipline “Girls with bare breasts on the shoulders of their friends” won the physicians clearly with “quite a lot” towards “very few”. The concert was simply a lot more fun.

I showed it definitely, that I know much more of the doctors sing along songs by heart, as of pants… and obviously was not just me. They would still be able to play some hours and I probably could also sing any song.


But it was not enough ran to the best concert of the doctors, which I once saw in Hamburg in the great freedom. St Pauli had descended NOT just a game last season and was the Bundesliga despite a 0:5… of the non-relegation party hosts put themselves in the direction of great freedom in motion. in high spirits.


When the doctors then did not manifest, that they would definitely play until at least midnight, since then rod birthday would, increased the mood with the audience and band again. Instead “Addition” was “St. Pauli” called and “Never more 2. League” and the enthusiasm was unparalleled. So she was not this time, but better than 2 Days earlier in the pants.

Wer waren das Geld aber beide Konzerte 🙂

Alice Francis – Queen of Electro Swing

Alice Francis @ Astra Kulturhaus

After the grandiose Show in the bar every reason and the nice little trip in the great bar, The Liberate with a small but elegant cocktail it was getting late enough, to take the rest of the evening in attack.


Electro Swing at Astra House of Culture in Tallinn's street should still pending and in particular the appearance of Alice Francis, ihreszeichens probably the Queen of Electro Swing. She herself was not known to me, but I'm a big fan of music and had been there several times for Electro Swing Club at Ballroom Kreuzberg, but it's a bit like with techno. you might know a song, white but not, by whom it is probably.

But what does it matter, Electro Swing is a music with a driving beat and yes extremely danceable and the Astra culture house I've always wanted anyway, So let's see, and if the powder- let through and plant seller up to the Astra and engage us in the underground music scene.

Overall, the electro swing scene seems some of the Boheme Sauvage to have copied, for example, the first of course Swing, not, however, the clothing style, but rather the Berlin indie chick was, Incidentally, the audience seemed more student-heavy, However, what the whole event did absolutely no harm. The tone of the music plays. In this case, rather the music the music plays.

And each was just a concert of Alice Francis. Impressive cool and exciting, she played with a keyworder, a sound wizard, and two dancers, their job understood their set and had a lot fun on the matter – as in other respects your audience, that she brought to dance and swing.

Numbers of apparently own about Christina Aguilera's Genie in a Bottle in Electro Swing coat up to occasional influences ranged House music and it was really fun to watch and mitswingen. Oh, and the dress of Alice Francis was great.

Gender X in the Rote Flora

Yesterday I got an email, to do with the request for a small event promotion and I can hardly “No!” say, because I would prefer to go myself. It is a film with a concert performance in a sleek Locatio n my hometown.


Julia Ostertag shows in Hamburg in the red flora “Under the red umbrella” and “Gender X” , to be played in the flora, the hill district can best, Punk, HC und Electropunk, all in the most broken up the hill, where the root Flora, a former Revue, that was occupied and umgewandalt to the district center.

Anyway, in the flora habenich many celebrated night and I would have been happy, to do that to good music and Gender X also, but that's on the Friday and then go to Berlin before the Teddy Awards. Wer allerdings Hamburg ist, should necessarily go into the flora and watch Gender X, the worth and Hamburg needs anyway still some drag-tutoring.

Is exciting, that Julia can detect increased interest in gender X, either has changed society, or a low-budget movie just needs his time, until he gets around by word of mouth… beise beautiful, if it is so far.