All preparation for naught

I'm not exactly known, that I prepare to live unimportant things overly encompassing. Friday afternoon, I still do not know in general, I thus exaggerating the weekend and during the week in front of the CSD and I usually did not have a clue, I'm going to wear so.

Clear: something now and bib, But strangely, somehow much more common smooth. Over the last 37 umm 27 😉 Jahre habe ich mir das “it works somehow” made a life motto and stay as still reasonably quiet, when others would freak out… I rarely break out of that practice from.

So zum London Burlesque Festival… Es war Lange Klara, that we go theremovewould fly, an accommodation was booked, the flight as well, and the date was also kler, as the theme “Burlesque”… Time, all times to address different. A nice outfit had to be. Greenery – and black. Corset, Burlesque-Rock, great shoes.

brocade-stripe-green-burlesque-overbust-my-010-azs--2714-pthe right green-black corset I found at… seltsame Domain, and, but it seems pretty good corsets for a fair price, at least, wenns, holds, what was promised. So I ordered, at the same time I found a simple skirt burlesque and elsewhere around the whole round I ordered great, green glitter high heels Bordello. Tolll planted all fertig. Now wait and enjoy, to have a nice outfit…


But it's so easy then just Soch sometimes not – In this case, at least…. the rock came quickly, but was soooo exciting not… There are, however, Idee im KDW , green-black feathers for pig prices and the seamstress my choice in the Orange Street. Pimp is the motto. Also worked well, Hooks on the matter. The Bordello also came and fit – Also a hook. With the corset on the other hand it was not so easy.

The order was lost somehow – sollte ich irgendwann einmal einen Nachbarn oder den Briefträger in einem grün schwarzen Korsett sehen, I might also find, where the item is abgeblieben. Arrived At least for me it is not. Goofy…

So now something urgent, a new attempt… Unfortunately, my postman has to get the last one and there was no more, So it had to be made only. Precious time. … The ladies and gentlemen, but gave gas and sent it off immediately – AND it came to.

What can I say:
Design: agreed,
Quality: extremely good for the price
Height: uuuh knapppppp.

True to my currency “That works out somehow”… pack up and head off to London.

Unfortunately, I had to say, but then Diana, that they would not let me go home so unless it is clearly too small, and you should see that very clearly in the non-closed flap back. And with a heavy heart I had to admit: She was right….


So now that I had a great outfit with glittering Bordello, a really pimped skirt and a great quality corset ….which to me was too small – and then went to a – even great – but comparatively simple dress to London Burlesque Festival.

Mark: Planning brings a not much further.

eggs, some will say now: “Good planning with enough time and meticulousness already”, for that I'm just mediocre but obviously made.

But I plan to continue: Since the quality is really great and the corset is, I brought it to my seamstress choice Friday, the flap to extend significantly… Let's see, whether it hinhaut, but otherwise I buy this whole outfit in French Market Stitch, which is also green-black, allerdings auch einige Male teurer 😉

Vintage, burlesque and 50s hairstyles video shoot I

Vintage, Retro and 50s hairstyles video shoot


It is just awful, I'm easy to nothing and am constantly stressed and often not even to sleep let alone to blog home. I just sit in the ICE train to Cologne and angry about the lousy – do you mean: not available – Internet connectivity, which forces me to open Wordpad and there hereinzutippen.

50er frisurenThe last last week was therefore not in the character of the bloggers boredom but rather the sign of over-exertion of another project.

Some may have already seen the page, who after a keyword to Rockabilly, Pinup, Vintage or Burlesque clothing searches, other hand, can be almost certain that in this page – at least in the Google search results – has already run once on de road. But I've noticed, that many people find this site also, although they are not looking for clothes, but after hairstyles. “Vintage Hair Style”, Burlesque Frisuren”, “Rockabilly Frisuren”, “Pin Up Frisuren” and and and.

vintage Frisuren

The page will be found on various hair types – good – , All thing about this contains zero ( 0 ) Content – stupid -. So I eventually came up with the idea, make sure to let Rockabilly Hairstyles How To Videos. Good, I Olli and his photo studio (my hamburger apartment) know. So I had a few minutes, the commitment, olli hairstyles that would be the video shoot here.

vintage hairstyling

I was thinking of a girl, a makeup artist and a camera in photo studio Ollis…. But not so with Olli…. It was then slightly larger. For a girl, two, from a video camera, three HD video cameras, from the studio was a studio outing in a 50s house of friends and made a make-up artist, two, from an appointment, two weekends and a pick up and a total of four people were sometimes more than 10 People in the apartment. Somehow everything was always so professional, except for the clothes on the images for the relevant post and the respective credits of the video.


Still Tuesday of last week I heard of plans, For example, to shoot the video with a velvet corset burlesque hairstyles and stockings. S-T-O-P which really is impossible, So I sat Tuesday night against two clock at night a couple times and put the wheels in motion four emails to Sammy of Redcat7, Unlike Diana von Buy, Mario of Rockabilly Clothing and Silvie of Jungbluth Design in Hamburg from nice times and asked to, if anyone would be willing to give a little clothing. For a vintage, Burlesque and Rockabilly hairstyles shooting just fits no Streetwaer a `la Khujo. Without much hope, I came Wednesday at tomorrow 10 Clock for work and found in my mailbox three commitments from all but Jungbluth. Wow. I had not expected. But that was the only work going on.


Just try to give two girls a full selection of three great online shops by pointing, they would have to decide quickly. I do not know, how many emails I got Saturday with ideas and changes and so. At the end I had to decide there and then but was still a lot later than the day before. …Now it was said to be hoped, the postman rings three times and everything arrives in Hamburg. For safety and for the record I've brought four outfits, so we had massive selection of just six planned videos. Meine Inventurliste am Shootingtag, gave the following:

burlesque Haare

Redcat 7

Black satin petticoat
Corset Federn Braun
Corset drag springs Brown
Hals Band Braun
Slip black sequins
Slip without Pailettenschwarz
Corset ferdern green
2x green arm warmers
Headdress green corset
Headdress white rose
2x kopfschmuck rose rot
Pencilrock blau root mit bommel
Pencilrock bles Weiss / rot
Taillenkorsett blau weiss / rot
Blue collar white / red
Carmentop Weiss/rot
Pencilrock blau / rot
Collar blue / red
Carmentop blau / rot
Worker Jeans blau
Shirt Red / White


Ars Vivendi /

2x Nahtnylons III
2x Nahtnylons IV
2x Nahtnylons In
Vintage Heartbreaker Dress Black / White
Lucky thirteen vintage black dress
Pony Girl Dress Leo / red
Heartbreaker dresses roses / weiss
Army Kleid Ponymädchen
Army Gürtel Ponymädchen
Army boats pony girls
Petticoat Bettie Page Clothing
Bettie Page black suspenders


Buy Unlike

Retro dresses Dixifried rat
Retro Pinup Couture black dress
Cherrykleid Pinup Couture schwarz
Leokleid Deadly Dames black
Black patent-leather belt

Kleiderschrank Zoe

Swingkleid Collectif rot/weiss Punkte
Cycles Pinup Couture rot / leo
Cycles Pinup Couture Leo
Jungbluth carmentop black / leo
Jungbluth Pencil Skirt black / lei
Jungbluth Corset Leo
Kiss me deadly Slip
Kiss me Deadly BH
Kiss Me deadly shapewear
Lascana Shapewear
cheap leokorsage
Tie Minizylinder
Mini Top Hat black
Red flower
Flower red / burgundy
Blume rose

Plus a large travel bag in my shoe closet.

A Wonderful Selection, Nightmare prison only, that the girls are not my size and that I have to give everything back anyway 🙂

Still great and I thank all three labels and shops very. And, without already edited images, or one of the first 4 To have seen videos, it seems to me, than would have been worth.

burlesque frisur

We will proceed on Saturday.

Corset Berlin: Where to buy?

Some things are harder to make, as one might think it is commonly.

Korsett Berlin

Sol turned me the other day the question, “Where to buy Overbust Corset? Berlin should be there but the sale, because such things I like to try to, to test the right size and also to know, that this fits then finally laced. Since I already had a long Bustle Skirt lying around in red satin with black lace with me, It was clear, that La Fete Fatale to my planned outfit just such in red satin corset / Black should can include:.

So far so good, Now I only had to buy another one and you want to believe yes, red corsets that are sold on every corner in Berlin. Only where? In Hamburg it would be far clear. There is around the Reeperbahn most diverse shops and alone at Hustler there is the whole range from the cheap underbust corset 49 € Revanche de la Femme to the designer piece. Since I was in the week before the Gaypride Hamburg I was there, but did not know, wie der Rock in Natura aussehen würde, I let it hang and had to go shopping just in the capital.

Ab ins Internet: “Corset Berlin” entered and ever looked, was es da so gibt… Much at first sight, but the prices of TO.mTO or Agent Provocateur I pay he prefers, if I want a really fancy corset. A red satin one should look for at an affordable price…

Then I found the store “Added Lace” with a good contribution in Bridge. The category should Lingerie Shops in Wilmersdorf its… Uhland Street! Where else. Unfortunately my phone was empty so I had to remember that the address. … Once there I found NOTHING… No lingerie business, not announced “high quality corset and corsage” and certainly no “extensive and qualified customer service”…

Well I think so in such situations to a mistake on my part and so sought the next best Internet Cafe on… Before ihc moved to Berlin, I could smell the, but this time I was looking determined 20 Minutes before I went unnerved to Bahnhof Zoo, because there was a certain. A € un d5 minutes later drove Oich one more time to the specified Adresses, Now knowing, I transcribed this right Qype… Still nothing…It knew the business, no one on site

Now also a Qype can not be trusted. The business may well be moved, So to look back to the internet cafe to, whether the store was probably moved. So went and looked at zugeschnü No, there was at the same address Imprint. Presumably, an online store, who wanted to sneak a good link and a front seat at Google Qype… Although not allowed, but works… Goofy, if you stood on the spot and will nix. Now, however, I was at the Zoo station and wondered, where I could buy in Berlin Kosrsett probably otherwise…

“I want nothing special so maybe there is something like this even at Beate Uhse” das war ja nur 100 Meters, a glance, can not hurt, and there was even red corset… in XL, but I would double reingepasst, also, Buy at Beate Uhse???? No no. Next attempt was then Vampiria in Europe Center. Na klar da gab es rote Satinkorsetts. Unfortunately, just as Underbust Corsets. Not even the, I was looking for, So continue with the program.

I confess, to have had no desire at this early stage, So I went in, where I knew, I would find the required safe – For the third time that day – in the Uhland Road to Closer…. Okay, Closer course had the desired corset, even in different versions… one should fit like a glove and the sweet sum of about about 300 Cost €. Swallow… because we are becoming in TO.mTO price… Uhh for a normal satin corset out of my desired price range. Since I can also go to the same Revanche de la Femme, the – not surprisingly – have a store in the Uhland Street.

And that's exactly what I did, I drove a little further down the road to look once more a Ladengschäft there, because if the price is already consequently one can also buy from the same original… So I did not, because three women wanted to be served before me. So I just made – is served hot – around and left the store to give me ideas, because what I should now contribute to the Bustle Skirt…

Fortunately, I remembered then the store plastic + Elastomers in the Bergmann Strasse, At first glance the offered an identical corset up close as about a third of the price, I actually bought also happy.

Man man man, I have a total of seven different tests used, to buy in Berlin a simple satin corset. The next I buy then again on the Internet… Or I'm going to hamburg, because I know, where can I find what….

New Burlesque @ Bang Bang Club

Okay, I like the article about yesterday Joe Black have already announced, here comes the second part of the second edition of the great La Fete Fatale and thus an article with tons of new burlesque videos, with fire, Dance, Music and kunsvollem defoliation.

burlesque Shows

But before watching firstonce I had to find the Bang Bang Club, which was less simple than expected. Sheila was already in place, Janka should come later and I had myself hinfinden. Actually, a slight. Look at the website of the Bang Bang Club, then enter and depart the address in Google maps. At least that was my plan, But Google did not know the new promenade and so it took a while and a whole ungekauften browsing in Berlin city map of nearest gas station, to determine, because where I actually hinmussâ € |.

Hackischer market so? Hmm near the street line, the girls are known to, to be all corseted. Well that will have been amazed this evening, that since so many other MÃ ¤ dels also corseted ran past them and did not want to take them about a place, oped but unable pede towards Bang Bang Club troubling ¶, to celebrate the La Fete Fatale.


And if I just à ¢ â, ¬ Å "vieleà ¢ â, ¬  wrote, I meant it absolutely seriously, because of the Bang Bang Club was so good stuffed, that you hardly came to the bar and although there was no real dress code, have become really almost all mà ¶ glichst true burlesque style outfits thrown, some slightly heavy or fetisch Boheme Sauvage – even 20s outfits were also present, but actually all have a lot of trouble. Probably all knew, that this is an event, Mrs. Else in stainless steel has its finger and thus a high quality external appearance is EXPECTED.

Short swallow I had at the box office, rather than, because my name was not found on the guest list – He was on, However, I read the big note, dass auf der La Fete Fatale Fotografieren ohne Genehmigung verboten sei… Wäredoch zu langweilig, to be able to post any images of visitors and videos of burlesque shows here. Fortunately, I made a couple minutes later Else on the way and I could just get me a verbal approval from their.

Chrys Columbine Burlesque Dancer

But not only ran me Else in Bang Bang Club on the way, it was more like a big family reunion of all persons, one has ever seen at a Berlin Burlesque Event. Golden Treasure, Johnny Profane and Hedoluxe from Hamburg, Julietta, No, Heidi, Alex, John, Eden, Tara and I wasweiss who else, a whole lot of familiar faces, dazu Sheila, Janka and even Stella. All there and a few more and they were all excited, eas denn da so kommen mag.

The beginning – at least according to Joe Black made a burlesque dancer, on behalf HayDee Sparks, coming from Friedrichshain sollteâ € | From Berlin? And unknown to me? How might come sowetwas??? Also the first look at the red-haired HayDee not really brought me more knowledge. As she turned around, and I recognized the unique back tattoo by Heidi Pulkkinen, Mrs. Savage Wear Personal. Now I was just blindly again, I'm always, if someone does not look as planned. At the latest, but when they playing around with their fireballs back tattoo I would also certainly gewesenâ € | Later she was the way, then again blonde.


Also with red hair, But as usual the Golden Treasure occurred. With melon and floor, they should represent the tramp without a doubt, but if Charlie Chaplin ever stood in such high heels on stage, I do not know.. But it turns me on, Golden Treasure that obviously has a lot of numbers in their repertoire, but now I've seen it a few times, and not seen any number twice. Although I can not even say, which is their best some great and very sophisticated. Actually, I liked all the previously. Only in this evening the second, that was not my case. Why? I do not know.

Well be that as it, Golden Treasure comes indeed from the Queen Calavera near the Reeperbahn, and just this is indeed for most diverse tabledance shed and even though I was just in there only once in a, I think, take all nothing, a rod to the more or less interested in women dancing. Pole dancing is called the then well-, and there was also at the party by Fenix. However, the best will not uninterested pretty special class.


Whether she has learned in the dance studio beauty? I do not know, but I know, that just also offer Pole Dancing. I read that is on the flyer, to me with an invitation, times but was forced to come by in the hand.. Now you need to know, that the dance studio beauty clearly writes, it is a studio for Frauenâ € | Because I may feel honored. By the way, a whole lot of beauty dancers were present, probably next to all trainers and at least two students, with whom I held in the ladies room for a chat in front of the vanity mirror rieeesigen.

Clearly not there, but somewhere in London Chrys Columbine has learned their craft and now London is indeed the melting pot, when it comes to New Burlesque, therefore one expects from almost from the outset great and spectacular. What can I say, well it was but the ladies, I've seen in the last two years, have some great numbers laid. Germany in the form of Berlin and Hamburg needs in the area really do not hide. But I knew that anyway longer.

la fete fatale

But what I did not know until the end of the Fete Fatale, was, wass exactly the game show in the middle should. By A Popped Quizzmaster, some guests, a rocking horse and some rubber dolls. Next time can then come Ricardo M, then celebrated a round Bingoâ € |. No no, it came to the shows and the outfits, and select the best was Sheila's task, even if she could barely decipher quite, because most who reaped applause, but my favorite has won in the end.


Has also won – in my heart – the entire party, the class was zimelich, although I found the first half a little more exciting than the second, I have to say, that the first half of the bar has very much created above.

For my part I, already looking forward to the nights La Fete Fatale