good to know: Back 2 MAC

Sometimes I meet on my rambles through the Internet things, I did not know, But everyone should know. I knew e.g.. until yesterday, not yet, that there is a recycling program MAC Cosmetics are, that itself can be a benefit:

B2M is the abbreviation for the recycling program, the cosmetics company MAC, Back to the 2 MAC calls. Under this action is obtained in a MAC store for each 6 empty packaging in a lipstick of their choice (Viva Glam excluded). The packaging for this must be primary, what are the direct outer packaging of the products, according to MAC, as the Lipstick Case, Lipglosshülsen, Eye shadow jars etc. Excludes secondary packaging, as the cardboard boxes, where products are sold, Accessories, Sample tins etc.

In some MAC stores s should also be possible, six empty containers to redeem eyeshadow or lip gloss. Just ask.

Beauty case open yourself.

I pack my suitcase and take with:
the new CD by Stereo Total, a beauty case and….

As I have heard it yesterday on the way to recruiters radio and how it should be in Berlin, again heard Motor FM. Engine is a FM transmitter, the sometimes plays songs, which is otherwise rather not hear in the music scene.

Yesterday they played there a song called Beauty Case, in which I realized only after at least one minute, that it does not involve any Djingle (spell that right) is a cosmetics brand.


The song is, as for the game “I'm packing my suitcase” actually just enumerated, what the inclined woman and the typical tranny so everything can have on cosmetics in the purse.

Strange and somewhat anarchistic – and I can hardly imagine, that is monetarily successful. But I like those songs… Besides this song, but it's worth a listen even to the rest of Stereo Total.


Kryolan Hamburg

Kryolan City Hamburg

After so Sheila has recently explained in my blog as a great defender of Kryolan eyelash adhesive for, of course, I must admit, I'm also a big fan of Kryolan. – Not just from the glue but for other items from the extensive range.

When I lived and worked in Hamburg, I was annoyed frequently, that there is no possibility in Hamburg, the substance from which the arts are to buy makeup. And take extra for a small jar Kryolan camouflage to Berlin?? While not inconceivable, but highly annoying. Why there should not shop for it in Hamburg, I was always a mystery.

Well I was just back in Hamburg and did a studio visit on skin refinement, I knew from the old days door to the Hanseatic Quarter. I once wanted to inform you without obligation, what such a cure can, what it entails and what it costs…. Unfortunately, I realized, that there is no longer this studio… Mist. Aaaah oder toll.

Instead, in the store now to find a branch of Kryolan City. Super, I have been annoyed for years, times and then I'm no longer just a year in Hamburg and already settled here, the major shops at.

With the selection of Kryolan Hamburg but still so small problems.

Neither normal deep black eyeshadow I could get there, and also in the right light-green camouflage actually nice lady behind the counter had to shrug the shoulder… After all, a nice range with beautiful colors for the lips I could get there.

Kryolan City Hamburg is to find the way here:

Bleichenhof Passage
Large corner bleaching – Bleichenbrücke
20354 Hamburg

Na egal, I can indeed buy these cosmetics in Berlin … After all, I live there so now.

MAC Cosmetics

Life is too short for bad Make Up
MAC Cosmetics

..and life is too short for bad make-up brush…

Eswirklich that does not make sense, bad make up to buy, I learned a long time ago. Of course you can buy any brand for NEN Eurofuffzig, but the fun of this stinginess makes mostly only fun for so long, as the make up lying around somewhere unused. If one wants to make-but then so, then they quickly, that more investment in makeup also makes more fun. My favorite brands are therefore Kryolan, Bobby Brown and especially M.A.C. All Brands, have a tremendous opacity and an equally tremendous price…

The shops of MAC Cosmetics are a true grab-bag of great makeup and usually a black hole, that consumes a large part of my account at once

Sometime in April, I have found, Mac Cosmetics that not only produces great Make Up, but that their make-up brushes have a class, the one at Schlecker, Douglas and his associates investigated to no avail. I bought a brush with short bristles lengthening, is actually to use for almost anything.

Eye shadow, Eyebrows and, if necessary, even the lips. Janka will know, what exactly is this brush, but for me it is a great all-purpose brush, of all or much better to the point. brings the face than the usual applicators.

Great brush, I have, however, forgotten offensictlich to the CSD in Hamburg… Stupid… So I wanted to buy this brush up new.

+++ I only buy this brush +++
+++ I only buy this brush +++
+++ I only buy this brush +++

with this Selbssuggestion I entered the MAC Store – and headed straight for the brush..

+++ I only buy this brush +++

…. nice it would have been… Of course it did not stop there. Although I could just leave the eye shadow and rouge, but as I passed on eyeliner, I remembered, I've only really been second and third rate stuff in the make-up case in the field. Therefore, I not only bought this makeup brush but was once again 35,50 € im MAC Storeaus….

Ich hasse MAC Cosmetics… But somehow it's probably a love-hate relationship…