Kreuzberg 1. More. Riots or not?

Kreuzberg is preparing to 1. May be.


In Berlin Kreuzberg, there is a road, in each store, and every restaurant has, besides the actual window blinds or even a steel iron gate. Which is meant the Orange Street. Now, one may wonder, why this is so.

Now, obviously, the Orange Street (I work here), on the Oranienplatz (I live here) opens the main playing field for the annual 1. May riots and in the night to and from 1. May, there is reasonable, to close these shutters and away the cars.


The white and the police, therefore, is less than a kilometer to the Orange Street and the Oranienplatz parking from 1. More 06:00 to 2. Prophylactically been banned around the same time to avoid cars in May a warm demolition. So now inundate all the other cars Kreuzberg city area and is also my off a whole corner.

In addition, the police have now ascended to talk at various points of the Orange Street and at Oranienplatz fences and placed.

On the roof cross over to the other side of the MEGA Oranienplatz headlights were yesterday trying times, transform not only the space but also my bedroom in bright light.

The two upper right window of the white house are my.

The window seats are on Ebay, Drinks are in the fridge and chips are available. Let the games begin so ;-)… Nope nonsense, but I'm curious, if something happens, or whether all anarchists went this year to Hamburg, to the NPD march to prevent there. ( What I would only welcome the rest ). I even read, that all should come to Hamburg and Berlin, the games should be repeated at Pentecost.


Exciting and unlikely match but is also, that the police have just decided, on 1. Mai ab 0:00 to enter into a permanent warning strike. Although only 2.000 Man, but precisely on the day. It's like a pilot strike shortly after take-off…