On a lunar day – in Kreuzberg

Kreuzberg is always good for a surprise.

just now I was sitting by the Thais and tried to find the right words, To find sentences and phrases, to let them flow into a long handwritten letter, because a man came up to me and convinced me with many – thoroughly – interesting words, him one of his “Orignellen importance formulas” abzukaufen.

on a lunar

In Short – and probably played totally wrong – are the little poems, which should be read aloud originality and thoughts flow.

I imagined myself in a lunar day of the bride's skin in the eye

Then I stood still and I saw a poet,
he sold poems for a Mark.
I bent down to him to understand
and his wonderful lecture
held me spellbound for a tenner
and there is no entertainer,

better on the big stage would
on a lunar

I like to bought one for a Euro.

Alone, his presentation was this value, the deflection and the smile, to which he brought me were already at least adding. Now that I have this album in the CD player is added… Wenn ich jetzt noch tatsächlich durch die original meaning formula the right words, Sentences and phrases writing letters find, it was the best deal of my life.

Itself, maybe if he believes, mich übers Ohr gehauen zu haben 😉 – But I do not think. I believe, he was simply a Kreuzberg original.

Myfest 2013

Myfest 2013

The Myfest remains for me the best street festival world - at least! I know, that some people see things differently and for those that Myfest a "hard fucking police" is. Okay, then just the world's best police hard. I am also satisfied with.


Although I realize, how Kreuzberg changed slowly but surely, thus keeping the issue of gentrification felt here still within limits. The Orange Street is still alive, when I look at the Oranienplatz, I look at Refugee Camp, something, what would be hardly to unthinkable in other parts of the city and I feel generally more comfortable.


I think it's also okay, when on May 1 is not a police state of emergency, burn and no cars. Place in the face give it to the ears and such right. Punk, Indie, Reggae and dancehall, Hip Hop, World Music, Electro and even some with a more x (= Large number) to make the platforms Myfest simply a pleasure.


It's just not a commercialized festival, Becks no stage, kein West Power Tower, no Carlsberg beer stand or Bacardi cocktail as. Anwohnende residents and traders provide food and bars, Tavern etc. for the beverage and sound. And which is, that the Orange Street and all side streets until midnight are pickepackevoll and having to burn cars ...


I love the Myfest for girls punk band like the Diva or the collective simply superb beatboxer at the underground station Skalitzer Street. For me, every day could be ... Although Myfest, I would not be happy ... Let's leave it there so once a year and we hope, that the district not eventually cancel any, because Kreuzberg has become quiet.

So stay loud

1. May Kreuzberg

The 1. Mai is in Kreuzberg and remains exciting. Although Berlin is becoming more and more gentrified, include a 1. May still be added to Kreuzberg self.

This year it drew me in the morning but only once after Oberschoeneweide. A district of Berlin, I did not even know until a few days before. The NPD wanted to march there, as a few years ago when they occupied the middle ... or there marched - and therefore the police occupied the middle.

Several trainloads of counter-demonstrators, therefore, set out to the east cross, by the Nazis to be damaged by hail the tour. …. It's always a good feeling, to see so many peaceful demonstrators for a good cause. Real strength.

935086_254237961387297_1229011092_nUnfortunately showed, that the demo was not as well prepared, as some years ago in the middle. Went there over winding paths and a garden plot right direction road, both by surprise, a small police line had just overrun, this time was no getting through. Well now .... Allotment can climb over fences. Houses rather bad.

Thus, we were faced with a police clearing tank, Water cannons and police Martians secured Polizeiabsperrung, which was to. No chance and far, far away from the rights marchers. Damage. I think yes, a counter-demo should at least hear, still be more visible ... she was not here.

The counter-protesters were also still pushed back far and I found myself at once in the neutral zone back into my back right, then police and a water cannon, before me other officers , then the counter-protesters ...
I was in the middle of everything in the sun on the road with two other people and "Susie" a girl, that lived there and the Troubel interested in their street attended .... Actually everything nice. At least as , by Susi home had to counter-demonstrators to open her bath and CS spray to wash out various eye, because even though it was a very peaceful demonstration, was then but neat CS or pepper spray sprayed into the crowd ... This tool is devil and is hereby established by many police officers seem very carefree ....

197784_254278254716601_1140820790_nIncidentally, I have gotten nothing, because I always get hold of something. I only got all kinds and a large sun from sunburn.

The counter-demonstration was far enough away from the actual demo and was not disturbed. Success as you can not really evaluate it, I still think to have been right there and sacrificed my day to have it, to demonstrate against laws - even if law does not notice anything .... So I was not completely down, when it came back to Kreuzberg to enjoy the Myfest.

Irrenhouse Comet Club Berlin

Irrenhouse now in Comet Club in Kreuzberg
If everything else

As I recently read on a toilet wall? “Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg stinks to be” … Somehow, that's not entirely be dismissed out of hand… After Prenzlauer Berg is completely gentrified, just happens that for at least two years also in Friedrichshain. Where once launchiger bars with music were there today and health food stores where cool clubs were there today – nothing.

A club after another makes close, since most (be delayed) Residents complained against and win and therefore must include a resident there since time immemorial Club. So for example the birthday club in Friedrichshain, and with him also give Nina Queers Irrenhouse… The Madman House was the reason, why I'm in July 2005 the first time to Berlin came, and it was a revelation for me at that.

Such a revelation, I drove back to Berlin immediately afterwards to 4 Years Irrenhouse celebrate… Despite gentrification and loss as well as many years of club, ins Land began, there is still the party and celebrated now 11 jahre Irrenhouse im neuen Comet Club in Kreuzberg … A good reason, again stop by and look at Nina once, what has changed.

Nothing – and yet everything.

It remains much the same. Nina Queer, Mataina ah Wie Süß, Stella DeStroy and the chronically late to Drag Show “anything after two clock”, counter to parts of the angels and of course the usual DJs and DJanes, But somehow it's different.

It's a bit like the time with the GMF, which had to be moved from Moscow to Cafe Weekend.. the previous club was not pretty, a hole, Underground but with a certain flair – The new club is a … yes just a club, a typical disco. Der Flair des alten Berlins ist dort etwas verloren gegangen.

Nina itself will not disturb the. The new location in Kreuzberg at the Oberbaumbruecke flushes in addition to the regulars, a lot of tourists in the club, the room is bigger and just as full as before, and the party is facing another 11 Irrenhouse years in Comet Club Kreuzberg. This success.