Film: 1. May heroes at work

1. May heroes at work
or: a general 1. May in Berlin Kreuzberg


or “Large shadow cast ahead of the history & events” Thus begins a song of the crashes ends pigeons and that has really little to do with film, out of, that this band a long time ago, when punk was still an important part of, little was known of this song and I start immediately came to mind yesterday, I saw signs for unlimited time parking ban but very limited parking ban outside my front door. Sometime the next day, then come the Polizeiabsperrgitter and Friday night teeming again from police car on the Oranienplatz.

1. Mai sechs Uhr bis 2. Mai sechs Uhr Parkverbot

Last year, however, there were around, this year is concern, which could also be used, to last year, a lot has changed. This year, burn cars in Berlin every day, that any idiot al View luxury cars and Burn, then there is a large NPD demo in Berlin, the last year has led to serious riots in Hamburg – and all went to the anarchists from Berlin to Hamburg…. This year, right and left in Berlin plus anarchists from all over Germany in Berlin… And there on the Friday followed by a weekend, sure a few more. After all, the 1. May in Kreuzberg yes something like a symbol and such a symbol, dass es bereits einen Film gibt, which contains only this.

1. May heroes at work


This film deals with different people on a typical 1. May in Berlin Kreuzberg. Since we have a Turk, Javuz like its little brother would be a big gangster and love to make and the cops would flatten and brings him into some trouble, there is Harry, the old '68, Once a year the building barricades and declared Javuz, what with Communists, Stalinists, Freedom fighters and a beer bottle on his cabinet has to be, because there is the policeman Uwe, whose wife has just separated from him, and who has no desire to rampage and without his gun again found in a brothel and is riveted by its own water cannon and finally there's the two tourists from riot town, throw the bottles, handle with ratchet, Branding and try to make first experiences with drugs…. Plus a few other people, whose paths cross. That's all find a late night in the hospital because only the logical consequence.


Overall, a great movie, härterer Art, one day to the 1. May in Berlin Kreuzberg shows – as it could be, when filmmakers think of him. Interestingly, he is definitely. Kreuzberg between the road and the chicken house Skarlitzer Oranienplatz. As this year.

I prefer the Myfest but with the Coretex- and the drinking devil-stage instead of rioting


Yesterday saw my bike somehow different from

I do not like Kreuzberg.

In super, as I was walking past my bike, that must overwinter lack of basement outside I realized, that it has changed. Of course, I immediately noticed, that it looks different, just what it was, I could not place immediately – which is logical, because I use it only in the summer, watch it every day because that is not necessarily. Then I realized it:

It had a saddle yesterday.
And a front wheel.
And a rear

Well, I can probably more or less throw away and buy me this bike in the summer, a new. Great sausage. Well, I had a basement, would my bike nice overwinter in the dark but warm and far away from bicycle parts thieves and all would be well.

Crazy Box Berlin – Rockabilly Stuff

and my favorite seamstress

Insipid, Saturday evening will therefore start with a Verabstaltung, According to the Sammy should begin with a Pinup Contest. Clear, that we wanted to get there, but what to wear. my red polkadot dress I had so often, my blue dots dress and also the third Pepitakleidchen although I have still no pictures, but I had it already but at least – oh at least once too often in recent months. Consequently, I desperately needed a new dress.

In Hamburg I had known since a real shop, in Berlin, but no, the Sheila had not been grazed entirely. ..That may have changed now. I have the Crazy Box found, Place a small shop near Boxhagen, the presumably everyone, who has ever used or Rockabilly pinup clothing, knows. However, although it Dord of bows, Dots and strawberries teeming, I found nothing, what would have occurred to me to talk to Sheila.

Although this shop is much bigger than my living room and a total of maybe just once 10 Had clothes hanging there, you could browse a while and you could spend a lot of money. A small but nice shop. I found a cute dress, that was actually pretty affordable with.

But the male physiognomy simply something is still different than the female, I could so with this dress, start bit, if I did not want to look slightly baggy this evening. Oben is perfekt passte, but below it was a bit far. (When are the garments manufacturer finally for their new target group – speak to me – tailor?)

Unfortunately, the chance of change is small, wenn man(n) Saturday noon to decide, having to buy new clothes for Saturday evening…

Fortunately, however, I have settled with me Kreuzberg in a great area, in which there is a small tailor in the Orange Street… in the sweet-Turkish seamstress Although only looked a little funny, when I told her, that the dress should fit me and I urgently “today” would require. That was not a problem, although already 13 Clock was by.

So I could not have two hours later, the wonderful dress to my measurements changed again fetch. At least I could now. Whether it is generally the, I will certainly soon find, I have chosen this to be my favorite from now Tailoring Tailoring.

Learned a great new shop know and met great new Tailoring. Successful day

FC St. Buy Pauli and Wahrschauer

Sometimes just a St. Buy Pauli shirt and NEN Wahrschauer

I FC St. Pauli'm very fond, will have already spread to the readers of this blog. I will use the pub “Fat Corner” I found a bar in Kreuzberg, the association of each of my game will broadcast live I've never posted here, but if I have time, I am to play in the corner fats – naturally befitting the St. Pauli Outfit…. Now I would not want to even appear always in the same outfit, So I recently wanted to buy me a new shirt and was therefore the only St. Pauli Fanshop in Berlin… which is only slightly 200 Meters from my apartment….

To the & The Black Cats – Concert 1/8
2/8, 3/8, 4/8, 5/8, 6/8, 7/8, 8/8

As soon as I arrived in Berlin, I knew, when I saw the fan shop. “This should be my home”. So it is then also come.

Be contrary, sought and found. Unfortunately, there was only the desired Shirt “S” and “XXL”, both not my size. So I was looking for another shirt, that could fit…. To be sure, I tried it on directly. Fits! So I kept it at the same, made from the price tag and wanted to pay…

To the & The Black Cats – Black Cat Boogie

The desire, a t-shirt to pay well over the lady behind the counter asked, because they did not quite, what to do. Eventually I was able to convince them, To keep the price tag under the scanner to find out what it would cost probably. That worked quite well, they found, that it probably 19 Would cost € (which was indeed on the price tag). Consequently, they would probably back me twenty euros.. This they did so…

I gave her a twenty euro bill and now had a St. Pauli shirt and TWENTY euro in hand… Puzzled, I told her, that they've probably made a mistake… And, I know, ich bin deaf – but honestly immerin.

Small Town Riot – Timmy

But that's not enough. In addition to the cash register new Wahrschauer was made, probably the best Musikzine for Underground, Punk and Hardcore music with always a great side dish CD. And St. Pauli and fast guitar has always belonged together. It is therefore the Musikzine my choice and I'm always, when a new Wahrschauer comes out, since he only appears 2-3 times a year and with 4,50 € he is even quite cheap. However, it was clear to the seller, that this journal should be free… ?????Free?????

It took him a while back, I explained to her, me that this would be very surprised, because so far I had to pay Wahrschauer always and everywhere. So, It would be okay, when I use the price, because it had the circumstances in this case also perform… And, I know, I'm still stupid – but still honest.

SERUM 114 – Let us be enemies

With a Wahrschauer, an FC St. Pauli und Shirt 23,50 € less in the wallet I left the store happy anyway…. But not without the seller to say again, that I had here with a Euro Plus and a shirt and a Wahrschauer could go out… Maybe she should memorize the sales process again, that would be better for the store….

Get in your car, the new CD in the player and the sound of Al & the Black Cats ab in die Fette Ecke….

And so the story should actually come to an end… I did not know, was, that the T-shirt was still secured. I could now tell, I went through a security barrier in Alexa and it started to beep, and as I told the Ladendedektiv closer, Why I march with an apparently secure but not from his collection through his T-shirt shop… And then as I got him to, this t-shirt, I've probably stolen elsewhere, to unlock…

The Offenders

But that would be a lie…

The fact is, It occurred to me shortly before the fat corner and I headed to the store again, where I bought my shirt, yes I still wore… Now the boss was standing next to “my” Seller and was obviously interested, this could be. However, it much more interested in the question “Why did not the alarm beeped”…” than the question of why the shirt was actually ever been saved…

The GUTTER DEMONS: Haunted Lake

Now the riddle was, that the part has probably been times misreported and they have pulled the plug… 🙂 Der Stecker steckt nun wieder und jetzt endlich habe ich ein entsichertes, paid T-Shirt.

I wonder, why the store can actually still exist… For my mystery shoppers help I would really have to get money.

Gutter Demons – Pauvre Martin

…who now wonders, what the bands have to do with this story, Now I did not know it before all day and they were all on the CD Wahrschauer. Listen to it