Pinups everywhere

So that a Dita von Teese now nearly opposite smiles everywhere, whether you're just any magazine holds in hands or turn on any television, because I am so accustomed.

That at Fredericks she has her own collection and Ars Vivendi is generally associated with their, well that is now taken for granted. That as seen yesterday, Makeup Artists is looking for their exams specifically for light complexion and black hair certainly no coincidence… The lady is quite a prominent.

And yet there are still places, where you can not really expect to meet them.

When Syrians in the corner!. The Orange Street, there is a Syrian, makes the fast and good but delicious casseroles and pizzas. A small snack, where I always einkehre noon, if I have greater hunger.

Between wok and Checkout is now counting the money around a little Mousepad… Uh that's, I thought. And yes, was. Even the pizza in the Turkish-Syrian corner of berlin one meets now on Dita Von Teese. The white devil, like this mousepad has found there.

I am improving. It is not “very present” but “omnipresent”

Honeyball 2008 meets Girl in a Hot Rod

Honeyball 2008 – Swing meets Rockabilly und Hillbilly und…

At the weekend was the Honeyball 2008 in SO36 and on the whole was under the motto “Swing meets Rockabilly. My first thought, was when I heard the: Klingt toll… but in SO36??? that'll be nothing.

I must confess, that my SO36 has not been established as a venue with flair in memory. For me, the SO36 has remained a rather lifeless space. Rock concerts, Punk concerts? And! But Swing? Well I do not know.

The evening was already fated as we left, because it was raining cats and dogs…. In addition, horses, Cows and probably also some budgies. In short: it was an absolute crap weather. Nevertheless, before we had to have another opportunity to give to the bank to pay any admission. But Sheila and I were as stupid in front of the ATM. She could not remember their number and I also had some problems… Once entered incorrectly, I was, however, still some money and was able to rescue this evening as Sheila financially. Otherwise we had to save him himself.


But first we drove first chewing gum towards SO36. That was a mistake – also das kaugummikauen… Have I not for two weeks, a temporary crown in my mouth and told me the dentist still something of “Do not chew gum”… Consequently, I now have NO more temporary crown in the mouth but this now in the handbag. That suupa!

Arrived at SO36 we had to wait a little, at least until the rain subsided so, that Sheila was able to pick me up with the screen side of her car at my car page. Otherwise we would have been so drenched, that we would have to cancel the evening before the first party…


Since we had already feared it as nihct made it to the guest list, The man looked at us at the inlet only meaningless but refusing to – but fortunately overruled him another nice guy, of us …durchwank, durchwunk waved through?… Well let through just.

So we moved to a Honeyball and it was confirmed, what I expected. The SO36 is just a store, where it is really hard, produce an appealing flair. Since you can still hang as many pictures and try, to make the store homey. It's just difficult.

But a party is and yes it normally with the audience – and the agreed. We arrived about half past eleven. However, the Honeyball had gone on for 19 Clock and since it was well stocked and there was dancing, they were worth.

In such situations, I always get annoyed, I've never made it to a dance class… However, I would have probably otherwise hardly dared, because almost invariably knew the dancing there, what they were doing there.. And they did now been 4 1/2 Hours. What condition.

poorer quality but faster here:

But the second I knew not at all well, What dance class should I visit, Waltz for sure was not announced here. So there was the situation, wo zu irgendeinem mir unbekannten Rock’n’Roll Titel in einer Ecke 5 Girls afforded a formation dance, währen in einer Ecke feinster Rock’N’Roll getanzt wurde und daneben ein Pärchen ziemlich klasse dazu Swing tanzte. Not to mention the other couple, that danced a dance I completely unknown, the co-host Else Edelstahl than “Maybe Hillbilly” classified. Wenn man tanzen cane, you sure about that much fun, but also to watch, it is very amusing.

The visitors were quite different, and accordingly dressed differently from the 20s to the 50s. Exciting mix. Sheila fiel auf Typ one, He wore a cowboy hat. These more courage than is necessary for our outfit? Courage? For my outfit? Soooo bad I can see out at all.. Well not quite as they said it then but. It turned out, the guy was a member of the single band, we would not have missed. The blisters are a Grey

Blisters ‘N Grey

The cowboy hats they put in my eyes visually in the Country corner, but do not ask me, what they actually played. after a conversation with Sheila I have much more information and much less idea than before

Rock’n’Roll, Rockabilly, Psychobilly, Hillbilly, Rockin’ Hillbilly, Country, Walking in the punk rockabilly, perhaps with the whole ska inserts towards Madness and what I still remember everything…. Phew I wave the white flag and surrender !! I like the music, but does not necessarily know, EXACTLY what I hear there.


Anyway, The band was nice but not great and they had the usual problem every cover band. If they intersperse their own songs… come to just less, as the cracker they enact otherwise. Damage.

Overall it was nice, but I think for such parties is the SO36 many light not THE party place. Also, I found the music later on the popsicle party at times a little snappy..

Water Fight Kreuzberg – Friedrichshain

All mushy in the bulb?


I had heard at some point of the water battle in berlin. However, completely forgotten, it's something that'll give.

Until such time, morning when I was called a coward and low card in my company today, because I was Kreuzberg, and – like every single time – who had lost large vegetables and water battle…


Yearly – at least when the police will not intervene – the fight against the Friedrichshain Kreuzberg for supremacy of the subculture in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg (or it was Kreuzberg-Friedrichshain?).

No matter. It should be thrown with all, what is soft, mushy, stinks or is otherwise disgusting. Eggs, rotten tomatoes, Kings, Flour, Water and and and and. A large muddy, nasty affair, which is obviously always won of Friedrichshain… Incomprehensible!


I think, Next year I have to be there and lead times since the Kreuzberg to victory. ! Jawohll.

Mediaspree in Berlin. Prevent Spree property

Prevent Mediaspree? And, No, A Ja oder, And, A.Mediaspree versenken

(10) Morgend things get exciting again in Berlin. Spree für alle oder Spree nur für wenige heisst es. Mit dem zweiten großen Bürgerentscheid soll entschieden werden, that the club mediaspree regional management e.V. not both sides of the Spree may build properties in great style.

There, where today a large part of the Berlin Wall stand and small cafes and beach clubs, Kiki Blofeld or Bar25 to form a unique Berlin scene en masse in the future provide large buildings and some large high-rise buildings for, that there developed a modern but boring cityscape and open spaces belonging to the present shortly the past.

This is to prevent the sinking Mediaspree initiative has taken up the cause and is elected for tomorrow.

It may be tomorrow 182 591 Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain and I decide between two different proposals, to be quite similar firstonce primarily, but contain major differences in affordability and massiveness of the planned real estate Spree.

Here in Kreuzberg is the only way the vote

[x] And , [x] No, [x] A [ ] B

communicates, you must ankreuten, if you want to sink the Mediaspree. This means that you untersctützt the citizens' initiative, the idea of ​​district councilors Assembly rejects and chooses the former idea, if both ideas decide the majority…. Generally, that's right, but I'm still decide differently.

I also do not want to have Mediaspree, and will accordingly support the plan of the citizens' initiative, However, I will also give the compromise proposal YES, because only when it reaches the required majority, this is much better, as if both ideas fail. I will, of course, but the proposal of Mediaspree give my vote, should both get the majority.

berlin spree immobilien versenken

But frankly is certainly the biggest problem in the turnout. 15 % the voters must choose. Next to me so 27.388 Berlin. This is much more difficult than 50 % And. Be right.

Probably would be the only way, To achieve this, collect ballot papers in each house and get them to apply for the absentee ballot people – and also give the postal ballot documents to the Office…

Otherwise, I see black for this referendum – unfortunately.

Of course I know, that the so-called “Compromise proposal” no compromise, but a proposal is, that sounds just nice, but otherwise is as cheap as possible… But sad but true, both ideas are – taken for themselves – still better, as if the two ideas do not get the required majority..