Central Council of transsexuals

Vandalismus bei Wikipedia

For some time the establishment is meeting in transposition of the “Central Council of transsexuals” discussed.

So far, I had this “Zenralrat” really care, terms not because I affect her in my opinion, I eindeutlich not call myself a Transsexual. If they

want to gain sovereignty over the term transsexualism back

then does that sound menacing, but it interested me, no piece, I do not care and I can not even understand a little. So far, I had the following review of this Central Council of transsexuals, I've also documented in a meeting in transposition

Now that I've browsed a bit once there I'm sure, that their “Ernstzunehmfaktor” approximately in the middle between the party spreader Bible Christians, the Marxist platform of the PDS and a moldy toast is.

All three have a mind of its own and all they produce politically and socially about the same. Which concerns the moldy toast yet most people.

Meanwhile, the ladies go to me but to the extremely nervous and I think it's important, watching her machinations. So vandaliert Frau Daniela N. ihreszeichens Secretary General of this Association at Wikipedia on the term “Transgender” and all other transportation issues around and trying to water down.

Times it deletes the Transgender Symbol, See here!

Times it deletes the link to all other transgender categories and linked to the category Homosenualität See here!

There are also some changes, have changed only with the IP in place with no name, wear but significant manuscripts. It deletes, on writing and writing to and even tried, the total area to delete transgender.
What woman opinion N. has, you can see through your contribution to the discussion about the contributions of transgender and transsexuality

Why not to set the transgender queers all articles under “Homosexuality” one ? But also because they belong to and they always make common cause with the gays.

Then we can make things, ICD F64.0, respectively the law concerning transsexuals here under a separate category lead.

Just because some gays and feminists are considering, that we now belong to the queens, we have to put up with here in the wiki. That's such a beautifully simple picture, as the media and Mrs. Smith next door have also. —DanielaN 16:02, 20. Jan 2006 (CET)


Not affected or Homophilic

… should times actually stay out of the definition. Transsexualism will never understand someone, is not itself affected. It may also explain any, what is a bun, who has never eaten a. Therefore I do not understand why so many around here edit in the complete absence of empathy that.

Neither homosexuals nor feminists have the slightest idea of ​​what transsexuality or so-called “Transgender” is or means. It is time, that sufferers finally pull out from the gay movement and its own position / Building movement. One has nothing to do with the other, and transsexualism is something ENTIRELY different than homosexuality. The some sufferers do not even seem to understand, with the colorful queens, Loiter Louise Koschinski and Co on the CSD and similar events. This leads only to we laughed behind their hands, tolerated, but are never really accepted into our true role.

It is time, that we regain our sovereignty notion of the homosexual again.


Have a look yourself time discussions here and here and above all the contributions by Daniela on transgender and decide for yourself.

For my part I have taken the most significant contributions in my observation list to mitzubekommen, Wenn Daniela love wieder vandaliert. To me it would be very nice, if there are still a people turn to the discussion and Mrs N. slow or. their shared something curb vandalism.

I think the term transgender important and bring him to me, therefore I will not let, that Mrs N. changed him at Wikipedia vandalism at their discretion. Just!