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What to write to an evening course, to the fact that little is done? Accommodate much and I still have a video and some pictures, So therefore some text accompanying another evening.

The Fashion Show Pony girl and the short party was over and we pulled it off oin the early evening. Since they also had in mind nothing, we took with Nico and thought about, to drive to the infamous Royal, should there this evening but occur Berlin chicks, Nico also wanted to see the party once. So why not.

Before the stage, however, very shady characters roamed around. Der Grund was the Baby Party, which was held for the first time in a disco, whose name I have forgotten. A monkey, a Leo in a very real catsuit, a zany made-giant and a few other characters mer, who made there advertising and koberten people in the disco… Now we do not. But for a pair of images is of course still time.

Across the whole town went to the infamous Royal. Nelly Farouche was kind, to put us on the guest list. Thanks for that. Unfortunately, the party was attended only as moderately good and also not really lift the mood at. For a cocktail and some delicious sandwiches the infamous Royal but should be good in any case and should we still expect a little burlesque show. We looked at the course and then made our way again to the further.


Nina Queers hoe sealing Party at Loreley was the next idea, something to do. Unfortunately, the Lorelei was a little worse than the infamous Royal visit. Thus, here the mood was rather Mau. …Unfortunately, this is also not change at this party, According to Nina because it was the last of its kind, because if this party series no one apparently really interested they can spend their evenings otherwise. Just as we.

Nico had heard from a friend, who was in Insomnia, that the music was there droßartig. It was a special party and it would play rockabilly.. Rockabilly im Insomnia? I would surprise me, but why not. We drove through the town towards Insomnia, were about as long as a car park, as we later stayed in there. The two Turks, who tried to smuggle us, However, there were even fewer long, because the bouncer escorted immediately BEFORE the door…. We were after all still a whole Strawberry Colada in Insomnia, gray rarely us a little in front of some people and went with the motto “It can really only get better” but without Nico towards Kumpelnest 3000 more, where actually wanted to celebrate the Teaserettes yet..

But it was not better. Instead of Teaserettes we found only “Dieter from the counter” So a teaser and not much else more. Cocktails there was no more unfortunately,, So we had another short drink, still drove just past Burger King and declared this evening succeeded for little and finished for… The only bright spot was the fashion show. Now it can not just be any great evening, last week it was extremely well.

Tatiana, Fateful Years of Queen

A standard work of the Berlin Trans Scene?

, ihreszeichens Berlin CSD sovereignty of sometime to keinerweisssorecht has a second part of their work Tatiana, Fateful Years of Queen put on the web.

She describes her fictional story in Berlin Dragzene, Your immersion time as CSD and its sovereignty

I have not even noticed the first part, then the second definitely delicious. Although Tatjana “Similarities with all other persons or events in the past, Present or future” possibly titled as random, I can not escape the fact, me that several of the stories, the people, Parties or practices appear quite not quite as random. Still, most people are still made good. Okay okay, somewhat exaggerated but, but has not played completely wrong on the whole.

This story could give to all Berlin Neutransen as the great Trans Almanac. Tatiana talks about the Schwuz, Wigstöckel, the Irrenhouse, the Kumplenest, the GMF, The Bangaluu, den CSD, the different transport scenes in Kreuzberg and Mitte, in your history are as varied as people Kaey Tearing, Gérome Castell, Chicago Rose, :Mataina Ah wie Süß:, Barbie Breakout, Melli Magic, :Nina Queer:, Polla Disaster, Tilly Creutzfeldt Jakob, Biggi Blonde, :ADES Zabel:, or Daphne Baakel.

Anyone who has read the, has already had a first glimpse of the Berlin drag- and Transeszene. I'm looking forward to Part III

A few excerpts:

The deep-set eyes, I had lined with mega long fake eyelashes, my lips just shamelessly painted and eyebrows just a few centimeters above the original, heavily pruned painted. Only the big nose I could not hide with cosmetic tricks, and the Adam's apple does not also.
But since I also acted as a gay man, who plays a woman, and no one knew, that I was a woman, Playing a man, the turns gay, to play a transvestite, It was not so bad.
I even had an extra left the hair on the upper arms, peeped between the glove and a sleeveless evening dress. I was, gave me in these circles as something real.

Gérome had begun, a little to take care of me.
“Y'know ¾, Old, We shemales have to stick together. Each of us here has daughters and sisters, the system I brought from USA. In, sonst ha`m wa doch keen! And who should take care of, nich when the family? Ebent! You are now my daughter. And for you I have also been a; Your daughter's name is Frank!”
“My daughter's name is Frank? Absolutely not,” I resisted from. “¾ I own nothing and I do not have the nerve, to take care of as a lost brat.”
“¾ Frank is not a brat,” sagte Martina ah – as – Sweet, at the counter of the Bangaluu `s got us. Martina was the only salaried tranny all over town. This chic club in the middle, the Kaey would certainly enter only dead, she was the consummate hostess. She liked everyone and everyone liked them.

Gérome had imagined Melli Magic and Barbie Breakout at the counter of the GMF. The GMF was a chic club in the middle, where on Sunday evening, the young, would cap off the weekend, pretty and rich gay nightlife of Berlin.
Now I understood kaya, Â's disparaging remarks about “¾ Mitte.” The Trans-scene in Berlin-Mitte obviously differed greatly from the in Kreuzberg.
Barbie and Melli embodied pure glamor.

Melanie, a truck driver in zebra dress, the safe 120 Weighed kilos, but still proudly known, so go to the bakery every day and spend his evenings on the Internet, where it is marketed as a 47-pound beauty, or Sieglinde, who do not trust, remove her beard and put it value, neither hetero-- to leave even classify themselves as homosexual, but “¾ Transmann” or “¾ multisexuell” their identity seemed to narrow limits set to.
“¾ I am unique, do you understand,” her words were.
My mind was whirling. How easy was my life but! Everything in effect acting!

Nina Queer is genoss, to break all taboos and remained so always talking. Similarly, excessive as Barbie Breakout or Gérome, but it was still doing a shrewd businesswoman, who had worked his way up from the French Seller to the party organizer and owner of his own pub. Your go-go dancers were an ancient, flabby couple, the naked dancing, and their shows were bananas puked, Smeared Nutella or pelted the audience with minced meat. The Berlin loved the.
I was always totally unleashed at my performances, my slutty Playback, lost my wig fell or equal to all of the Stage. So I drew me a solid, reputation.

Tatiana's story seems like a lapse of some years ago Berlin party scene and it's again time to read.

Tatiana, Fateful Years of Queen Part II
Tatiana, Fateful Years of Queen Part I

Sorry, we have not!

Kumpelnest 3000

Berlin before us should feel right, but it was said to drive Deanna firstonce completely in the other direction to pick up. (Her apartment was cheaper, but my beautiful)

Even here, I felt a slight sensation of hunger, I the whole day only one Raider Had eaten Twix.


Sheila took us first of all to Kumpelnest, a small, but pretty wrecked a bar somewhere in Berlin. Yes I like those bars generally, but mostly they provide the drinks, the man bestellt. Here's it any different.

By not actually particularly unusual order

Two caipirinha and a diet coke please.

I asked the bartender but actually very nice, unfortunately. …Diet Coke did not exist. No problem a coke does to an emergency. But, unfortunately, turned out, that the crushed ice was for the two caipirinhas from. Mojitos joined with it unfortunately also from.

Also took me only a little out of the socket, because two white Russians would also be okay. Unfortunately, the bartender knew what to do and hereby had me after the statement, it would constitute two White Russians, sorry to tell, that I would not get here today.

I went with two gold Becks and a Coke instead of two caipirinhas and a Diet Coke….

Otherwise we shown above transsexuals showed her breasts, and sang hauchte dann Happy Birthday


Even while I was still struggling with my Becks Gold (Beer is not my drink), Sheila has pushed me further into the nearest store. In a shop, has not yet caipirinhas White Russians in the offer, they did not remain. So I put half my drink on the bar, still grumbled a bit about my hunger and the fact, I could not even drink it and trotted behind.

Sheila wanted to the house B. There would be some food and caipirinhas….