It continues.

This month, I treated my blog very neglected and did not come to my everyday meaningful post. Some will have read, with a notice that this, which has deprived me of this month-end on the last day of the last month of my job, was related. There are just off and on more important things than just a blog.- A job search to be exact.

It now comes to an end, because running when not too much wrong, I'm back in time for the first of December wages and bread and no longer need me to Job Search, Care preparation of job interviews or the employment office.

In this respect this blog should now come back the necessary time.

Employment Lawyers in Berlin

Halloween was really a shocker and now I am forced to seek employment lawyers in Berlin…

Halloween is come for some time in Germany in fashion. Even if it seems really mainly to be a great marketing campaign of costume manufacturers, who still need a second income in addition to Carnival, This custom is also becoming increasingly popular in Germany.

Generally, that means yes, To scare people, but does not really do them some. The better drives of terror in the limbs, better – just not more than. Has happened to me, however gestrenein horror with creepy effects:

Yesterday at half past 12 I went through two directors and the company put an unannounced meeting for all 22 Employees or for immediately. In this meeting they laid represents, as they expect, that the economic crisis would turn down the company, such as online advertising revenues would develop and what would probably be their measure to.

Effect: 7 from 22 Employees will have to go. – I'm one of them.

Pretty much every third employee of the company has to take his hat – talk has been canceled at the end of November last. Leave it blank is the Sales, the technology and of course the two directors. The rest saw the “Social selection” roughly as follows: expensive employee: goes, favorable employee: remains. I was one of the more expensive.

The termination clause is a, that a settlement of half a month's salary is paid, if you do not like the Labour Court. Pooh. When they are okay das ist, Employment lawyers certainly know better than I, but the clause sounds kinda weird in my ears.

The fact is, this half-month's salary somehow brings a little more, if the corresponding job is gone….

However, what also makes me quite concerned is the date of termination. Does it just me against, or was with the transmission 31.10. half 12 somehow waited until the last minute? Now I have exactly 30 Daytime, mir einen neuen Job zu suchen. I would say so: 10 Days before and I had 40 Had daytime. One-third more. Now t-30 (now only 29)

Theoretically, I should have quit my apartment just yesterday, for now on 01.11. means that, another month to three months, incurred anyway, until I get rid of this apartment – if need be – and in my apartment in Hamburg, I still, I live close to half of the rent…It would have been really nice, when you might not conclusively such considerations in a few hours, but with one day spacing could consider… then fall into the next 4 Months at least 2.400 € in the Miete, whether or city in which I work. I could puke.

Also, who knows a company, that a good online marketing, or Search Engine Marketing Manager searches, or who knows good labor lawyers, loves himself once please contact me.

Oh: I ask the life, me to refrain from such Halloween horrors in the future.

and then one more

If all would do, what I tell them, life would be great but.

Just be an ex-colleague of mine has reported on Skype, of my little note in my About me… has found and acted upon:

As I wrote there still?

Achja nochetwas:
If you think, to have recognized me, You can then speak to me like in a quiet moment on it or keep it back for you.

mw.gif[18:46:24] MW : Hallo H.
[18:46:31] H. : hi
[18:46:38] MW : Time short time?
[18:46:47] H. : jepp
[18:46:55] H. : what can I do for you?
[18:46:57] MW : Und zwar hab ich da was über dich gefunden 😛
[18:47:16] H. : in, let's see
[18:47:21] MW : “zoe”?
[18:47:30] H. : 🙂
[18:47:30] MW : Sorry, but are you writing, sprich mich drauf an 😛
[18:47:41] H. : okay, jepp, I'm
[18:47:45] MW : Okay.
[18:47:46] MW : Respect..
[18:47:49] MW : But a Tip:
[18:47:51] H. : thank you
[18:47:54] MW : The domain is registered in your name..
[18:48:05] MW : Someone looks at the DENIC for, and he definitely knows, das du es bist 😉
[18:48:26] H. : and, but that makes me a little today, I'm pretty public
[18:48:32] MW : Sieht man 🙂
[18:48:35] H. : how did you find it because
[18:48:43] MW : You have two users at Q. [an Internet community]?
[18:48:53] H. : jepp
[18:48:58] H. : h. and even
[18:49:00] H. : zoe
[18:49:01] MW : So I had seen this user..
[18:49:08] MW : Und blöd geschaut 😛
[18:49:19] H. : recognized immediately?
[18:49:23] MW : No..
[18:49:29] MW : I only thought, nagut, something gibts stop also..
[18:49:51] MW : And then ichs forgotten, Then just by accident 's Domain Whois on “zoe” Domains gemacht..
[18:50:01] MW : And then I also made a whois on your domain..
[18:50:06] MW : And then I looked really stupid from the laundry..
[18:50:08] H. : how true how true
[18:50:12] MW : I mean, das hätte niemand erwartet 😉
[18:50:24] H. : oh there are actually quite a few known
[18:50:58] MW : I belonged to before this “Discovery” not to;)
[18:51:00] H. : [different Namen] side and also the day of my resignation [my ex boss]
[18:51:18] MW : how did he get wind of it??
[18:51:32] MW : I suppose, with the other times you'll be where the road had been…?
[18:51:43] H. : I told him, why I Announce
[18:51:51] MW : No oder? 😉
[18:51:54] MW : Therefore Berlin??
[18:51:56] H. : and it is dependent to a large extent the Berlin scene drag
[18:52:05] MW : Okay 😉
[18:52:18] MW : Sounds cool.
… uswusf …

There were times times, because I would have a chat so worried… 🙂

Ute man!

There is a person, a dear former colleague, knows that simply each and every, at least each person, knows that the Internet not only from stories. Out.


Well known since Ute some time my second person, because there was Zoe also a member of the web community, I worked for a while. Ute took my last working day in my own Notice the occasion, Zoe to discuss in the newsletter and to shine through, that she knows me personally. This also saw the guys from the competition in Berlin, where I also after a offended Blog Post Bekam.Ob granted access these now operational suspected espionage or something else, I do not know, they constituted Ute to speech, who now unless Zoe. And the good babbled. Nothing you can tell others without, that it is not passed. I hope not, that it knows the whole Berlin Internet Business in brief.
Ute sends not the main thing in their entire distribution, because she knows as I said ANY and every.

What luck, outings that interest me as not at all more.