Boheme Noir im Stummfilmkino Delphi – Berlin

On the weekend should the Boheme Noir take place after years again and that the silent movie theater in Berlin Delphi. One nice thing that Alex and Savage Wear. Boheme Noir is a special feature alone but by, that has a big fetish character, but not one of the typical SM Parties… Say it is not game room, but massive great dressed people. See and be seen instead beat and be beaten so… For me the better alternative.

So I got as far as finished, Makeup etc and before i get in my brand new latex costume I slipped on the insanely clever idea came, all oiled before.. Outcome: I had no chance, close down the zipper with two hands, da mir das ölige Latex – which of course was in decent voltage – slipped from her fingers each time, before the zipper moved even a millimeter. Fuck Ja!

After about half an hour I clench like Sisyphus latex then to fail again but I asked my neighbor to help neighborhood. Fortunately, I already knew the way and is otherwise quite cool it. A spirited tearing on the zipper and she had it in hand ebenden… The little metal stopper top flew in all directions (So probably only a… but which ?? ) and was henceforth no longer seen.. Umm and now?

Well, several unsuccessful attempts to repair later, we agreed, not sooo close down the zipper and let's see if it holds… A miracle, somehow kept hats and I did not attack the second outfit… Broken indess is the closure nonetheless .. and I do not, Turks that my seamstress is well versed in latex bonding…

In any case, I had already lost two nails before Bohemian, Two Stockings and a closure. Na classes. My GPS led me to Gustavus Adolphus Street in Nuremberg, I fortunately still scarce in Berlin – but after a considerable detour – noticed – and to make matters worse, it came to me too late, I oil, which me so much in the evening “Enjoyment” had prepared had forgotten at home. Mist, I also had to admit it, I already slightly blunted… So I do not, as such,, but the splendor of my costume.

Be also noted that Sheila and Siren, which in turn critically-realized. So would not the. I had to admit yes, they were right, but drive home to get the oil, I did not yet…

Fortunately, I ran across the road but Theresa – dressed in latex and latex working for a label… She had oil… My savior in times of need. Normally you are indeed after the last rites more or less at the end. I beamed after this last rites as the young life. The Boheme Noir could finally begin.

Finally get some rest, admire the morbid charm of Delphi and the various costumes and the show program. What can I say: Alex, done everything right, I found the bohemian very convincing, only a few more people could have used the Delphi.

The evening was above all a long conversation with Sheila, Siren, John, Sinteque, Ginger, Diana, Pepper and some other persons in total we moved all throughout in a radius of about 5 Meters left 🙂 at the bar, some may find that boring, I just thought it was cute, yesterday. And would go on to the next Boheme Noir. Provided, my zipper is then okay again.

Oh, and when I read in retrospect, that have some to find fault with anything again, I touch my head to the, some complain about the morbid in Delphi, others turn the music was too loud or too monotonous, some found the game room or not the relocation options, then there were those who mocked that they had to wait in the smoky bar at the entrance.. I do not want to know, as that would have bitched, if they had to wait outside in the freezing cold… Oh I – and of course the price was too high again…

Quite Honest: is big baloney

Recorded by Kelric Pradeson
Lights by Marcus Thäsler
DJ: Marvin Smiths

Delphi Delphi is just the, if you celebrate there, you have to adjust to events and just make the best of it. As I said, IM waiting Delphi is warmer than wait BEFORE the Delphi. There was a party of a non-professional party operator. Space, Show program, Light, DJ, PA, Advertising, Flyer, Gema and much more had to be paid. As well as a safety, if the party goes in the pants and only 5 People come. If only one party in a non-disco marginal costs are flat other than a party every week in a fixed club. This is every minute of the preparation of a minute just can not really be worked. In the case of Savage Wear: Much preparation for the Boheme Noir = little processed latex clothing.. Btw. whom the price is too expensive, times the price of the watch itself, for example, or from GFB to Hamburg Obsession … or simply buy the card in advance.

Love people: Front nagging thought sometimes helps

Stupid people do stupid things

It always comes again before, I find pictures of me on any of these portals and websites. At times also with such great names as dwtschlampe-0815 or the like. Fortunately, however, most anyone knows me then, I just wrote this and a short time later, the picture is then – wherever it was just – disappeared.

Sometimes I find that more times pictures of others on the net and now and then I think sometimes things on the net, I actually never wanted to see. The latter two things I have found just in my daily RSS-look-through.

As someone who has set his mind to insult with a video and a really bad beat transvestites. The whole video is titled “Latex clothes are women's business…” The title is a little further, But look for yourself. It will definitely be excited about, dass those individuals gibt, that are not real feminine and still wear latex dresses.

Amazing is the little video but mainly because of the people, which occur in it, and the insults which are placed in the mouth Liz Vegas, Haydee Sparks, Nathalie Jess… I almost bet, that even the video of me was. Close Encounters, but it is clear from the Underground Catwalk 2009.


Süß.Dämliche people just do stupid things.

I'm sure, that the girls might also be baffled, when they see this video, because I'm pretty sure, that it is not in their interest… At least they have never complained to me and I have all three already met and talked often..

As for the theme by the way, I also know transvestites, I do not ever want to see in latex dress, just as it is with women. A latex dress should just wear only those person, which has the body to.

Boheme Noir VI Fetish Party Berlin

There is in exactly two important and worth visiting parties, would probably carry the umbrella term fetish, firstly, the German Fetish Ball and other Boheme Noir and the latter was just the weekend.

haydee sparks & Calida del sol @ boheme noir 6

Unfortunately I have not managed, to name the winners of our raffle to my blog, because I went to Hamburg on Friday to celebrate his birthday in eineme friend… So Eien Boheme Noir justifies but, already back on Saturday to go on the highway aufzuschlagen to the evening there. (Sheila has notified the winners by the way). I had planned, approximately 11 there being, and 23:05 I drove past the Jannowitzbruecke. 5 Minutes late on 280 Kilometers. A good cut, I find.


Gedresst finished I had been to Hamburg, where, in addition, I also had to buy the Morgend yet…. I had actually ordered me a nice pinstripe dress by Lip Service, but found, that I was late again, and the delivery times underestimated. Nun es kam nix bisher – and as the Hamburg visit was not only the birthday as a reason, but just drop a visit at the Hustler and Boutique Bizarre on the Reeperbahn. In Hustler I found a quite attractive PVC dress with pinstripe also. A still more beautiful dress I had found in the Boutique Bizarre, however, this was also made of latex and then was just under 500 €.. a little too much, for me.


But not for others, as I could see on the Boheme Noir. There, guests will really contributed once again, what the wardrobes and thus the purses hergaben. Greatest creations and Dresses any Coleur. Lack, Logo, Latex, as well, Leader, Clear, and burlesque and Gothic, Cyberesque, Uniforms and what I still remember everything. A colleague asked me today, whether they, as they ran around today (Street clothes) would be entered as… …I do not know, at least she would have definitely felt completely out of place with all the great costumes.


For each, the words and images of the now expected, I'm sorry to disappoint. Boheme Nior images I can not unfortunately offer. Although Alex was kind enough to equip us with photo passes to shoot the show, but asked, guests not to photograph, which is indeed a shame but then of course. Provide explanations should come no one, what has he to look at a Fetsichparty – and especially how he was there… Da Tara, Eden and Ardor are but anyway frequently represented in this blog, I think, the picture is clear..

Boheme Noir VI

A party of this kind any more lives of the guests and as Alex has great marketing together to get through a great mix. There was recently an interesting but hardly Party, where one has not seen the Boheme Noir image as a poster or flyer. Best Party ist eben learn, if the marketing did not ensure, that the target group finds out. And that was just there. But in addition to the guests and the trappings is important, for example, shows the.

For example, the Fireburlesque show HayDee Sparks and Calida del Sol, which was very beeidruckend and left. Had I ever been to a burlesque show goosebumps? I do not know, but this time I had briefly what. Overstimulation of tones, Colors and performance between heaven and hell, wherein at the end …. winning. But look for yourself. Great Cinema.


Nevertheless, we left the Boheme Noir at half past one at the Mad House visit, that should come up this evening with a great show. But for a second time…. Who gut allerdings Boheme war, already shown by the fact, that we later came back and I got home only about six clock. …Simultaneously with my neighbors, although it looked stupid, but nothing else could be seen 🙂


Latexfashion von Very Hello @ VCF

… or: 20 Euros were too much for.

It was not the first fashion show, I have witnessed and not the one in the most extravagant ambiance and yet she was something special. It was the first, I paid for the entry…

The label should Tres Bonjour under the motto Fashion meets Music in Synthetic Spaces organize a fashion show of the latest collection in the VCF. It was something of exceptional Coture fashion in one of the hottest venues in Berlin… A visit to the site of Tres Bonjour to convince me, that it could well be great. Although I'm not the biggest proponent of latex fashion, but the pieces on the website were exceptional but very classy and in fact.

Sheila & The Horosistas

The evening began somewhat later than thought, because Miss Wolf again took a little longer than expected. But that did not, As we arrived much early enough to witness the fashion show.

Whether the VCF is now actually one of the angesatesten locations in Berlin, I do not like to decide, but I've seen generic style clubs. Small and delicate it is called then probably. The whole had something like gemäuer, might be just the, für Latex-Fashion. But even if the club is really fashionable as, the bar was not good yesterday launched, I ordered a Southern Comfort Ginger Ale, but there was no Southern Comfort, as Sheila Campari O was a Bacardi O and the Mai Tai, I then ordered, I have ever had better in the hand. So be it, we were not there to drink alcohol, but to look at a fashion show.

However, let a little slow in coming, and was also shorter than expected. Also, I must confess, it was also more boring than expected. I had expected great latex creations, but was a little disappointed, when I noticed, but that it is “only” these were swimwear, Although all of which were carried by great models and also were really chic… But something else is really exciting.

As far as I've seen, Most visitors were very satisfied, However, I mourned about 20 issued Euros. The show and the party was something so-so, the visitors score on this fashion show and the models but were very first class. Tara, Eden, Valena, Heidi and Xarah – The Horosistas and many other interesting people.

Valena Fürstenberg – please help me – Tara La Luna

Nice was also the guy, meant to convince us of the need to, the Boheme Noir having to visit next weekend… Let's see, previously but we will definitely have to go to a concert. To the & The Black Cats sind in Berlin…. Eggs, again, no one knows the, but they are great.

As I said, I was a little disappointed, but not so much for me not to look at a new fashion show by Tres Bonjour. However, if I again 20 € zahle, I do not know.