Dykes vs. Drag Queens

Baseball is probably THE quintessential American sport. Except in America, a man has never been found, what should be of interest to the sport, but it is there, it is a religion and an event, to go to a baseball game and look at this.

there was a picture here

Besides baseball, there is also a variant of the game, which is called softball and probably looked something like this is how women's football hooligans… Nevertheless, softball is played and that as women's football in general by women. However, this sport can be exciting, when played by the right team.


hier stand mal ein BildSo geschehen vor etwa einem Monat als sich im Dykes Vs. Drag Queens Bat-N-Rouge softball game rather masculine women and feminine men pretty faced to find out, who is better in softball.

There actually was an angel on high heels with Victoria's Secret bag in the outfield. At least that seems to have been a very trashy and very fun affair, at the end of the Dyke Lesbian 33:29 was obtained. So have now won the men or the women? No matter, because it was for a good cause. For example, could face Runs 100 $ be purchased, die dem GLBT Capitol Hill Alano Club zugute kamen. Funny story, the whole thing.

International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHO)

In almost exactly one month of International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia is (IDAHO) and surprisingly, I get the times before and not after the fact with. Now, however, I do not really, who actually initiated or proclaimed this day, but that's really not important, because it is a very meaningful day, and this year there is a ebefalls very meaningful action.


By video were gay, bisexual, Called lesbians and trans people to any, to show themselves and the world, that they exist and that they can not hide.

“Hi, my name is … I come from …
And I’m so proud to be
gay / lesbian / bisexual / transgender!”

The initiators hope, from each country to get soche videos but honestly, I do not know, if that is so useful, because at least in the countries I would not recommend this to anyone, because there is still wid Hmomosexualität the death penalty (Iran, Nigeria, Sudan, Yemen, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates). In addition, it is in 70 Countries punishable.

100 Sex-Dinge, you should have made times

Picture clears up

The image has to generate a list on your site to as many page impressions. The list is called “100 Sex-Dinge, you should have taken time à ¢ € â € œ or should not do.” Apart from the fact that many of these things, of the image says there's pretty much impossible (For example, sex in the roller coaster) it is quite interesting, which image ansiet there important.. sometimes quite strange…

Sex job application: When the interview comes to a halt, go on the offensive. If it is not the job, You had sex at least.

Well, in most cases, this will probably go wrong and unlikely to lead to a good job.. I do not know, if I can absolutely recommend…

Rock im KitKatKlub à ¢ € â € œ this Berlin sex-dandruff is known throughout Germany. A paradise for secret sex voyeur. At the party for civilized people is: Anything goes, nothing needs and “¾ Nein Sager”"Is not persuaded.

Okay, So then I would have also checked, which is then submitted for the next time, but the last time we were rather short in KitKat

Gay man sext with hetero woman à ¢ € â € œ there are homosexuals, Never had sex with a woman. What a shame. Each gays should even take a wife.

Also by such men I've heard.

Sexen in women's clothes à ¢ € â € œ many men have a fetish for them ashamed. Women's clothes. Things, the man verdrängt, can strain at some point. Who is it, to dress up as a woman times, tue is. As a child You were also the one days time cowboy, Vampire, Dinosaurs à ¢ € â € œ why not a femme fatale?

… Many men have a woman fetish clothes? But also something like. I can hardly imagine. Now I would not call it a fetish, but otherwise I can confirm the, obwohl Cowboy, Vampire, I never wanted to be a dinosaur.

Convert lesbian à ¢ € â € œ many lesbians are bi. Show her, what they missed à ¢ € â € œ harry but never. This is only possible by mutual agreement.

Aha, So the lesbians are no lesbians, das dacht ich mir schon immer 😉 …So I know some lesbians, which would probably not emphasize that.

Moreover, the image but a bit comical image of transvestites seems to me there have, because in number #91 say it like this:

Sex with a transvestite: As a real guy you should turn the head of even let in the life of a transvestite. Who's happened, should not be ashamed. What also? For an evening, curiosity. (Never forget protection measures).

… Hello image? Whats wrong or what? With 99 from 100 Try taking picture no reference to any “Protection measures”. How can you now understand the love image. Poppen transvestite now frantically through the area and all stuck on with AIDS or what? Apart, that in each of these sex tips “Protection measures” should be used, it is there, I do not think important or unimportant – therefore not worth mentioning…

Record: Three clubs in one hour

Divas, Lesbians & SuperZandy and some ambulance

After the Bavarian feast at the Valentin took us into the bush, because Sheila really wanted to know, what is probably under the title Diven Night would hide.

There were times times, because women were called as Asta Nielsen, Marlene Dietrich, Zarah Leander, Hildegard Knef Hildegard Knef or divas. And this designation had to earn hard. Today divas are just running around in the bush? In, that would surprise me. Of course, was not so, if anything you could call us and a few trannies as divas, But the party justified the name not the least bit.

We set a record on. I never think we were shorter in the bush. We came in, looked into the large room, in the small space, schnackt “short” in Paul and spoiled us again. If someone had stopped, would be anything between 5 and 10 Come out minutes. We had not even time, to shoot a picture. I think that is a record low and still whined while Janka, that it has the bushes not presented as the first club in their new age, we were already on the way to Kino International to Girlstown.

Sheila, Zoe and Janka different times

There are lesbian parties and there is the Girls Town of DJ Zoe. While unfortunately long hair on many lesbian parties, or feminine clothes searches in vain, there is here: Lipstik Lesben, as :Nina Queer: she called as beautiful on the CSD. Although Sheila saw things differently, I had to admit it, that there were some girls, that really looked good. – Well, at least a few. I can not remember the L-Tunes in Schwuz remember and hand lengths to win the Girls Town.

Janka also found quite a few attractive girls. What was that again: Which could easily be my case, if only she were male. Well not every person, it is then looks male – so also is the other way around otherwise – and this is, after all, the reason, why do we have fun.

But when one of the ladies – and not, I particularly liked the Janka or would have wanted to know was palpable and quite forcefully with drunken head, what is under the Dirndl, we decided, Girls Town also leave early. Many light so after 25 Minutes.

So we had a loose quarter of an hour, to visit a third club this evening. Of Goya mit der Propaganda Party.

…The Goya…. hmmm with the schnöseligen slightly sterile atmosphere and cool to the party propaganda has never really become one of my highlights. The party stands and falls with the DJ or. the DJ. At best, the party can be great, In the worst case, there is no party that is barren, than Propaganda Party.

However, that must have been someone fun was already clear, when we arrived, because us directly kamein to a few people dressed in white, were allowed to drive directly to the Goja and having to pay out of its huge car directly without admission were allowed to Goya. One could even say, they were already expected joyfully. All of this could have been because, that twitched nervously on the car two blue lights. …Whether you “Reason for visit” also nervous twitching or rather not at all more, I can not say quite, but I guess, that because once again someone could not quite deal with drugs, sad.

Sheila, Janka, SuperZandy and I

Arrived and a first drink in hand showed, that Goya would probably not be sooo exciting today though and a nice lady with black African plaits, “Super” Lettering in skintight outfit and pretty transparent welcomed. Superzandy, was traveling. I believe, there are few people in Berlin, amiable are on the way of crazy as Zandy – I think they are great and I really like them 🙂

Only, which had then shown their performance on the ground of Goya to do with Prince, that needs someone explain to me in time again. In any case, they desperately needed a drink afterwards, because the sip of my drink should not give her. …After all, she has so much confidence in my drink to take a sip… There should be people, because they would discourage a mouthful. – You never know, what is there so everything can be in it.

On the small floor should actually :Nina Queer: replace, THe but probably had something else in mind, so we found above Barbie Breakout behind and Alexandra before the regulators. Barbie had not been helping out for the last time anyone? I think it has so many “Gigs” im Goya, that they will either never booked but normally there or soon may be considered as resident in the small Goya. Last Barbie still has saved us a boring evening…

This time however, Barbie had little chance really capture us, because somehow the evening was already over for us and hardly to dance we move actually. That was then but rather to us – we realized the time – relatively early and headed for home.

The also did some other, who allowed himself wegkutschieren of the above already mentioned white men with blue light from Goya. … When we stepped out onto the street to Goya, there were no less than !!!!three!!!! Ambulance with flashing lights. Together with the other already arrived when we came they were at least four. Who knows?, the number of previously, between or after that came…

…There probably has someone very bad Show sold. Or good…