The Queens of the neighborhood

It is known that I am a Hamburg plant, which (especially) decided at some point because of the nightlife, turning our Hamburg back and to move to Berlin.

At that time there were almost no Drags in Hamburg and I could see the visible Drags in Hamburg at most count one and a half hands (and since then I've been nice included), which then usually also mostly complete at one of Olivia Jones Royal Chicken Club Parties were present.

(2010) – Valery and I on a Pink inc.

Olivia had not her neighborhood Empire yet was only 2008 landlady and thus all the girls around them not, Nicky Dynamite was not also not in Hamburg and many other visible, not created or simply not there yet. Meanwhile has since done a lot in Hamburg.

Now there is a documentation of the Queens neighborhood of, which is very great, although certainly shows a very limited picture. The documentation is “Queer Life in the City 4 – Queens of Hamburg” and I could see they already fully. I need you as from today by four parts look, but they are very engaging.

Part 3 – is still

are actually interviewed four generations of Hamburg phenomena. Firstly, the Grande Dame of the landscape Lilo Wanders, the lot has to tell. second Olivia Jones Part thereof is slightly smaller, for the third Valery Pearl and last a Veuve Noir.

Part 4 – is still

Anyone who has a bit of insight, quickly realizes that this is because in Lilo, Olivia and Veuve to members of Olivia Jones family is and Valery some first steps made even with Olivia's Parties. In addition, there are both Lilo as well as Valery Pearl already when I was still living in Hamburg was when Olivia.

(2009) Lilo Wanders

There must also give new blood from the now walking to the end of decade, that does not come from Olivia's network. It would therefore certainly other Queens in Hamburg, where.

Part 5 – is still

Nevertheless, it is really exciting to watch. The ladies have a lot to tell.

But to be honest I have Olivia also due to some, the first Parties, have visited the, were their. After they came from Berlin to Hamburg again (where they pottered few years) , reanimated them their Royal Chicken Club and it should have been people, the weeping, came as the mail. I felt definitely that time safe enough, because to go and dance. I was anyone still too shy back then to address, but was approached by Olivia herself, the a few words exchanged with me, What has me very well done. Valery Pearl, who was there also, I dared not then to address.

Part 6 – is still

Valery I then but on many of their own parties and Hamburg CSDs know and love learned. I have still a small laminated card, I won times as terribly lousy Madonna copy, of my life-long free admission and a welcome drink on their “Pearls of the Night” Party grants. Unfortunately, there is no more. You can to Pink Inc. can rewrite?

(2010) – Gaypride Hamburg

What has made such in their past Lilo Wanders, know well about each 30, Olivia is a very political and very enlightened by their individual personality, is probably known, Valery advocates for refugee and is – if I remember me honorary medal lady with the Sisters PSI. Only about Veuve I honestly do nothing. Your I have never met, since Olivia bars always have break, when I'm in Hamburg.

Part 7 – is still

No matter. What I wanted to say. Check it out, is really exciting, what the ladies have to tell so everything.

(2009) in Hamburg

And as Goodie for all, who read up to here, another picture from the poison cabinet 2007 for the whole hard-boiled. To prevent eye cancer, I link it only 😉
And, I want to see it…

Part 8 – is still

After Work VIP Area

Millen nach der CSD Parade

Ricardo M und ?

The Gaypride Hamburg be described as a strong piece of work is of course – and fully komen wrong, but somehow the VIP area then felt like a really nice after-work club at. Many nice people, who are on their feet for a long time, now celebrating after work nice with a nice beer and nice conversations a little successful day and the next evening. That all still happened with warmest temperatures and translucent Gatränke sun and the cold and the sun loungers were comfortable, strengthened this feeling.


Moreover, it was so crowded outside this closed area, that you could hardly move. In other words,: The street festival was really well attended, but in this after-work club it was more exciting.

Finally I was able to once more talk with Tatjana Taft, sei es um Politik, to the meaning of Gayprides, the role of the Drags on it and the hostility, which meet the Drags. Actually hardly surprising their opinion protect your privacy à ¤ is much like my. I wrote the following year this:

Let's say, ¤ ESGA not be, the “Drag Queens, albeit restrainedly ironing chopsticks, Tanning and anabolic-serving Muskelmà sà ¤ colorless males and lesbians” and the car did not also. Then what would? Nothing more than a Ostermarsch. Feeding namely some people, the”tedious” = Ineffective media are dressed and green ¶ ßtenteils of media and spectators to march through the streets unnoticed. This then in the newspapers on page 8 a small article, who pointed out, that there was something.

à "she argued similarly and they also pointed out another, that there is indeed at the Stomewall “Women” were, the ckschlugen with their Handatschen honor Judy Garland Back… Not all of the choosing Smart table saw but just as… Different opinions from different people just. Amazingly close and I was also at the estimated value of their outfits. Well, I've just been dealing with some things and none of the persons, as the idea “maybe 200 €” would have provided…

again on the street festival

I was nice to chat with Ronald Zinke, at the the field of Public Relations & Social media supports and dalegte me more or less understandable, why “the mummy” really was no competition for Gayromeo sei Meher our Myspace, while was more StudiVZ… …With the words “we are more StudiVZ” to boast… I had to laugh but ask again, what it be good, to be a bad Facebook Clone and who then unless Facebook… Well you can look at the number two times yes.

it was hot, and the feet hurt

Even with Nina, the project manager of Hamburg Gaypride I entertain me briefly, which was, however, still quite rotate on, it lacked Prosecco, there had to be decided, which shuttle Biggi and Ades Zabel brings to a farewell party and at all: After the parade is before graduation party; after the graduation party is against degradation and and and. Who has time organizing events, weiss, that the quiet moments begin until after the reduction and even then still get press and what not. A little chat was still possible, as well as with the top entertainers Ricardo M., the tanning lotion is something to his head or Gina Tonic, took a few drinks before heading back to Berlin to Schwuz, where they still had to hang up Saturday night.

Daggi Binder

At the most excited I have, however, talked with Buried_In_Black ties, I already had contact with several years ago, when it came to, her book “my beloved alter ego” to promote a little. Which unfortunately has still not issued, although there is great, but their photos are still great. She photographed us shortly and am now back in Cologne. And finally, there was even the possibility, to talk more. She was also just the place, I urgently needed a photographer, scan to me and Mrs. Wanders. Thank you very much.


Overall it was a very nice atmosphere, to me at least until after 21:00 let stay at Club really nice conversation with nice people in this after-work. Here you will find the way CSD Hamburg Photos.

Celebrate the Greens 10 Years Hamburger marriage

Anniversary event 10 Years Hamburger marriage


How should political events always look, then the politics would be less…. 10 Years ago, that the Greens Hambureg the “Hamburger marriage” – the predecessor of the registered partnership – pushed through in the then red-green Senate. Then so outrageous, that was denounced from Bavaria, one could indeed equal to enter into a pact with the devil.


No matter, this pact has been received and then various partnerships, until then this predecessor was replaced by the registered partnership… The whole is now 10 Years ago and a good reason to celebrate and a whole lot of street trees in Hamburg with posters for this event to ever occupy the middle to later replace them with the likeness of direct candidate Farid Mueller. Threaded sent.


No, the reason to celebrate an important event in the Schmidt and the theater should be a good… The whole would have been a “grüne best of Schmidt Theater Show” can call, because there were only artists on stage, which are very connected to the Schmidt Theater, there were large or have spent at least great times there… and they were like Corny Littmann all heterosexual… So at least as straight as he himself….


So stock heterosexual artists like Ray Kay, whom Lilo Wanders, Emmi and Mr. and Mrs. Willnowsky Scwulenchor the Schola Canto Pink and some other. Was hosted by the couple throughout Corny Littmann and Valery Pearl, but had some jitters before the previously. Not because they were afraid of people, but on the stage of the theater at that Schmidt in a political event but it was a little too much… But she has it right on.


The show began with Mrs. and Mr. Emmi Emmi Willnowsky and straight woman was great this evening ausfgelegt. That you could see less of their actual program, that was great of course, but this of course but is always. It all depends on, what happens, when something is just not planned, so in the case of, always dazwischensabbelt if anyone from the audience something… Since the repartee of the two plays from, But Ms Emmi was called a few times on stage and was always a winner.


But was the whole this is a political event and so Krista Sager told a few words about the situation at that time, the first couple and the anecdote, as black / dark black in Hamburg won the election and someone said to her, “they now have it, them with their gay”… with the idea, they would still be surprised, what they would get for a mayor… 🙂 Das war interessant, was moving but, told one of the first couples, they were before 10 Years already 28 Years together and lived openly with an unheard of two names on the doorbell together.


The two men followed some more. Der Schwulenchor Schola Cantorosa,the already on the CSD Opening Gala has cleared, made it here, to inspire the audience. The program was indeed identical to the Saturday before, but that did not, because something like this you can also enjoy listen and watch a second time.


Also a second time within a few days after I saw the Justizsenatpr Till Steffen on stage. I had his opening speech to the Gaypride found still really funny, I found it really good this time on stage. Nevertheless, peppered him with Corny Littmann really nasty questions, he remained surprisingly left. “What would be, when a convict and a law enforcement officer would adopt a child together” and you have to actually know the Equality Ombudsman, wovon Man redet, So the question, he gamcht homosexual experiences in his youth… And then came woman Emmi on stage and want to enter into a relationship with him, then, however, the child must be veradoptiert to a nice gay couple… He did not for me. But he made on the stage best of a bad game and remarkably drawn from the affair. The impression of the Opening Gala, he has completely positive offset again.


Speaking of considerable. After a less important contribution came from “Hossa” , But then a sawyer, the Cory Littmann not without reason as “Best singer on the stage of the theater Schmidt” announced. Unfortunately, I do not know the name, but he had a huge voice, although struck at the first number, but then came to bear right at Prince's Purple Rain. Rousing.


And because so often follows on some great little less great, followed the interview with director candidate Farid Mueller, that a quite something angeschickerter Corny Littman led somewhat confused and in which Farid Mueller replied with politicians Marketing Talk. “Why do you want to Berlin” “Because I think, that time is time for a change.” Ahhh, and. Aha.


But here Emmi woman rescued from the mess, by giving spite ordered and not picked up Irish cents, a little about the unit option, over Berlin and a little about the justice senator fabled. As I said, Ms. Emmi was great on it this evening.


This was followed – to complete the best of Schmidt-Theater Schow still Lilo Wanders, of the CSD also brought their best song for Gab and Kay Ray still some pieces from his repertoire, and this this evening without any bottle of vodka, which is so often given him, applied to the series.


Overall a very successful evening for a nice anniversary. So party events should always look, then the politics would fall. Nice to have a party times can remind, what she has done and you can be fully proud also.


Lilo Wanders – Hamburg

Stars and starlets VII – Lilo Wanders

Eventually, I started again with the category Stars and starlets and wanted something to a couple people – maybe saogar nice – write. Today, however, I have noted with horror, that the last entry with SuperZandy is already almost a year ago. Actually, I had made several months determined Barbie Breakout incorporated into this small series, but something always got in the way. Today again – namely this little article about Lilo Wanders.

Lilo Wanders? Is not this true love tranny?

And, that's it, but it is more. Sure with what you “True Love” the first tranny, which has brought it into serious broadcasting times away any drag shows alone on German TV. She was there to educate Aunt German television, it was probably not prevent. In any case, it has been Germany, travesty that does not hurt, and in “True Love” it was rather quiet retreat from swingers club visits, Testing of rubber dolls or I wasweiss….


Of course I never saw it 😉 but all of Germany suddenly watched a tranny on TV, the not so corresponded, what was imagined as… Lilo Wanders was indeed always has a good spell or a repartee, but neither came tuntig, still funky, Customized sexy or even contrived to. Lilo Wanders was simply Lilo Wanders, a real woman not quite as host of True Love. I'm actually sure, dass those individuals gab, the latter point – So the woman does not, not the presenter – have not noticed.

… Sure you ever raises easily with words or designations to be, But Lilo Wanders for me is definitely the person in Germany, Title I of the “Grande Dame” the travesty would concede. She has certainly seen it all before and needs to prove himself and anyone else anything. This fact struck me the first time at right, when I gave her preface to large Tuntenbuch read and thought: “Agreed, Who if not you should write something like” Lilo Wanders already raved about the stages of Germany and especially Hamburg as known today of all the trannies and drags was not thinking – and maybe not on the freedoms, that allow us today, done, what we want.

I, Lilo Wanders, Sheila

Had not yet Lilo Wanders tingelte Ernie Reinhardt with a gay theater group through the country and was a member of a Tuntenchor he moved from Bremen to Hamburg on the Reeperbahn. He opened with the Corny Littman 8.8.88 The Schmidt Theater, made the easy outrageously high-pitched theater.

In the legendary midnight show he developed the washed up actress Lilo Wanders, which led to scathing comments with obscenities, and by the evening. It Lilo Wanders has always been a very strange figure. Some glamor but not really. A dream, the Lilo Wanders lives and it really just a dream.

I created Lilo Wanders as a washed up actress from the Glitter- and glamor world, the still believes, to be a world star

Well Wanders woman in her moving chair was a highlight of this great show. The show was so successful Schmidt, that it was broadcast on TV channels in all third… In allen? No one an inflexible village called Bavaria thought of this open homosexuellplüschigen and loopy Revue not much and not transferred. Whether total or only partially is not me unfortunately unknown, Bayern but was probably turned off the NDR signal on test image as a Poster Aidshilfe shown. At that time, probably unheard unheard. (So at least, and at least in Bavaria)

“Good evening dear guests,
we'll enjoy in the best,
with Mr. Schmidt and Kommödianten
and not always real aunts.”

After four years Schmidt ran the midnight show on TV – Schmidt Theater in there they still, but with different presenters as Mrs. and Mr. Emmi Willnowsky, Kay Ray, Ades Zabel or just rare occasions also Lilo Wanders… In any case, the person Lilo Wanders was then known as, that they became independent and Ernie Reinhardt Lilo Wanders was now. Whether the short film “Given your assessment differs fatal Lilo Wanders committed suicide” from 1994 now an attempt was, to let the character die I doubt it, because obviously they are still there. Not quite as massive as in the past, but every now and again. Long but not more than washed up actress but just as the person Lilo Wanders, as we know it today.

That they then as I said a while Wa(h)has moderated re Liebe, everyone knows, on programs like the celebrity dinner or it also occurs from time to time in the larger public appearance, your homepage currently lists two programs, she wrote books, lent her voice as a voice, was seen in television and movies, next to it still shows moderate. Overall, still very untriebig the lady.

For more information about private life I will not spread here, for I am not even the image – where I could read it. Obviously Lilo – Married but no Ernie and noisy image Hinnerk and probably also happy. And that's what counts yes. Who wants to know more, can google so times and then find the date of birth in the vastness of the Internet. Lilo is just as much about 30, so what in our circles, where man traditionally the 23 does not exceed and then only if 24 is quite already has an almost biblical age.

30 but also means, that we will probably still get some time on stages across Germany Lilo Wanders. Beautiful!