Evening ending in Bangaluu and the Reichstag

The German people for the sake of – from to Bangaluu

Since it is not far from the Irrenhouse is located, We arrived quite quickly to Bangaluu.

When we arrived we were met by a girl, the pretty excited until I looked at, then looked into the round and was impressed by the three of us, say we are all class of. Nice compliment.

The doorman of Bangaluu seemed to see something different, He then asked us if we had had an invitation. (This reminded me of the Golden Cut Hamburg, who asked for a key or a reservation). It's just a simple message instead of a “You can not go in here”.

I wrote it on already elsewhere, I find it sad, if a club on a day to a particular party specifies a certain tolerance, But this can miss other days. Golden Cut is the Unisex Party and in Bangaluu the weekly La Loca Party. I'd be annoyed and walked the Bangaluu had removed from the list of my favorite clubs – Not Sheila. It operated some name dropping and soon the bouncer let us in. actually. Thank you very much.

Purely – namely free – then left us and the two girls at the checkout. They wanted us for three quarters of an hour, no 10 Abknöpfen € more. merci also for.

Thus, it remains very clear in my list of the cool clubs forefront.

But actually the Bangaluu soon made tight and we had to find something, what we would do for now.

PHOTOS! And at the Reichstag.

The morning was a bit of culture announced. In fact, the cultural mission we did not care. important were a pair of photos in a prominent place. So early in the morning, the Reichstag was of course not, and also the flow of visitors was not there. So nobody bothered us – but wait a Pächen saw us and quickly took to their heels. We saw early in the morning so maybe not really good? I think Hmmmmnööö, that were just plain shyness.





Now I was getting cold and I had to go to bed – Incidentally, much earlier than my colleague Rik, the much earlier but had to get out – was er morgens auch laut zeternd kundtat 😉

Witty, rik that evening from a friend, who visited him was asked, whether he would use makeup… Ooops da hab ich wohl etwas vergessen 😉

(Checklist ) Trannys on Travel

I was just back on a little journey through the Republic. Actually, I was in Dusseldorf for Annual Accounts party at Cafe Scandal (These next day more)

Since I had time to expect an odyssey, I've tried, this time actually take only the most necessary and leave the rest at home. For that I've created a checklist, that should protect me from unpleasant surprises. Overall, they got me that too. Of course it was not complete and I still forgot something, but I think now it's all good.
Annabelle said, it would bring the time this list on the internet. Therefore, I offer you here the ultimate.

What does a tranny on Travel Checklist

What do I need in any case when a foreign party pending. When I write, ein Paar Pumps, I know well, that this is the absolute minimum amount. Even a dress can also 5 Dresses 8 Tops and 4 His skirts, it is quite clear to me. Extensions are desirable way.
[ ] 01 Pumps

[ ] 02 a dress (optionally top and skirt or trousers

[ ] 03 BH (possibly with transparent holders or halterneck, but in any case in matching color

[ ] 04 String, Release suppose Miederslip

[ ] 05 Pantyhose or stockings

[ ] 06 Save Colorless nail polish on nylons

[ ] 07 Spare tights or stockings

[ ] 08 Shaver

[ ] 09 Replacement Blades

[ ] 10 Shaving

[ ] 11 Deo

[ ] 12 anklebbare nail (over 10, because it always lacks

[ ] 13 Nail Glue

[ ] 14 Nail polish

[ ] 15 Double-sided photo tape for nail polish Eieren

[ ] 16 Huftstäbchen agree or nail file for nails

[ ] 17 False breasts (Silikontitten, tear-filled stockings or other stuff)

[ ] 18 Chain

[ ] 19 Earrings (1 Pair)

[ ] 20 Salbe oder Creme

[ ] 21 Eye shadow (Ground + 1-2 Colors

[ ] 22 Eyeliner

[ ] 23 Lipstick

[ ] 24 Lip-Gloss

[ ] 25 Lipliner

[ ] 26 Q-Tips

[ ] 27 Eyebrow pencil

[ ] 28 Mascara

[ ] 29 Device for pushing eyelashes

[ ] 30 Tampons

[ ] 31 Camouflage oder Makeup

[ ] 32 Can

[ ] 33 Brush

[ ] 34 Wig

[ ] 35 Brush or comb

[ ] 36 Barrette or hair band

[ ] 37 Perfume

[ ] 38 Mobile [ ] charged

[ ] 39 Charger

[ ] 40 Jacket or coat

[ ] 41 Digital Camera

[ ] 42 Charged batteries

[ ] 43 Charging Station

[ ] 44 Memory card

[ ] 45 Identity card

[ ] 46 Driving license

[ ] 47 Address of event

[ ] 48 Address des Hotels, Property

[ ] 49 Phone number of people, you want to meet

[ ] 50 Money

…Incidentally, I forgot the 11. Nail and the phone numbers back from Sarah and my ride.

Tranny Checkliste

Nothing contributes so much to the perfection of a human, as writing his memoirs.

The following are not my memoirs, but so far away from my life, it is not. In the blog Joanna from England, I've discovered a Trannycheckliste, I can translate the kindly and take into My Blog. Most of these items I've already processed.

Tranny Checkliste:

[ ] Wear your mother / sister / wife underwear
[ ] Wear your mother / sister / wife clothing
[ ] Buy a pair of tights
[ ] Snapping a photo of your legs
[ ] Try you in the first make-up experiments
[ ] Buy their own underwear and clothing
[ ] Dispose of all trash in
[ ] Buy a wig
[ ] Go to night 2 gedresst to smash out a letter
[ ] Fotografiere who game, but cut off the head every time.
[ ] Visit Tranny websites
[ ] Think about a woman's name
[ ] Look out for an anonymous email address with your Trannynamen
[ ] Enamel others Trannies
[ ] Sign up or in a Trannyforum a tranny Mailigliste
[ ] Add a short “Hello”
[ ] Post a second contribution on “great songs with TG content”
[ ] Start was a flame between TV's and TS's
[ ] Leave the Trannyforum in dispute
[ ] Jump to a gedresst Fetish / SM / gothic party
[ ] Out a change Atelier
[ ] Jump to a TG club
[ ] Register yourself to a website
[ ] Your photos on your web site
[ ] Throw everything back down – decide to stop and then start again at full speed.
[ ] Exchange your wife name
[ ] Melde Rich or im Trannyforum an
[ ] Post viele Photos im Trannyforum
[ ] Learn, how to change image sizes and try it all over again
[ ] Reading im Forum, but nothing post
[ ] Go to a restaurant gedresst
[ ] Gehe gedresst shop
[ ] Gedresst go to a disco StinNo (Stink normal)
[ ] Jump to a Pride event
[ ] Plane your coming-out and devote a family and friends
[ ] Snapping pictures of your non-scene activities
[ ] Take your Trannyklamotten on holiday
[ ] Start a blog
[ ] Wear a wedding dress in Trampoline
[ ] Dresse up without guilt
[ ] Have fun.

What is still missing, what belongs in this list?

I myself have skipped some steps and example, never thrown away my clothes.