good to know: Back 2 MAC

Sometimes I meet on my rambles through the Internet things, I did not know, But everyone should know. I knew e.g.. until yesterday, not yet, that there is a recycling program MAC Cosmetics are, that itself can be a benefit:

B2M is the abbreviation for the recycling program, the cosmetics company MAC, Back to the 2 MAC calls. Under this action is obtained in a MAC store for each 6 empty packaging in a lipstick of their choice (Viva Glam excluded). The packaging for this must be primary, what are the direct outer packaging of the products, according to MAC, as the Lipstick Case, Lipglosshülsen, Eye shadow jars etc. Excludes secondary packaging, as the cardboard boxes, where products are sold, Accessories, Sample tins etc.

In some MAC stores s should also be possible, six empty containers to redeem eyeshadow or lip gloss. Just ask.

Dame Edna Mac Collection

Dame Edna collection of M.A.C.

There are some faces, which are for ever for a brand. Heidi Klum will probably always remain as a Victoria's Secret Angel in memory and when you think of gummy bears, you will always think of Thomas Gottschalk Visage.

Perhaps it will now be so soon, that whenever, wenn man's M.A.C. automatically thinks of big glasses with wings and thus to Dame Edna thinks, because it is a new testimonial from M.A.C.

Now that's a statement for a target group, probably more money in M.A.C. spends just as each 25 Average women, the random times in the M.A.C. Store fallen.

Not, I would buy now Dame Edna Collection Mac, but I find good, that they exist. And I have been so one or the other euro in various Mac Stores in Berlin, Hamburg and Nuremberg issued, So this collection can ungekauft pass me.

M.A.C., I find this collection class.