Wii Gitte and live singing in a mental house


There was a third Saturday of the month and thus a misleading House Saturday. But this time were on the event invitation on Facebook funny names. Alfie Levi and Daphne thingy… I knew both not previously. Something with thingy… this was not the model from the jungle camp… Sarah Dingens?


No matter, when we arrived was already evident from a distance not watched an incredible and long queue in front of the asylum House. As the came, But I could not quite tell me. Neither the club was so full at the time, that would have been an inlet-mounted stop, yet there was a queue at the cloakroom, more… more. Well, there was no reason, out of, that a long line in front of a club looks good 🙂

There were then but all purely, so that the House was misled once again well filled – and thus – wie im Sommer nearly Traditional – once again was extremely hot. …So of course I mean the temperature and not the mood, although that was also pretty good, like Nina could tell after the first trans number.

Started Mataina Ah How Sweet Supervixen with breasts and the old “I Love Rock N’ Roll” Number of Joan Jett… I'm not quite sure, but I think, to have seen the number before… This may already be a few years ago, but it seemed pretty familiar to me 😉


Now I look indeed been some years the numbers in the House to mislead, the very first time since I came to Berlin and became aware for the first time with the misleading House, that outside Hamburg there still a big wide world drag, of which I had not previously dared to dream and then let me drive at least monthly as a result the Hamburg Berlin motorway, until I actually just settled me in Berlin, and left his province province.


Meanwhile, as a lot has changed in terms of drag scene but done so in Hamburg, and still useable, a first-time visit to the Irrenhouse still be a revival signal, so for example with Marie from Hamburg, was the first time in a mental house and obviously felt something like, I then. 🙂


Also came from Hamburg aforementioned Daphne thingy. I also completely unknown to date, I think I desperately need time tutoring in Hamburg drag-customer. Well yes is soon CSD in Hamburg because I can time questioning the usual suspects, what you need to know in Hamburg. In any case thingie live Daphne sang a Tina Turner number. Live Sing End Drags? If Kaey trained as Berlin-export live there Drags? You do not know.


But there are also live in Berlin Singing Drags. Maggie Knorr for example a musical piece, von Nina als “the baddest princess, she has ever seen” titled… Not nice, but absolutely Nina 🙂 You have to say that too, that they then individual “Buh-caller” short and strong clasped together in a great manner and made silence. Actually, times to bring up a musical number on the not optimally controlled astray House stage, all honor is already worth….


And because it worked so beautifully sung with live, was equal to or slightly after-: Alfie Levi… Never heard of? I do not even. A bit of Googling brings to light the following: In November, appeared to coincide with his first album "The Attic" and the single "YES" – Along with New York's main drag queen Sherry Vine and Gloria Viagra from Berlin was a dancefloor number with hard electro-acoustic beats. Sherry, Gloria und Alfie… Ist and Spannend…


Now, neither Sherry nor Gloria were there that night, but all previously occurring drags with him on stage, and a co-singer, but that it had gotten a much louder micro, Levi selber to Alfie. Need to coordinate live music to learn a little more in the birthday club. Everything else is yes else like clockwork.

DSC00760SuperZandy's also photographic artist and loved the picture, I just trust it 🙂

How could it be otherwise, to time, that there is this party. Nina grabbed because of a little and given notice The Anniversary Party 10 Years Irrenhouse, who will soon take place. Wow, 10 Years Irrenhouse, 120 Parties, + a few summer, Gaypride, New Year's Eve and special asylums, as 500 Shows and everything trannies before and on stage, running around in Berlin as. A real institution in Berlin and drag-Germany.

At the party itself, they can always come up with something new. In this case, that meant, that Wii Gitte this time two people not married, but let go at each other with swords. Well, at least before a Nintendo Wii.


Some Games, I lost of course against Janka later I had to admit, I'm not really created for such games, I believe, I have not once lost in a Wii game – The times I was in a car race third of four. What is also no real power. As Janka need not at all to boast ;-)… Hmm I might come to challenge for carting…


Speaking Janka… she was a little out of tune, that the temperatures coincide let their hair in a mental house, as a yeast cake… And that which fell from their particular, yes except it was not a hairdresser on site… So at least for a long time, Then came two of their trainees namely legally be announced in the misled House. Both worst with high heels or boots and a pony with a long white blond wig, known to be felted fast times. Good, dass Janka da war – and my brush…


By the way, there were SuperZandy and I agree. Boss Janka has since become a little stricter, and let a drag introduction incorporated into the teaching. I thought something like this would be in hairdressing gear and encoder – or is that just a cliche, which rises at least a drag in every hairdresser and makeup artist vocational school?


Stella Destroy gifted himself

Human being, this is unbelievable, full two months I was not Irrenhous, Nina Queers Party im Geburtstagsklub. It should probably have more important things queued, However, there are the? Must NUn probably because the Mad House is actually a must every third Saturday. Nowhere else is so much travesty gives monthly to the ears and eyes.


…And nowhere else is so full :)… If hot, this time it was almost unbearably crowded. Even the long queue in front of the door or let some fear. hope for. …Well rather hope, because nothing is worse than an empty club, as there are, for example, in midsummer, and.


But on this Irrenhouse there should be something to celebrate – and I do not mean the good entry numbers, but the birthday vol Stella Destroy, which should give presents itself, but later mehr.Ansonsten it was a mad house as always. The same people as always sympathetic, Transform a good show and funny games.


It should be an oversized Nina gym-style Torwand throw eggs into his mouth and then to win a hero Vodka… AHJA, it was so easy garnichtmal, to meet with these ovals gizmos, but somehow I managed and – had – then swallow the reward. Baaah Pure Vodka is not my kinda thing.


Now I like but then my Becks Lemon at the bar in the smoking room – where you noticed the way, I determined 2 Months was no longer there, However, you still could remember, what would I wünscehn as. I'm Plexiglas after all 🙂 There was no time for a longer conversation because of the abundance that evening. Also started watching the Muppet Show theme song – and the means which?

Large Trans show. Exactly! Was started with two well-known women on the stage of Irrenhouse. Melli Magic and Mataina Ah, how sweet, which first names with two number of recent events, a Japanese number. …Or something like SiSi NoNo somehow sounds more English than Japanese, but that is how you should not take it all. In any case Mataina now has its original planned number still in the quiver.. For the next time.


When is the Grand Prix De La homosexuality, as it named Nina? Because it followed the Japanese contribution to the stage now of the Norwegian contribution from the Grand Prix AKA Euro Vision Song Contest. A blast? Well, definitely a party hit, finds its exactly the same misleading House. Was well received and is of me shall we say 7 Points or something like that.


Which also has the German Auftrtt with Oskar sings and someone swings and Dita Von Teese danced get – So in total about 7 Points from all countries together. That was before the Federal Lena. This evening was reminded specifically with a live performance by Dita Von Teese but not by Maggie Knorr. Live Ja – and that does not live on stage but live on stage with live singing. Was good!. Now Maggie has also something resonant space. …I already wrote several times, that some people prefer to drag should not sing live. Maggie, I suppose because of clearly.


But the highlight was not the, but the closer we get to the appearance of Gloria Viagra, which also sought out the theme of Japan, do you mean – das Thema und Nuclear Japan – or. Nuclear power as such. To say yes no, mislead the House is apolitical. Nene. A stage on the already Ede Stoiber is taken from behind the stage can expect something because yes. In this case, Gloria should point to the nuclear debate, by burned down a nuclear power plant in the middle of Berlin. Are we all contaminated? Vermutich, but we were not always anyway?


But Gloria was still the highlight of the evening, because that was clearly birthday girl Stella Destroy, The endowed with their own number. She chose Lady Gaga “I was born this way” from. A song I would have honestly expected this evening, although not as – because the agency “Don’t be a drag – just be a queen” Stella took off her wig and showed, what a drag number can represent on the stage of the House astray so as not drag.


The number was obviously rehearsed. And definitely not just once 🙂 Top and very big cinema. I'm not sure, if I've ever heard in the House astray from the audience calls for an encore, Stella calls to this number and they thus got himself. well if that is not a proper gift, I do not even.

It was definitely a nice back, although very full evening in Irrenhouse.