Church of Drags

18.10.2009 – Miami Beach
Church of Drags

Church Of Drags

There I was so late on Sunday morning at the Palace Bar to a rich American breakfast with a mojito to take me and a little write up my experiences in Miami. The Bat Palace has a great wireless internet and also because otherwise you can sit, relax and let yourself go. Since I order on Monday 3:40 would have to get up to get the plane to Jamaica, the day is not always suitable for really big things. The Key West trip had to be called off thus.


So since I just wrote an entry about the Palace, the Palace and TP Lords, she came dressed blue and safe with a short night. Perhaps none at all, for she thought, they had refreshed only the makeup and had then come to the Palace. Well, a lot of it has just booked drag heavy…


Sundays on the day that it shows there are, I did not expect, But every half hour came henceforth TP Lords of the bar and the public bespasste. The day has once again another quality, because you see something. Stop at every show but about the same number of people with their mouths open zuschauend, was da so abgeht… And photographing… As TP Lords said there still. “Send it to me. Mail is…. whether it really is the most? I venture to doubt it.


In general, the presentations between the shows are worth listening to. Audience do not be surprised, that there is every Sunday at the Palace. Say Hallelujah – Hallelujah – Say Amen to the Gaymen – Amen… If the Big Black Man In A Blue Dress calls to, then the whole really has a right even to order something from a trade show and makes a Mojito, to survive due to the next half hour, because then the next show.


Eventually, however, then they're closing, after all I had to do a little errands for Cuba. The equivalent of aspirin and acute Immudium, A sub for the next morning and a pizza for the evening.

So there I sat on my couch in Miami at Ocean Reef Suites Hotel and Consume a fat American pizza, I saw on TV while American football. Phew, I'm American.


Now, that should change, because 3:40 it should come off to get to Fort Lauderdale to Kingston to fly from there to Havana. Bye Miami, it was great.

Drag Queen Makeup Contest

On Youtube there are a whole lot of make-up videos and tutorials. A lot of these videos can be found here at Ebru's Beauty Lounge. Overall 8331 Interested subscribers, Ebru what is the best way. Now she called a contest for a drag queen makeup insa life, in which you can win all sorts of make-up.


It will be interesting, what are there for submissions and what the girls, which there participate in a drag queen so imagine. The first three entries are so so amazing to bad. At the moment, because you can still snatch some, I think. Wer also Lust hat, can join because.

But please do a better make-up than this, that the lady has submitted to the contest and in my opinion is more of a Goth Makeup…


Women's problem: Make up Tutorial

Modeshopping und Makeup Tutorial

Somehow, it was already clear in the outset, that this evening would not be the most exciting of our lives. In addition to the Girls in A Hot Rod and was the cinema Kinternational nothing important before this evening. Both great without question Parties, but it is also both parties, we have now visited the one time or another.


Nevertheless, we left it does not take us, strike out – So Sheila and I, Janka because somehow had no desire. However, before the duty free program is announced. Select, what you should wear for.. And there it was again, the big problem of all women: Wardrobe blindness! You look into a full closet and you find NOTHING. Everything either not appropriate or not nice. …or just recently worn or or or. Unfortunately I had to opt for something but, Shopping in the afternoon because my attempt has unfortunately encouraged revealed nothing useful.

After my first look in the wardrobe was clear: “I really need clothes shopping.” Everything, However, what I found for the Hot Rod Girl in a Party, was a petty Blouse, would have gone with a blue jeans quite. …Unfortunately, I have only nircht women's issues but also other problems: To little tops.


ehrlich, I think it's almost demeaning, if I buy a blouse and even the largest size XL to me is still too small, and these biases already without deposits. D A S – I S T – C H I N T – F A I R ! Okay, So I only buy Carmentops, because that's a little better. Properly fulfilling this experience is also not.

So be it but, I was then still a dress in my closet and decided, to carry this. Nand but the right makeup was still needed. …I am willing to learn yes and tried again at a Makeup Tutorial. In fact, in a pin-up makeup tutorial, that I found on Youtube on the Internet.


….Can someone please tell me once, why indeed actually makes everything just like in the makeup tutorial and then it looks at the end of different? …Before now all scream, I need an answer as “not allowed” purport:

1. You may have not made up everything as.

This answer I will not apply.. and … I actually want to read no other answer. I'm just assume, dass die im Makeup Tutorial geschummelt haben 😉 Ich glaube, that is the only answer, I like the. Ultimately, I was quite happy, but really like this, as in the video it did not look.


In any case, I was just under three hours with my styling busy and just as Sheila rang almost done. So ready made quickly and thereby actually forget everything. The neckline is not created properly, the contact lenses are not used and – almost the worst. Plugged the camera without a memory card. Toll. I hate those nights. Unfortunately, I was naturally all until the other evening on, so dass “I can not tell you – I can not see that is” was quite a household word.

No matter… I'll be back tomorrow evening:

Dame Edna Mac Collection

Dame Edna collection of M.A.C.

There are some faces, which are for ever for a brand. Heidi Klum will probably always remain as a Victoria's Secret Angel in memory and when you think of gummy bears, you will always think of Thomas Gottschalk Visage.

Perhaps it will now be so soon, that whenever, wenn man's M.A.C. automatically thinks of big glasses with wings and thus to Dame Edna thinks, because it is a new testimonial from M.A.C.

Now that's a statement for a target group, probably more money in M.A.C. spends just as each 25 Average women, the random times in the M.A.C. Store fallen.

Not, I would buy now Dame Edna Collection Mac, but I find good, that they exist. And I have been so one or the other euro in various Mac Stores in Berlin, Hamburg and Nuremberg issued, So this collection can ungekauft pass me.

M.A.C., I find this collection class.