QueerRiotClub vs.. QueerBurlesqueFest @ Clash

QueerRiotClub vs.. QueerBurlesqueFest @ Clash


I'm a certain portion Trash inclined towards positive and good music anyway. Thus, a store, which “The Clash” and calls on the walls of posters and flyers of bands louder and faster music hang won anyway.


If there then held another event, die sich QueerRiotClub vs. QueerBurlesqueFest nennt, so this is an urgent reason, to see the Clash times closer.


Before that, Janka picked up and taken their hairdressers services when. Voilà ich trage nun Pony… the me (and many other amazing) with my synthetic hair wig recently like it so much, I had to leave urgently style also one of my real hair wigs as. Vielen Dank an Janka.


So of course we got going again much later, as we wanted to, but that did not, because we actually got to the Clash perfectly correct…. Surprisingly, I noticed, I was there once before. To a punk concert minimum 3 Years ago. Was good back then – But this year also.


A part of the show made up the typical Teaserettes numbers, that this time, however, were enriched with some other numbers. I've never been the ladies on stage “Gaybar” see perform, but it fit so well with the audience.


And that was plenty. the – not just small – Store was really well filled with guests of all Coleur the Queer scene + Friends. Shemales, Women with beards, Queens, Gays, Lesbians, ordinary people, Goths and punk-influenced people… oh yeah, and certainly many more.


So confused as the audience but was also a life on the stage. As I said the Teaserettes, a Pirate Jenny, the recited a poem, Marcella with a drag performance, an electro-punk singer from Finland, a girl, the undressed with knives, a type, of a flashlight in a strange place was uswusf. Anything with a good deal of trash.. The audience – and it pleased me, but.


As well as the number of Hedoluxe and Sheila from the Wizard of Oz, with the heartless Tin Man and Dorothy. Alone the costume of Hedoluxe is so great, that would justify a separate defined contribution. But look for yourself. Divine, or?


Divine was also found us – So, strictly speaking, Janka and me… A painter told us in to see a worthwhile image, just because we rumsassen and passed the time waiting with. You definitely needed a picture of us, but managed somehow not really any other way, and was also fairly by the wind.


But she had a “Manager” there, which took in hand… came of it then but somehow nothing, no picture, painted by us, But somehow that was not to be expected.


Did not matter, for the evening and the numbers were still very nice and it was worth it, to visit the Clash.

Fashion Show im Spy Club


I was quite surprised the other day, I saw a flyer for the Spy Club in cookies on the front and some Mädes (unter Anderem Tara La Luna) posed in typical pony girl outfits.


Er a pony girl fashion show at Spy Club? That surprises me a little, the cookies to understand but very classy club, while pony girl by the niche is still a little Underground, the second the Spy Club is in fact generally open, Bob Young as a party but definitely still very Gaylastig – Pony girl on the other hand makes fashion for women… So what does a mostly gay clientele of the brand?


This question should not open up to me until the end, but that is not matter. Sheila, Janka and I are probably more or less the only real connections of the Spy Club and the scene, is the pony girls clothes, that'd probably also the reason, why the two of them appeared on the show with.


I, however, could entertain me a bit with the guests and drink a cocktail or other. (which by the way, this morning, er, afternoon should be felt when waking up). So be it, suddenly stood behind me Marcella, with two girlfriends at the bar 25 was dismissed and then something else were. Three nice looking girls to, two high heels, once short skirt.. What is one to make yet? …Do not know, maybe you need the last weekend, where the bar has any special references, they had not. Maybe you have to know someone, knows of someone, who knows at least someone.


Well they ended up just then happened to be in cookies and Marcella was surprised, when she saw Sheila on stage. Since I should not be too far and yes, I was in front of the stage. They knew, what a party means that Bob Young, their girls were aware that only after some time. As I said. Gaylastig all. For girls not so exciting.


For the guys but rather the fashion show did not seem to be as exciting, because the euphoria – unless the parties in any way be held within limits but badly. Sad really, the girls gave it their best. I believe, the show would have been successful elsewhere. Na denn, while it was still nice and Janka and Sheila were already on the way to Boheme Sauvage, I klönte a little with Marcella over 20s parties, their plans, to move to Frankfurt, the desire of the local art scene for good parties and relationships over long distances…


But I wanted to meet Boheme Sauvage and continued.

Boheme Sauvage im Oxymoron

The VCF is na only a few stone throws away from the oxymoron that evening and there was once again the Boheme Sauvage, Ihreszeichens indeed one of the best parties in Berlin and always worth a visit.

Now the way the Hackescher Markt is always a little winw piñata. Man weiss, not, what a tranny as the road goes back to dash. in this case there was only a small – positive and well intentioned – Saying, since we would compete…

But we did not, pulled us away because our right to Oxymoron and sort directly to the checkout…. Unfortunately, this time we took care not to guest list and therefore had to spend a little persuasion, to be inserted. This meant, however, involuntary delay then, that we were able to show the snake woman only hear and not see. Damage – but we would have also easily get yourself a few minutes earlier.

Always nice again, Else, Coco, To meet Chloe or Marcella, which had returned from their exile in Central Germany as a certified bookworm and is now also entered the Berlin nightlife with solid job back. Since the had also developed positively with me with the job, was a good reason to come together once… I have this evening by the way quite often, Mai Tai, some Beck's Lemon, Cola Rum, Mojito… I confess, ich war besoffen und hatte am nächsten Morgen einen dicken Kopf 😉

However, I was clearly still not clear enough, to determine, that Lady Lou a person is absolutely likable and that it maybe an idea is worth, next Friday “The Glitteresque” in the Primitive Bar to visit, by Miss Julietta is organized.. Then there also occurs Lady Lou.

Let's see. Not as Zoe, I believe…

Zoe wanted desperately

strictly speaking not wanted, but attempts – more detail and tries to call.


In my company there is a rule, stating, that Daer ringtone from your mobile phone must be switched off…. Since I like to forget that once had that chon often the result, I was not reachable lämgere time, because I just did not catch, that the phone had been ringing sometime. This weekend was such a “longer time”. Although my phone was at, but it is flatly. Sometime around 23 Clock, I called Sheila, as it would go on for the evening's. So when more, because”as” was so far clear. Was the first Boheme Sauvage announced, Berlin 20he years Party.


The phone call I made with “I still need about half an hour”. To conclude from the past, I had about half an hour later to expect a call from Sheila, thought was quite right. The call was also, I just got it with nothing, also from the next, the next and then not… Stupid. Meanwhile, I wondered mch, why the girls would need so long…


I thought Sometime against two clock me “The need but now its finally ready.” They were natural and they have already celebrated on the Boheme Sauvage oxymoron and wondered, which have been with me since, whether I had slept or was just plain dead…. I was not, I was ready – namely long.


Get in your car and off to the oxymoron, still just said the street hooker, that they had better should not pull on the wig to me today – otherwise of course not – but that was not object of discussion and into the Boheme Sauvage…


…what was that? The Boheme Sauvage war fast learning…. So late I was not even… woran is lag, I do not know, but it really was not as empty as long. But also not stuffy or humid. But it was still very nice, for there were still nice people there, such as Marcella, the – as she called it yet – Had launched war paint, although the enemy did not appear… good or bad for him, you do not know.

Oh a photo!

In any case, we did not stay so long – better I was not so long, because the others were already half hours since, when I showed up. The CSD Kino International party was waiting for us.