Mary Christmas @ Admiralspalast

Mary Christmas Premiere im Admiralspalast

Mary ChristmasDanke an Sheila

It's always a bit difficult, if you experienced people, who had an idol status or times. There are probably exactly three possibilities, which may arise there

Mary Morgan

(1) The person is the same, As always presented and the idol is now a super idol
(2) The person is not the same and one is disappointed. The idol then drops a little down from the big sky

Yesterday it was more of something from the second part, because yesterday we were at the Berlinpremiete the Weihnachstsshow Mary Christmas at Admiral Palace.

Zoe Delay

Mary Morgan was such an idol since actually getting. I believe, Mary probably my very first encounter with Travesty. At least I can even remember, als ich Mary das erste Mal im Fernsehen sah. Ich war noch unglaublich klein, it was a family movie night, my grandpa was present and has been dead a really long time… Mary is really a long time in show business…


Unfortunately, we noticed that yesterday at Admiral Palace on clearly, not necessarily to Mary herself, which looked great selberstverständlich. Rather to their audience, that is obviously aged with their, however, has clearly not kept as well, wie die Meisterin selber. Die weiss ja aber auch schon seit 1975, such as Man(n) a face modeled, while remaining fresh and young and beautiful.

Speaking of beautiful, I believe, I have now seen Mary in the face the whole evening, left as my view of her magnificent outfits. *glitter-glitter-flashing * WHAT DRESSES. I loved them all and I probably would have killed for each of them. Bodice Dress, the glamor of it distracting great, how stiff they must have been actually to produce this figure. A great white-pink evening dress, a sexy short Silberglitzerndes, an extremely glimmerndes gold dress and another one in red. All the Christmas colors. After all, it was Mary Christmas.


Kinda strange to celebrate Christmas in the first third of November, but that was okay. Wobei vieles von Marys Programm mit Weihnachten nicht viel zu tun hat. Es gibt Politik in ihrem Programm, worst obscenities, snappy threads, they blaspheme about celebrities, their audience and also much about himself.

As different then the success in my eyes. When she tells the story of a Palestinian and an Israeli mother, who have lost their children in a suicide attack, was certainly well, but not suitable, the story of a “Penner” with which they would have celebrated various Christmas, felt, even if they should vote, conceived and presumptuous to. In my opinion, Mary had it in my eyes – and in my ideal – done better, to leave these two numbers.


Differentiating I see the jokes at the expense of their audience, to be great, other hand, from time to arg below the belt, as if you are watching Desiree Nick stands on the stage.

Mary ran to peak performance always on, when she took herself for a ride in the best way, when they made real travesty or just bathed himself in it. Dann war Mary die Mary, I knew from the earlier television and for the I – even after I was somewhat disappointed by the show – still very much admire. Mary remains for me Germany's biggest travesty Star.

So I was of course also to Mary Abschminkverwandlung in Georg Preusse present, which I found very moving. Unlike Janka and Sheila, these Illusionsberaubung do not want to, was this for me. Is also “so leb your life” wonderful. Goose pimples. For me, the ergreifenste the whole show.

Wer sich diese Illusionsberaubung nicht antun möchte, must not view this video found on the net. I personally think it's quite big.