Bad Hair Day und Rote Rosen

“No photos please” with such a statement of it would not have been long, yesterday there was but they.

My real hair wig seems to have suffered as extremely, a) small Engellöckchen scored and b) I again removed this Engellöckchen. Worn out completely seems the AC, accordingly much less hair in the same space, the peak seems totally wrong and suddenly somehow the dark blond red rather. Cruel and yesterday the reason for persistent bad mood on my part, the feeling of wanting to break out into tears and want the ban to allow photos of me. A real bad hair day with the fear, that this wig will not allow any more Good Hair Days. Unless Janka has some idea in her hairdresser box good idea… otherwise I'll have to check my finances and time to buy a new human hair wig… And mal sehen, if it can save someone, then probably Janka 🙂


But yesterday. Actually, I had nothing to cry, a third Saturday, like every third Saturday, meant good evening entertainment in the still and always legendary Irrenhouse of Nina Queer. But getting there this time took a lot of effort. It was full. very full, and that also means before the House astray it was full and there were reputation, Rumcruisen view and especially stiletto range no chance of a parking lot and we had a really long, until then, we still found a, of which we would reach the Mad House well.. sometime at least.


Because selbt a normal Stöckelweg that night was not a normal. on the way to mislead House were between 0 and 15 cm snow, including pure ice and it's a miracle – and our practice – Thanks to, that we are healing, although cursing loudly reached the front door of the House astray (So I've had enough of snow and ice)

high heels eis schnee

Everything was as it always. Only a little fuller. In fact, it was sauvoll. What the mood still was not detrimental – at most of the waiting time at the bar, but since we all have our favorite bar Angels, where you just have to look deep into her eyes once to get the desired over months and years tested Drink :)… And that's not a grapefruit Schöfferhofer.


Also tested over the years is of course the Trans allmonatliche show, this time without the guest stars of the old Irrenhouse triangle inside Nina Queer herself, Stella Destroy, Melli Magic and Mataina Ah was presented as sweet and it allowed this evening even other people's sacred boards, the mean Irrenhouse, enter. Simple, ordinary guests… where will we end.


I have the Nina Nanny Tranny introduction still kicked me out of the bar through the crowd and I was beaten to the second part but then finally present. This then led Diane Keaton, Bette Midler, and Goldie Hawn on the stage. …well at least almost. Nina, Stella, Melli Warens. After all, these three ladies brought from Grill House misled the beautiful title “You don’t Own me”. A good start.


The whole Mataina followed with the Italian original of Samba Dance with me. Of course I understood nothing and the good thing is probably, that it was Lipsync, I did not really think too Mataina, was sie da sang. No matter, it was all fake anyway from her killer tits and confetti, that they threw into the audience distracted.. Confetti. Again… I had just found it this weekend even confetti from last month. That stuff gets stuck together like leeches and psoriasis.


No matter, because it went merrily with the Highlite of the evening. Melli Magic in bestform and surprisingly not as Whitney or any other Soul tube, sondern Hildagard Knef. Yes exactly the, for it should rain red roses. And should it this evening now for Mell. A large fan and flower girl Stella ensured. A very ingenious number. Best and great cinema.


Because dan was THE gay and drag song by Gloria Gaynor not dra, even if Nina and Stella did their best, by Polonaise led astray through the House, and even at the end lissen guests on stage. The Battle House's misleading search for super-Trans show was won with a clear points victory by Melli. At least, if I could ask the jury.


But as I said,I had this evening enough with myself and my hair on the wig hat er,, so I have no ertungskärtchen held high, Instead, I'd rather put UTV solarium, because there is one of the world caught up to us may think beautiful relaxed about the whole world… while I relaxed underneath, Sheila saw only a photo object in it 🙂 I would have it on a normal day too 🙂


Otherwise, it went back to the same icy paths later, noch zu Mc Donalds, where we were informed about benefits to McD BK.. it has something to do with cheese and microwave…. or something like that. No matter 24 Nuggets and some fries we were on our way home, I handed Janka my wig and went scalped but heads held up.


Up in a month in a mental house

Whitney Houston Melli Magic

Not sing Whitney Houston CAN, Melli Magic do not NEED, Kermit snogging again alien and the bells are rung of Rome with frying pans and photographers, to tell each other, that their images are not okay…. In other words,: an ordinary evening in the Nina Queers Irrenhouse.


After two small appetizers to warm up the Mad House followed, cultural highlight on every third Saturday of the month and has always been a must… Someone needs to document what is happening there, yes, and even though we were there not too long, nevertheless passed some. Already on the way we met two girls, with the words, “oh yes there are still two” wanted to express her raptures.. Do not know, who was there before and come… Tatyana not definitely, because the led undressed 10 Straight-ins Zivis Irrenhouse, but did not know the, that they followed someone, there has already been frequently on stage… So they stayed in their corner and watched anxiously the evil gay goings on and off the stage to.


And that it had once again and stood a little in the character of the MTV VMA's the other day and you can hardly believe it, But the star of this evening there was this. Kermit! He making out there still around with Lady Gaga, he had this time seinene fun with Gloria Viagra, with the straitjacket, Bootsy Collins star glasses and fake blood a medley of her brought. I think so, Kermit will have noticed that, that it was not Lady Gaga, never mind it was him anyway.


Not matter was then Stella DeStroy, that the wrong song was played.. Just not fit to performance. Did not matter, because the right tone has been taken and should be Just a little Pill by Pink. Eggs, the pills… loyal little companion of many people in the nightlife. Fortunately, not mine, otherwise I would not be able to fill out the online form truthfully for USA Travel. But back to Stella. With fashionable short hair real hair in their cartwheels debacle could not happen…. at least none with a falling wig… A failed cartwheel but she was not immune.


But where we were just in pills. After Melli Magic came and brought the drug par excellence wreck. We have only just noticed all, the Whitney Houston's voice is still not back there, where one would actually expect, nevertheless it does have weggebetet their drug addiction, according to his own words in Ophrah… Well if we want to believe the…? Regardless of the band her voice is still terrific and Melli Magic as the greatest Whitney Houston Impersonator is always beyond reproach… Glamor factor high.


Trash factor was high after a bit with the bells of Rome. Glory, Nina and Stella rang the bells of Rome rather Greek outfit with frying pan and trowel. Had I known, I think my camera would have been completely focused on Stella. At least I advise every, to address one or the other eye on them. Some hilarious…


Hilarious Photographers are also sometimes… not just, when they stand before me and keep their camera into the picture, because they want to again have the best picture. But then, when they photograph each other and criticize, because the picture is not quite as, as they are accustomed to from. Too dark, to light, Overexposed, Underexposed and ever… To make a picture of a photographer tasty, on which he is on it, seems to be difficult, als eine Transe mit einem Schnappschuss zufriedenzustellen 🙂


Was there anything else? Disease-related changes in personnel at Checkout, Bingo cock, lack of female bartenders, an enthusiastic woman, urgently wanted to buy my dress and Sheila belt and places where you could watch a hardcore porn film from a corner of his eye and a children's cartoon from the other corner of the eye. A perfectly normal evening so misleading House- ….


Drag Queen Show im Irrenhouse

Greek, russich, britsche Drag Queen Show

Early May is traditionally makes half the Berlin drag queen scene, the long summer travesty to travel to Mykonos, Ibiza or spend elsewhere. Certainly a tough job. Having to celebrate for months.

Also, traditionally then increases with Nina Queer ersmal the last drag queen show the Sommerflüchlinge and of course traditionally we are present, this to capture on film. Everyone knows me and would be interested to, how the girls would look, if we would not even show up. It would have been almost as far, because we dawdled for a while and came with Janka actually only just before two in the House to mislead. But did nothing, because Stella was not there and also Melli also appeared before us.. In this respect, it took a little, up there on the stage went round.


This evening it started with Stella DeStroy and again with tons of confetti. Stella performte die Britin Lily Allen, with the actually started this whole Fräuleinwunder, could then reap the fruits of Katy Perry and Co. This time Stella but could reap some applause and lots of it for a very successful show and all my admiration for the, only with bikini clad a very good figure represent – is glad to provide a very good figure on display.


Ihr folgte Melli Magic, which also provided some flaunt namely hre probably brand new jacket, the SuperZandy's decorated with large eiem MAGIC… (ich will auch so eine 😉 ) … Well, yes and there Melli bals leaves for Greiechenland, they gave us the most famous French German singing one of her most famous Greek pieces – genau Mireille Matthieu began Akropolis Adieu… Hit is exactly the audience astray House to move so the right to sing along… And it sang loudly Acropolis Adieu Melli. September Ab mehr.


By Mataina Ah How Sweet course, who tried to captivate us with a Sirtaki. …I write separately tried, because I think it was only the second time of very, very many times, I was disappointed by Matainas performance. Das war nix. But you have to admit somebody sometimes. I think I have no more frequently seen on stage as Mataina (except Nina) Drags and all had here and there some, which was not so plump, this evening just Mataina, but I'm sure, this was just an exception and from September you again Eien great drag queen show Mataina.


So we come to the lady, I must have seen at allerhäufigsten on stage, because the lady of the house is of course every month on stage in a mental house and the hostess happens to Nina Queer, us with the fake Louis Vuitton bag and (probably) real fur coat, the Russian variant Sirtaki “Kalinka” were. Well hopefully the have not noticed the left Peta actionists.

There was anything else? Oh, I did with my latest wig – at least for binding ignorant – to be somehow come pretty close to Mataina, because midestens four people confuse me with her and wondering, I did not know… Speaking surprised one wondered, I took so long, to get to the bar in the smoking lounge, that you already missed messages gave. After me and after all the hetero men were at this party – and they were just not many…

This – second – However, search was entirely incomprehensible to me… Often times turn off the computer and go out, Dame. Zur Not mit mir 🙂

Drag queens without wigs

Drag queens without wigs – Photographers without cameras.

by Krizzi wit a K.

It was again misled House on Saturday and it took me straight on Saturday in Hamburg back on the highway to Berlin. The drag shows on Nina Queers party must indeed be photographed and filmed primarily. I do not know, Janka that Sheila had his camera still and the girls were also recovered as captured on video. But apart from that I also wanted to anyway astray House, denn dort bin ich eben immer 🙂

Actually there is also always Krizzi to photograph the party. This time, however, the flash of her camera, unfortunately limp, so she had made with my cheap clippers mislead the House on SD card ban. Unfortunately, this also has the disadvantage, that I just could not.. Therefore, today no pictures of me. Fortunately, I was able to film the drag shows, because the light of their own camera was good enough without flash. Is just a professional camera and not a cheap clippers like mine.


But to see a show, must firstonce drag queens show up and they came. Nina Queer course, Gloria Viagra, Melli Magic and Mataina Ah, How Sweet, latter two went completely astray into an unglamorous House. Better Said she crept in. to. Erst Melli in Jogginghose, the missing wig covered with a parka hood … So you have not seen it and were amazed when we arrived a few minutes Mataina. Also the lack of proper style wig with a Fidel Castro hat covered… Funny drag queens this time in a mental house… And when the two are still welcomed Nina came with the words “As you can see because of? – Come back quickly before anyone sees you” hastened.

To show the two were but then again the glamorous Queens, they are known commonly as the. I Glorias response to recent excesses of the Catholic Church already shown yesterday. So there were two shows…

Yes white substances frequently occur once in a mental house in the drag shows that is indeed nothing new. Times they are liquid, but most of the powdery. Stoff also, but such material, like Nina called once on Saturday is a new type of drug. Although some substances can also be quite expensive, maybe even make depends, if the right brand, but I think Annette Lousian said the ied somehow different.


After that came Melli and Mataina on stage with obviously her first number Mykonos. Lady GAGAS “Poker Face”. I'm sure, that is still up UDN played down in summer. Now Lady Gaga says so himself on his, she felt like a drag queen…. in this case, but was probably the other way around a high heel on it. Here, drag queens felt as Lady Gaga.

Speaking “gaga”. The Madman House is well known for always funny things and so can throwing was held this evening. With fish (yes exactly you read correctly) they threw at doses, the beidpielsweise were marked pussies ragout. With five out of three litters I had cleared most of the boxes and now I can call Eien Forten stew my own, when I somehow do not trust me, opening them. Da passt Matainas Nachfrage:

Is that something to eat?
For humans or animals?