holy astray House

Blasphemy in Irrenhouse


so without a cell phone you are not only half a man, but more so do not. I do not know, how to make it, before there were cell phones, but appointments without a cell phone are quite horrible to effect.

Before the monthly astray House visit we were aiming even a visit to the spindle & Make Klatt. The plan was, I drove there with my car there and I should take the rest of the girls in front. Goofy, when it snows like a fairy tale for Christmas and the roads are extremely icy. You then imagine the way to the Spindler and Klatt: cycling not cobbled, this extremely icy and with lots of snow it is really hefrtig, with high heels is almost impossible.

Still, I am Spindler & Klatt an, however, had to find, that there something between 100 and 200 Before and people were asked to inlet…. Goofy, because I could not find neither Sheila nor Janka. Still, I waited about 10-12 Minutes and went again on the difficult path towards the car and then just this month early to go to the insane asylum House.

Da war ich. earlier than ever. There were parking, I could talk undisturbed at the bar with Ashna and save a waiting queue in the dressing transvestite, I made it clear by their, that each of Transe, are not lining up in a mental house right at the end of the cloakroom queue, on this privilege shakes. I was the long time ago from a house Tresenfee astray with the words “You need not be present here” made clear. So something like this you can also enjoy one pass. …That the queue at the door for them should not be present, I forgot to mention but.


But, when it was still empty arg, when I came into Irrenhouse, noted man schon, that it would be fully. It had been badly hard to get past all the Garderobenanstehern and also at the bar there was no trace of Witschaftskriese. This economy was clearly well. I hardly had to, to exchange a few words with Ashna. So that really is not.

But it was clear, that this party had full and good will, because there was never a party in a mental house, under the star was a better than this. The Trans-show namely, The Highlite this time the party was in fact a divine. ….And I mean by “Divine” this time not great, great and grand – that she is often – but this time actually divine. At least the show was never as religious as this evening.

But it started with Melli Magic and Mataina Ah How Sweet and her performance with the Andrews Sisters Mr. Sandman. Nevertheless, the Andrews Sisters were actually three of, were Mataina and Melli is nothing second. The uniform was otherwise well and had no complaints about the show… except perhaps, that he does not really fit with the other three pieces. He had, with church, Believe God or nothing to do. However – hey, Then came the.


After a small pause move came namely Melli Magic and alone in a white gown on stage and it was solemnly. Leonard Cohen's Halleleujah, sung by any ääääh Soul tube and thus Soul Berlin drag queen number 1 exactly the right song. From behind it was illuminated by a divine light. It was something of a halo, but was probably a headlight with a few hundred watts, ran pretty hot. …very hot, as you can see on the video, for if I mistake not everything, kokelte Mellis wig and then it rose to smoke… Lots of light, it was also just white smoke and we have a new pope. Who can it be? Melli? Nina? I might?

Stella DeStroy certainly not, because that was later to blasphemous… What can probably get for a song, when three drags in a mental house in Nuns outfits wear large crosses on the stage? I give you a hint: “Each one cross”…. Of course I speak of THE song “Life of Brian”… Jesus Aaah Brian – So in this case with Stella Always look on the bright side of life and Mataina and Nina as a background cross hanging trannies… Great.

Actually lacked only one thing, that Nina with the simple words “and if we are ever here in Nun Costume … Well you know…” announced. Sister Act. Whoopie Goldberg, the medley of course. Probably THE number with Soul for four nuns in Irrenhouse. Not really a surprise but of course class. But for me, no question, best I found Melli Magic with Hallelujah.


Incidentally, I also found the party like always. A whole lot Becks Lemon made me dance so much as long gone and amazed I was able to find out, celebrate all that teeny Twenbands in Irrenhouse – probably because they because of too many declarations of love can not celebrate in any typical disco. Here they could – and they did it with some omitted brought friends / fans. I like that. Celebrity astray House.

Oh, I promised more on the new homepage Christian dem Partypixxer to point… Hoffentlich bringt mir das auch einen Link in seinen Links 🙂

Drag Queens als The Ting Tings

Nina Queer and drags her sometime on Vox,

That a transmembrane casserole with Nina Queers Irrenhouse it was back in January. Rarely – or at least a long time I have not seen so many drags in a mental house. Alone among the five, on the stage groaned the entablature, of those about to talk not at all. Someone probably knew before, that once again cameras through deception House streamers to rotate any documentary about Nina. Can be found at some point on VOX.


Maybe we scurry off and then at times through the picture, because even alone at the door they asked us, a second time to get into the club, as camera not so quickly turned and did not get us the first time so pretty in the picture. Nundenn. Let's make love.

How would you rather we always filming and shooting photos. Someone must indeed show, so what is going on in a mental house in germany across most city. And it was this time again sorts. No sooner is a camera in the house, the girls turn the wheel. So many Drags and only one camera. – A bunch of chickens unparalleled – but very funny. Overall, I counted at least 12, if not more Drags and a large part on a pile. On the stage, of course, fit but not so many and so were up to five on stage. – But only rock final number.


But it started something quiet and only three drags on stage. Stella DeStroy (the one coming adapt the video as “The left girl isn’t a Dragqueen, because, yeah, she got real boobs :P” referred… Well if there is not someone errs…) In addition, Nina Queer and Melli Magic were on stage and they performed About You Now of the Sugababes. Well done, with blinds, with back light and with much feeling. Skip to getting goosebumps and for me this is definitely the piece of the evening. Although still much more to come.

This was followed Mataina Ah How Sweet as a masseuse with a sauna – like so much – something wacky and also quite slippery song, the words contained, which of course would never say such a fine lady. but Mataina was as SAU Na masseuse in this case confess any fine lady and I have, I've seen pieces of Mataina, who spontaneously promised me more. But that is located in the area of ​​the aftertaste Rischen.


I found it much better then Stella and Melli, I – at least as a duo – 've never seen on stage. Although they performed the two Heulbojen Celine Dion and Barbara Streisand – But that as good, that the audience is not left to be asked twice and quickly distributed sparklers lit and held up in the air. It was almost New Year's Eve-like and really nice. Although I am not a big fan of Celine Dion, the Titanic since I simply can not hear Barbara Streisand and I have not seen in miene CD collection, but the two, and the number was quiet but great.

But, I like it better faster and a little dirty and the The Ting Tings. Rarely, misleading in that House a song is played, which is also played on Motor FM. This song was such a and also when the Ting Tings actually occur only in pairs, groaned under the stage 10 Stöckeln of five Drags.


Stella told and before that, where we could see the scenery best and where we should definitely shoot… Frontally and as I stood then and knew all the beautiful name of That’s Not My Name see and shoot. Chantal and sausage and many more names… Tons of operating on the stage.

But eventually even the most beautiful show is over and I needed something to drink. For me, it always means: from the smoking room, because there my favorite Tresenfee Ashna works, the only person in the asylum House, which I need not say, what I want. It reads to me from the eyes – Strictly speaking, well I have so often ordered the same at their, that they should know sometime. Mark: nächstes mal einfach mal was anderes bestellen 😉

So now I stood at the counter and they asked me, after fire…. I was probably – next to the questioning – the only person, had no fire.

He: What are you doing here…?
I: Now I drink a little and flirt with the bar otherwise qualified.
He: (big eyes) With him or with him?
I: Umm with your….
He: (even more eyes) Nope or?
I: Yet!
He: Oh why do not you look me in the ass?
I: so to speak, and!

…and there it was again the problem, that many can not understand the asylum House, that might not be a drag on men but on women… It was only the first of four times, where it went unasked this evening to this topic.

The best was yet, when they tried to tell Sheila and me, that we should not allow ourselves anschnacken of heteros on the way home, because all are bad in bed. It was the person they were clarifying bitterst embarrassing as Sheila, that we are in this embarrassment hardly come würdem, since we both own this – House in a mental rather rare species – belonged. Deep blunders and there also changed the protestations, all great to find little. 😉

It's always amazing, how much this is an issue…

Eine total verrückte Travestie Show

Rarely seen something crazy.


Urgent part of the article in the Christmas Irrenhouse even the mention another show. And it was so crazy, that it deserves a single entry.

Now it has been on the boards, to the Irrenhouse already mean one or the other Travestieshow seen, clearly the predicate “crazy and twisted” deserved and just :Mataina Ah Wie Süß: is always good for a surprise, but there are still an increase – in Form dieser Travestie Show, which I discuss here.

Already whispered the grapevine, that Melli Magic and Mataina Ah How Sweet today would bring something sensational to the stage, only what would it be, was not so clear… It should be a mess first quality.

Write all options, herumgesaut which was already on the stage of insanity Houses, each item would blow but this time they have raised this level to a new level.

It began very sweetly. Melli Magic kam – toll-styled – on the stage and it seemed to be a parade of their disciplines, because of the speakers echoed Whitney Houston. Goosebumps and great atmosphere… Doch dann ging es los, bilingual with yogurt, Eggs, Flour, Cake, Scissors and various other things, actually remained almost on the stage, in this case – and especially in the faces of Melli and Mataina.

Great Cinema.

Christmas Irrenhouse

Nina's Christmas Irrenhouse


Since I have forgotten something substantial in the free days. The Weinhnachtsirrenhouse. Each year – next to the birthday astray House – the most important and most beautiful deception House of the Year.

Nina Queer already promised last month mulled wine, Biscuits and much much snow. All this, of course, there was also. But above all, there was again great shows specifically how to include carols and of course “All I Want for Christmas” presented by Nina as every year.

One could say, it would be boring, to show the same song every year, but NO! He is one of them and dasPublikum celebrating the song and the girls on stage every year until goosebumps from. House without a Christmas astray “All I want for Christmas” Christmas just would not mislead House. It is clear once.


Slightly less Christmassy were then Melli Magic and Mataina Ah How Sweet on stage. Dancing Queen by Abba gave the two the best. Something Christmassy but of course there is a Christmas Irrenhouse and so had the two Christmas woman Zipfelmützen, red dresses and red stoles to. Supply – but only conditionally Christmas.

This made Stella DeStroy but entirely offset. For me one of the best winter and Christmas “Let It Snow”. Though not in the original version but still nice. they left it in blonde and white snow on the audience. Thoughtful? Not really – but great.


Biscuits and mulled wine there were way too – and marzipan potatoes to unconsciousness.

It was nice back in the Christmas Irrenhouse. Next year again in December.