Bonnie Tyler und Joy Fleming im Irrenhouse

Two power hits and a little Donna Summer Nina Queer.

Ray “Janka” Charles

There are some parties in Berlin, ease “Wear phenomenon” and you no longer have the undbedingt and urgently needs to visit – but a party can withstand any wear and is and remains simply a must for every third Saturday of the month: The Irrenhouse from :Nina Queer:.

This time we can unlock almost, we were there so early. Since the Mad House was still lousy filled, but the parking situation in front of the house yet so misleading, that you do not have to walk too far in the meantime but cool weather.

no reason to draw such a pout

But the Mad House has the great advantage, that triift always nice people, the man kennt, and which are to have a knack for. That evening they were, for example, Alexandra or Mic, I searched for one of a large lip stitch line in the tumultuous welcome in their makeup and leave a big stain on the dress. Sorry 🙂

Or my ex-colleague Rik, the perceived firstonce 5 Minutes needed to talk with Sheila, until he was just first institutions, I also “Hello” say. I'll remember that. ..But he did it later with a nice compliment to one and a half years of my development in Berlin more than good again.

Stella & Nina

The acquaintances of a basic, to visit the Mad House, Trans show is almost something more important reason, Immermal again already, to look, what the ladies have come – And this time it was really fun again made

Melli Magic alias Donna Summer – Last Dance


Made the beginning Melli Magic, which brought the Last Dance by Donna Summer, what she does best, provide a flawless soul number. Perfectly presented, perfect lip sync and otherwise almost perfect. But as is so often with perfection, it is simply not appreciated by some people, as you would like it. I admit, I was at the weekend to give these people. It was great, no question, but it somehow lacked the spark to skip. Can I say, it touched me little? Yes I can… But all this may be because, me that both plays more then touched, presented although less perfect.

Stella Destroy aka Bonnie Tyler – Turn Around


There was, for a Stella DeStroy, the the Classics “Turn Around” Bonnie Tyler on stage, which means the Mad House published. A Song, I've always liked and eigentloich is already in the normal ear is close to it, each time to fabricate the creeps again. With a white wig Stella brought the full power of this song on stage and freaked out, Suggested Wheels, bridged the instrumental point with a hula hoop ring absolutely perfect and made a role-figure with a white wig in black light. Great! Since then also made minor, how to forget nothing short times continue singing from. “Trivialities – as your appearance – The main thing, the ring and the wig looked cool in blackish” Stella said later to. Deeds and they generally: And, a great appearance, having fun.

Nina Queer aka Joy Fleming – A song can be a bridge


At least – or actually just as much fun made after Nina Queer itself, which “A song can be a bridge” was chosen by Joy Fleming. A Song, at that time 1975 So before my time a completely undervalued 17. Has taken place at the Grand Prix. A tragedy, Like most German results there. No matter, the song is great and Nina brought it great. Stage diving and expression including dance. The audience was thrilled and so was I.. Since Nina has really earned the cigarette end. The movie was great and I must confess, I had a catchy tune to Monday.

Was there anything else? And, We were not allowed to photograph the Marlboro state, This time I had no reason to go into the smoking lounge, because Ashna was placed in the great room and berlin4fun now called Night Paper and ever. It was another nice evening.

** Sing Ein Lieeeeeed kannnnnnn einääää Brückä saaaaaaaiiiiiin * Sing *

Dragqueen Show im Irrenhouse

Everyone in the asylum house this time

Thursday night and I get only the last Saturday. Nundenn, it HiLoft nothing, the blog must go on and it must clearly here EVERYONE Irrenhouse Are discussed and shown Monday, so also the September 2008. And what was this time well filled.

Normally one finds in a mental house except the three or four drags on stage hardly Drags. This evening was different. Many light it is early autumn, that all come crawling back out of their holes.

Melli, Mataina, Nina, Glory, Janka, Sheila, I, Inez, Kitana, Olga, Barbie, Friend, I've forgotten what? Swarmed at this time drags on, front and side of the stage. Was will man mehr. Barbie Breakout I just think gedresst never seen House in a mental. So kann es kommen, when one builds a couch potato just wigs and bored.


On stage, but were the other Grand Dames of the Berlin travesty – namely three in the first issue. Melli Magic, :Nina Queer: and :Mataina Ah wie Süß: good and especially silver protected provided the theme song of the three previous hit show “Music is the key” from, a melody, which probably everyone knows, although the show already 27 Years is deducted. Although neither Peter Franken field, Max Greger had not yet managed to show a staircase to mislead House, but it was a good start to a nice show.


Honestly, I must confess, me then that the following number is not really haute off the stool. :Gloria Viagra: sang and performed a number, I did not know. Ja genau, sie the… and as it often happens in singing Drags, they go a little addition to the drags, the “only” Playback singing under, because the playback of the song is just perfect, the live singing not always. Then she brought nothing, that they entered the stage with dancers and Vickie as a dancer….

But the, Vickie, I call once a career. The second time in a mental house, and performing on stage. What is missing, dass sie das nächste Mal eine Einzelperformance bekommt 🙂 Auf jeden Fall wäre es ein Versuch wert, Vickie is probably one of the craziest people, so go around in an asylum House – and yet so wonderfully normal.


Much better since I found Melli Magic, which “nice from behind” and showed the same piece Stereo Total performte. …Oh ish like this French accent. How was that still has the so beautiful tingled with this beer in my belly button. …This time, the beer tingled under my shoe sole. Unfortunately, I just had to change the battery in my camera and leave my Becks Lemon on the floor. There it went to someone and I was standing in the beer.


Still lacked the third guest star Mataina Ah how sweet, die Lady Bitch Ray darbot. Lady Bitch Ray? Was not that the Skandalrapperin, for their antics got even Harald Schmidt anger by the Broadcasting? I mean, THE Harald Schmidt, made the Hitler Parodies and made the common joke Poland socially acceptable.

Well, the song was not very nice, but very clear and had a lot of text. But listen yourself.

Why, Stupid but I Bratze the great end, where all four ladies on stage were not shut- or. have uploaded, opens up to me not quite. After all, it was the largest on this evening. It was not a live version but heard a lot of cheers, in addition it was really romantic with many, many sparklers… Well maybe I'll find the video somewhere again… Then there will be the same here.

Was there anything else? Oh I. The Partypixxer had an apprentice this time there, was admitted to the right the two most important rules of event photography:

1. If drag queens are present, they must be frequently and well photographed.
2. A good photograph will necessarily also the heels of the feet.

I believe, he has understood and internalized both after the first astray House visit. So it should be.

Oh, there is something, because I have to post a picture. The sweetest girl in an asylum with the House and actually the only reason, die Bar in der Raucherlounge zu besuchen 😉 Naja fast zumindest.

Pink Wave am Wörthersee

Berlin in Austria.

In the daily view of the wide variety of relevant topics gazettes content for this blog, I am now in the “Small newspaper” stuck in Carinthia in Austria, strictly speaking,.

There, near the Wörthersee, the one here most probably through the Fernsehschmonzette “Ein Schloss am Wörthersee” mit Roy Black kennt. But when Roy Black, which has still outed at the end of his life, there had to be Schlosshotel, was the Wörthersee certainly not known as a Mecca for Gay Community. That should change as well and thought the chief of Almdudler Thomas Klein, that they could attract gays and lesbians so after the main holiday season at the Wörthersee.

But he picked up the Pink Wave Festival was born, probably takes place for the first time this year, that is called after all International Gay Festival.

In the paper is the following:

The question was raised tonight at the Almdudler costume party in Poertschach not, if drag queen Miss Candy and Whitney Houston Double Ikenna with many fans the prelude to “Pink Wave” commemorate. The rosiest company, the Carinthia has ever seen, opened with the root beer the first gay festival in the history of the lake. Schrill trifft Tradition, at least in the outfit: the best is today honored with a pink leather pants.”

Okay, Ikenna, Miss Candy, that sounds good. Consequently, the article was also danna with a photo of two drag queens titled. However, I came here in the article as some Spanish berlinerisch ago.

… BOTH should be Ikenna and Miss Candy??? If that were the case, but then, the two have twin sisters in Berlin.

I see in the photo rather then Melli Magic, which is also known for Whitney Houston while, but does not go through as her double, and then I see this also :Mataina Ah wie Süß:…

And I was right, how then shows the video, that is on the side not.

Unfortunately, you can not embed the video, therefore you may find it here. There one finds, for example, that sex, Apples and vodka help against cellulite.

….Vodka gegen Cellulite??? Had probably downed something much vodka, was?

In any event, the Pink Wave Almdudler costume party seemed a very stylish party was…

One has to do the job yes

Birthday bash in Irrenhouse, Seven years Irrenhouse.
Nina Queer

Wow. Seven years Irrenhouse. that's a hell of a long time and when I consider, that I open just three years back again and, I think that's also a damn long time.

Even my very first visit to Berlin in July of my life 2005 I did not hang up without a reason Astray House Weekend and excited about the party and the show was also the reason clearly, why I have a month to 4 Jahre Irrenhouse Party was back in Berlin.


This was as we said 2005 – Now 2008, astray House Party, there are still, :Nina Queer: anyway and it pulls me back there every month to look and to report.

Normally I'm not alone, however,, but with Sheila and Janka road and it is well known, that there are videos and pictures, when Sheila or I are present at a party. – On the other hand, the chance of small images and photos, if we are not just there.

Melli Magic and I

It was probably fairly well known, that Sheila and Janka currently basking in the sun in Ibiza, because there were a lot of people to me for me to remember, I also definitely the show receiving. Nina said yet, I should shoot esunbedingt, it will “Doll” Melli and also asked me, urge you to take the first number. Na clear Mädels, one has to do the job yes. And if the rest of Ibiza rumtreibt, then I'm still here.

A touch of Janka

“The” this month were but little familiar faces, is instead much GMF Have been present audience. I myself can not tell them apart from the crowd GMF and misleading House, but I realize, I know when faces, I just do not know when or faces. And this time I knew a few.

“The” but was also a hint of Janka. At least a very small, because Olga had Jankas cute little doggie here. Woof umm wüffchen.

Trans Show

Normally, leave the girls always come up something special for the birthday party and in the normal case is that a lot Kofetti and the like in the hair, the air and the beers. So it should be again this time, there was only a small difference. First kofetti and balloons were distributed in the audience and thrown onto the stage of dortaus.

Thus the number Whitney Houston “Saving all my love” from Melli Magic in the background accompaniment of Stella Nina Queer DeStroy And a boisterous – Real Silver Ster-anmutendem Event.


This confetti orgy was followed by a real birthday serenade from Stella DeStroy, gave something to the best, which it rarely is in a mental house. She sang live and even some almost independent. They composed especially for Nina “Toxic” Britney Spears and brought to a German Fotzig to the stage of insanity Houses. How fitting.


A bit of confetti and bursting balloons. For a truly successful deception house show that's almost a little bit – probably thought Melli and even put a little something on it. Their show included a large, white sauce spurting, Dildo, some filled condoms and many shrill cries…

Although Melli says, that it is not long the show tranny fucked, but really every time has stage fright, so you really do not notice the. It was a great, große Sauerei 🙂


Such a mess, that Nina once again gave the same response to these. The Song “Sperm is Disgusting”… It should be a DJ Ötzi in the beer tent atmosphere. And by and large, it was also the. Only one who is Nina Queer remove this song? But otherwise it works on its reputation as the largest Bläserin Berlin.


All in all, the show was the best for a long time and it is always a reason, to come to the nut house.