It was at a birthday

Happy Birthday Mataina


the weekly bulletin of the The Mad Party mentioned it more than just in passing and Sheila was quite hippelig (at least up to the evening). It was a birthday and not any, but a star-birth. There is talk of star drag and Bangaluu Haustranse :Mataina Ah Wie Süß:, the incredible her face absolutely not to be regarded 43 Years it has become.

And they called the Bangaluu and relatives- and acquaintance came. Now it has been obvious in Berlin as a transvestite a number of brothers and sisters and daughters, to friends and acquaintance more. With such a transaction family then would like Matainas case already loose host a full evening show, if you would add it because it.

The Mataina was not going though, but the ladies were present but called on stage to present guests to Keep the fun and the original La Loca visitors and provide them with a decent transport times show.

To start the show program Mataina asked the family member (Sister) On stage to show to offer a nice double Melli Magic. The Soul Classics One Fine Day von “The Chiffons” asked the two and there are probably no two Drags, that are better attuned to each other as Melli and Mataina. Perfect!

Mataina & Melli
But there are in the family Ah, How Sweet a few more members, As is known from the Wife Swap episode with this family. A Daughter of the show is family Angie Price. While Angie is actually nichtso the show tranny, but rather provides various clubs at the door for, that the right people at the club and do not go to the wrong club. But this just made restriction does not mean, that Angie could not offer a great show.

She did it. On the stage, on the knees, with and without wig but definitely with my whole body. For me, the Highlite this evening.


Angie followed Kaspar kamale, himself apparently no family member but as Matainas oldest friend probably at least something like an honorary member of the family. Kaspar performte not just a song, but also sang it myself. Anyone who knows even the Martin, Dieter of the cancer. Exactly, this ecotype with his Norwegian sweater… Style? None.

Now Kaspar composed this song in Mataina to my Love. Although this was and sounded somewhat obliquely, but it was live, and the attempt is worthy of all honor. …It was okay, when the song was over 😉



Kaspar in turn was followed by a further family member. Christel Cokes, ihreszeichens the second daughter in the house Ah, How Sweet. And like the rest of the family she is also active in show business. Nichtauf stage but rather behind the turntables. She is responsible for the music and they may well – As regards shows, because their hägt for a long time the reputation of it, it can not alone. I do not believe though, but she remained rebuttal guilty.

Christina Aguilera to their number, they picked up two of the mukelbepackten Bangaluu Dancers on the Stage, distract the attention of the completely unnecessary its actually very respectable performance. But somehow did not fit the outfit – So you already – just not the song. I've just recently found, that a white halter dress simply always connected with Marilyn Monroe is. Because you just can not do anything. the dress is not just Marilyn and Christina.



As a final then came again Melli Magic with a single number off – mit Whitney Houston. Well known, only one person can be better than Whitney Houston Whitney Houston itself – and this one is just Melli. Consequently, their performance is also good, when she herself is not satisfied with himself actually. She was not there that night, but that did not dampen the audience reaction and the applause was properly, because Melli was the only, who brought their own applause. ….Not so stupid. Live versions appear to have a great advantage.



Tatiana, Fateful Years of Queen

A standard work of the Berlin Trans Scene?

, ihreszeichens Berlin CSD sovereignty of sometime to keinerweisssorecht has a second part of their work Tatiana, Fateful Years of Queen put on the web.

She describes her fictional story in Berlin Dragzene, Your immersion time as CSD and its sovereignty

I have not even noticed the first part, then the second definitely delicious. Although Tatjana “Similarities with all other persons or events in the past, Present or future” possibly titled as random, I can not escape the fact, me that several of the stories, the people, Parties or practices appear quite not quite as random. Still, most people are still made good. Okay okay, somewhat exaggerated but, but has not played completely wrong on the whole.

This story could give to all Berlin Neutransen as the great Trans Almanac. Tatiana talks about the Schwuz, Wigstöckel, the Irrenhouse, the Kumplenest, the GMF, The Bangaluu, den CSD, the different transport scenes in Kreuzberg and Mitte, in your history are as varied as people Kaey Tearing, Gérome Castell, Chicago Rose, :Mataina Ah wie Süß:, Barbie Breakout, Melli Magic, :Nina Queer:, Polla Disaster, Tilly Creutzfeldt Jakob, Biggi Blonde, :ADES Zabel:, or Daphne Baakel.

Anyone who has read the, has already had a first glimpse of the Berlin drag- and Transeszene. I'm looking forward to Part III

A few excerpts:

The deep-set eyes, I had lined with mega long fake eyelashes, my lips just shamelessly painted and eyebrows just a few centimeters above the original, heavily pruned painted. Only the big nose I could not hide with cosmetic tricks, and the Adam's apple does not also.
But since I also acted as a gay man, who plays a woman, and no one knew, that I was a woman, Playing a man, the turns gay, to play a transvestite, It was not so bad.
I even had an extra left the hair on the upper arms, peeped between the glove and a sleeveless evening dress. I was, gave me in these circles as something real.

Gérome had begun, a little to take care of me.
“Y'know ¾, Old, We shemales have to stick together. Each of us here has daughters and sisters, the system I brought from USA. In, sonst ha`m wa doch keen! And who should take care of, nich when the family? Ebent! You are now my daughter. And for you I have also been a; Your daughter's name is Frank!”
“My daughter's name is Frank? Absolutely not,” I resisted from. “¾ I own nothing and I do not have the nerve, to take care of as a lost brat.”
“¾ Frank is not a brat,” sagte Martina ah – as – Sweet, at the counter of the Bangaluu `s got us. Martina was the only salaried tranny all over town. This chic club in the middle, the Kaey would certainly enter only dead, she was the consummate hostess. She liked everyone and everyone liked them.

Gérome had imagined Melli Magic and Barbie Breakout at the counter of the GMF. The GMF was a chic club in the middle, where on Sunday evening, the young, would cap off the weekend, pretty and rich gay nightlife of Berlin.
Now I understood kaya, Â's disparaging remarks about “¾ Mitte.” The Trans-scene in Berlin-Mitte obviously differed greatly from the in Kreuzberg.
Barbie and Melli embodied pure glamor.

Melanie, a truck driver in zebra dress, the safe 120 Weighed kilos, but still proudly known, so go to the bakery every day and spend his evenings on the Internet, where it is marketed as a 47-pound beauty, or Sieglinde, who do not trust, remove her beard and put it value, neither hetero-- to leave even classify themselves as homosexual, but “¾ Transmann” or “¾ multisexuell” their identity seemed to narrow limits set to.
“¾ I am unique, do you understand,” her words were.
My mind was whirling. How easy was my life but! Everything in effect acting!

Nina Queer is genoss, to break all taboos and remained so always talking. Similarly, excessive as Barbie Breakout or Gérome, but it was still doing a shrewd businesswoman, who had worked his way up from the French Seller to the party organizer and owner of his own pub. Your go-go dancers were an ancient, flabby couple, the naked dancing, and their shows were bananas puked, Smeared Nutella or pelted the audience with minced meat. The Berlin loved the.
I was always totally unleashed at my performances, my slutty Playback, lost my wig fell or equal to all of the Stage. So I drew me a solid, reputation.

Tatiana's story seems like a lapse of some years ago Berlin party scene and it's again time to read.

Tatiana, Fateful Years of Queen Part II
Tatiana, Fateful Years of Queen Part I

Kittens and Britney Spears in a mental house

Your Disco needs you


Thursday is actually a rather late, by increase by the last weekend, But yesterday I had former colleagues, who founded a new startup called Susush, help with search engine marketing, go out yesterday and today has been held me a warning rather in suspense.

So now we come to the Irrenhouse last week:

So having the vernissage of the not-yet-botropper artist Matthias Gephart (see comments) had left we went into Sheils Mini on the way, Sheila next to the second kitten kitten Bettie Page Janka and punk Mel to collect as soon as possible visit the Mad House, because such a trans show, do not wait for us – and Mel and Janka were NEVER finished, as we came to them.


So it was a premiere, that Mel and Janka were completely finished and immediately jumped into the car to fifth in the little mini abzudüsen. It must be said, so that a maximum-Mini is a 4-person car. Cosy Eng wars!

Maybe it's the winter, perhaps the last great deception house party, that this time there was finally once again a snake, and we were able to sneak past us expertly tuned. Well we had this time with Silvia a real woman in our midst, which normally would have had to pay. Silvia now has but the one about our yardstick, So was hardly in our midst. Second, we Divatlantique, which traditionally sits in a mental house at the door, sympathetic, so we got a full five free tickets. Merci dafür.


Somehow we were this time striking unlikely, 1 x Punk,1 x PVC dress whip and 2 x kitten Bettie Page, to a woman over 180cm… Thus probably everybody thought, we would be in charge this evening for the trans show – and therefore asked people and siversete, would probably because when the show begin. At about quarter past two was my answer

“since between 15 Minutes and 45 Minutes at approximately. More precisely, you can probably only :Nina Queer: say. But usually, the girls always somewhat delayed.”

This time, it was a little different stored. The girls had not really late. Rather there was a cancellation due to illness of Melli Magic, which had to be compensated. Als Aushilfstranse tat Nina dann :Gloria Viagra: onto, however, needed some time, until she was ready and could occur in the birthday club. …In such an unplanned appearance you would not normally expect just so great cinema, but Gloria took me by surprise.


Before her but was Tatiana on the stage, which once again brought their number from the Polla party in power for the previous week and thus sang, what kind of boys they like so everything would. …Who knows?, maybe it has borne fruit, definitely were more boys in the asylum house than last week at Kino International. Pity, but also from this month's entry of insanity Houses yes each one euro will be gone in Polla Disaster. Very laudable, Queer fraud.


Gloria followed by Tatjana on the boards mean the Mad House and I admit, I also of their, be the short-term presence of, something would have expected from the travesty Preserve. …I would have bet, I would have lost. Instead of an old number Gloria pulled an old song from the wig, a few old, a less old and an almost new.

In fact, Gloria shone with a Best of Britney Spears medley and a show, that the entire artistic life of Britney Spears went through in time-lapse. The sweet schoolgirl, Virgin, the not Virgin, die Alkoholekszesse, the drugs, and the shaven-headed Britney Schwarzperrückte.


If Britney eventually needed a Kurzraffer her life, because they can look death in the eye straight on drugs, then they can actually get the video of Gloria's appearance. It actually contains all the important stages of her life as an artist. … … … No stop, not all stations. Gloria has forgotten the kiss with Madonna. In, it had not been so short Nina would definitely make Madonna flown just once, or?

No matter, the show was great and therefore rightly Gloria got right good cheer.


The applause could not beat the lady of the house, although every effort was Nina. She gave the great Two Hearts for the best and put two large fans, colorful ribbons, a skull and a big bag of aluminum foil scraps a. A great song, a great show and only slightly worse than Gloria.

[youtube] = NWt7JlRCVes[/youtube]


Although worse would be wrong.. less… Ach quark. They were both great. Point.


Nina but somehow seemed to have forgotten their typical saying, for he never was still called.

“I am beautiful – and … I have a lot of aluminum foil in my mouth”

Improved me, but he was somehow always different.


After the show, the party starts actually always just right and I think, dasss Cecile Celsius it hinfieberte, because after her appearance behind the controls in the GMF other day she was allowed to sound for the first time this Irrenhouse. …Irrenhouse + GMF. A good start for a Trans-DJ Vita. Congratulations from me to.

Incidentally, I have been careful with my good crop on the two kittens, they have scratched out the eyes of anyone, and no one has come too close to them peel the skin.


Eggs, as a whip is already a great toy. …By the way were all the other girls, because this whip was actually in constant use, but all had so much fun. NO – hardly people have been beaten, the girls have it used as a fashion item rather. But the fact is, that these devices have generated a lot more fun this evening, than for 8 € else is buying. A good investment – and it is recyclable.


What else to report? Oh, exactly, I played again and won against Sheila in contrast to the other day at White Trash this time. What we have played? Now it was tail-memory. Tons of undiscovered dicks at a Tafen and you should after uncovering two identical together. Whether it would have been special points for naming the owner, we have not asked, for since we both had had no chance, also come to only one…. Not that easy and Sheila (with other images) an enormous advantage Memory, as it plays it frequently… On this evening, but they did not stand a chance and I was able to pick me from the friendly game managers a free drink.


Power for Polla

Drag queen family party for a good cause

Kudos to :Gloria Viagra: for the orientation of the Benefit Party for Polla Disaster. I have to completely agree with you once, when she says:

Man kann so yet known, you have to just make only.

Overall, one can say after this party, the scene that holds together, but it is obviously difficult, to attract more people as guests for such an event. Unfortunately, it was, at least for me, unexpectedly empty and :Superzandy: was right, than they initially thought that charity is always difficult.

Chicago Rose & Linda Pearl

I had in in fact a full house Kino International expected and was a bit surprised when I arrived and no line at the AI ​​vorfand. Not, I came surprisingly early, shortly before 12 and could go directly to the checkout… Exceptionally, and for the first time I found it this evening and I was once really love to Ready, To pay admission. After all, it was for a good cause.

With blenda & I

And Gloria later cleared away all the rumors, that might have passed through the inlet distribution. Except for the cleaning costs all entrance fees and all drinks surpluses went this evening directly Polla. Respect, money well spent. And there is still a lot of money by parties, still participate in the action, in addition.

Biggy Blonde & :Gloria Viagra:

But as already mentioned had a few more people did the whole action good. So it was kind of a party with friends from Polla an unbelievable “Shemales per normal visitors”-Relationship. Very few of the Berlin Drags, were not booked elsewhere for a long time, could take, stop by.


Not all, however, I can see at first glance. So I came to the bar in Frösi and saw there a man, I did not know and a person in Ganzkörperlycra suit with small eye holes and a mouth hole in the just fit a famiy. Okay okay I will now Melli Magic recognize in the future, even without makeup, and as the body suit me his “Super”-Showed chain, it was also clear. Superzandy war in the House. She just had no desire, ready to move – but found it just did not seem right to ungedresst. So it was again a rather unique outfit.


Otherwise, the different photographers were delighted to various photos of any wig clad people. Where else do you get times already 5-7 Wigs on a photo 🙂 That evening it was pretty easy.

And it actually got even more than Drags on the flyer were, as were, for example, Kaspar Kamäleon or Chicago Rose on stage

Mataina Ah wie Süß & Kaspar kamale

But of course there were also regular visitors to this party and since this is a really nice picture, I want to deny anyone the. Normally one knows this “I-taking-you-to-the-arm”Pictures always only by Janka, However, always the little gnomes takes on the arm. The other way round it's also really sweet, or?