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Stars & Star V – Mataina ah wie süß


I have quite a while with my little list of Stars and Starlets pauses the drag scene, there was always more than enough to write. Nevertheless, it must be in the list though finally go on un even more clearly this time with a star as a star – at least in Berlin.

The Lady, the most so far was the most different names on any flyers.

So now I do not mean a person, that would constantly change their names or pseudonyms would have massive, no your name is just something unusual and therefore probably the most difficult to grasp Flyerproduzierer. I have already named as Mataina, Martina, Mantaina, Marteina, Martyn, Matina and X've seen other versions. And if this is not enough name confusion, can carry on the surname, known in Germany as Ah Sweet and, when they once again with Melli Magic than the two trannies go from Mykonos is, is sometimes just changed into vagina. But it remains, that in Germany only has a name and is called Mataina ah wie Süß.


Now Berlin has loads of great drag queens, but many of them are neither fish nor fowl. So of course I do not taste or arty-farty but qualities and skills opportunities. Many Berlin Drags are constantly Although some flyers and are therefore always present in Berlin. However, very often more behind rotating CD discs as on the stages, which actually should mean the travesty World in Berlin.


In Mataina Ah How Sweet it's kind of the other way around. Of course they can hang up and does from time to, but their great qualities are on stage. If there is a “Prädikat Wandalbar” Art should be for drag queen, that it would probably get Mataina ah how sweet. Red, Weiss, Blue, Black, Braun, Blond, Hydrogen and the whole thing in countless cuts. Mataina has a wig collection to call their own, on many a wig shop would look enviously – and displays them in ever new stage personalities. But each to their short-term personalities needs the appropriate lyrics. Often digs Mataina songs from any crate, of which you have never heard of something lebtags. All fits together but always excellent and receives mostly well-deserved applause.


Overall, everything seems (and that is now meant positive) very professional. It has often worked out a little more, treated with a little more thought and a little more preparation than other drag performances, I have seen in recent years.

Usually in the drag scene is indeed the case, the following: In Germany a star, nothing in Berlin… Incidentally, this applies the other way around. Really come out significantly from Berlin only provide very few. Mataina ah how sweet has done it with an appearance in RTL Wife Swap in which they shown the fake Trans-WG with Angie Price and Christel Cokes board and the exchange mother served, supervised and after all comments, I could find on the internet as, arrived extremely well. Best advertisement for trannies, Drags and of course for myself Mataina.


But not only the exchange of women-seers come Mataina ah sweet as well to, but actually for all. If you talk with many people, there are few people, in which they all agree. If you are using 10 maintains different people about some drag there will normally be within that, they are class, a few, they are totally matter and some, they do not like. Finally, because there is always at least one person, they can not stand on the death. Mataina like ah how sweet all. I honestly, otherwise I would not write it, not heard a negative word about Mataina.


Also I would think none. It is great, convertible, sympathetic and gave us several times (freely according to their motto Travesty Zahl not) brought to an entry on the guest list free entry to Bangaluu. Thank you for this and for many great shows.


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Freaky Friday @ Music Hall

Give youngsters a chance.


On Friday With blenda and Lilli Line the (actual) Given first in a new series of parties and it sounded really really good. In walk distance from the now closed Kinzo or of course, still open Gmf wanted to celebrate the two at the Music Hall. Also equally high profile and well-known female DJ to have been booked for the first trial, :Superzandy: and Melli Magic should sound for the dance floor and a flyer informed, that the second party on 08. February, the two-meter sizes Olivia Jones and :Gloria Viagra: would be expected.


…But it is probably nothing, because the organizer has set a minimum number of visitors, to be achieved, so that the party series continues. Hello?? What's that for an organizer? I mean, who runs a disco, but the need to know, that especially fill parties, when 2-3 Parties were previously well and gets around the potential of a party.

I mean, let's take Chicago Rose with their party, the first was very empty, the second very well filled. So it can go.


I mean, that an ad in the Zitty or the Victory Column hardly noticeable impact on visitor numbers, the others have already noticed. Now, when the Music Hall does not want, then you should not force them. Sadly, I think that's still, because I would have indulged a success.

Maybe you can find another place for Freaky Friday. Have at the moment because the closed Kinzo anyway a lot of parties are looking for new places. Chicago, for example, has now moved into the Caramba Bar on Alex.


Crazy Paradise

While Sheila was getting ready to fly into the sun, drove Janka, Mel and I once again witness the Winter Garden Variety Nina's second string to their Crazy Paradise. Their first strike was already very great

As I stated already, the last time winter music hall is probably one of the most glamorous party venues, the Berlin offers so and thus probably actually the best location for :Nina Queers: Crazy Paradise.


A number freaky guests and a show, that goes beyond the typical trans shows the other parties with acrobatics and music. Here is less important than the party see the, which can be seen and of course the show.

This began with two Ukrainian acrobats, demonstrated the almost unbelievable power with slow and thus presumably more severe feats.


This performance was followed with the words “It is the most glamorous of all of us … Melli Magic!” Whether it is now the allerglamouröseste, is debatable safe, but it is, that they would be one of the possible candidates for the title. But it probably would not be good, to award such a title. That would only bad blood.

Melli surprised with a slightly different version of the Miss Wet T-Shirt Contest. You defoliated slowly, stripped to the wig and the dress off and poured himself ultimately with a water bottle.


Something different… But I hardly think, Mellis mascara that has survived the.

Nun hat ein Casting Nina and im Irrenhouse carried out to find another show act. The winner is probably a girl, that was announced as a burlesque dancer… Unfortunately, the girl has moved so swiftly, I have no decent picture found. I'm not sure, if she wore two oranges in her hair but in any case she wore around his waist bananas, as the saying goes, in the old hit.


Then the hostess followed himself with two of her songs, of which they are still about 150 CDs has left.. 9 from 10 Pressed CDs she has thus sold. ….Honestly, even if it's Nina and her songs have a certain wit, I can not understand, why someone spends money for… But the question I ask myself about 80 Songs to Top 100 Charts..


At last came the guest star Gabi Decker. According to the Petite is funny like Desiree Nick in.

I found it funny, however, little…. Quite rigid they stood on the stage and rattled down her stage show. It was not only learned by heart – it sounded so. And something like this is boring. So I did not like Gabi Decker Desiree Nick only funny, but the other way around.


Otherwise, I have ruined the Crazy Paradise on the stairs my beautiful glittery silver pumps, by the entire paragraph has been replaced in case you stumble. Sadly, today the cobbler shaking his head, when I brought him over…. He Dabehalten they nevertheless… Let's see, maybe he will get it back anyway – I'd definitely have a second pair of shoes in the car, could therefore change.


I had still a few nice photos of Olga, Barb, the funny pig and a few other people shoot before driving on.

Crazy Paradise, always nice…


more confetti in a mental house

After Kaspar and Kamäleon :Mataina Ah Wie Süß: already in building B on stage and Tatiana were in Ackerkeller their audience enjoyed, It was clear, who does not talk in Irrenhouse would stand on the stage. So one might consider, who instead on the boards, the mean Irrenhouse, would be.


Before we find out, however, the, we had to find firstonce to mislead the House, and was quite a walk, because the first parking, the Sheila was found somewhere in the suburbs – of Hamburg – I believe. Walk on high heels in freezing temperatures with a short jacket bbbbibbber. Well, I had at least a pair of pants on, Sheila crosshatched a lot more – and therefore ran the marathon a lot quicker than I.

When we actually arrived at the Christmas Irrenhouse pretty clear, Who we are probably next on stage :Nina Queer: would see, because in addition to the wardrobe was a small group of Melli Magic, Blenda With und :Gloria Viagra:.

Blenda but did not show, but promotion for their new party “Freaky Friday” made. :Superzandy:, Melli, at the Music Hall. Sounds good. Lilli line delivers the buffet. Blenda Med with two private parties and self-promotion area for other, Cecile Celsius is on the flyer the next astray House Party… Seems as if the chicks fledge.


Nina's party has long fledging and the crazy chicken Schlüppi is certainly no longer a chick, drum for something important, where Trance Show, the nightly Highlite in any misleading House.

Als erstes ENTER Melli Magic, to give the stage to the waiting crowd Whitney Houston.


Of course it is always a highlite, Melli Magic when their ever-popular and critically acclaimed performances are Whitney Houston. For this, it is famous, but at a Christmas bash is actually misleading House “Pearls before swine” throw, because there is really only one, what the audience is waiting….


Mark: Do not always Krizzie behind the show, since then more photos like this come out. Man weiss, she just rumfuchtelt with her camera. Now, it is house and home-photographer (even if it is not always recognized) and it is their right, to do anything for a good photo, auch wenn es mir ab und an ein Foto versaut 😉
(Throw End)

where I was? Oh …only one, what the audience is waiting.
Gloria is the but at a Christmas Irrenhouse not, Although they reeled their professional show down, but I confess, I currently do not recall exactly, wass she has actually performed.

She did not disappoint me, but they also just do not ripped me off the stool. Man hat eben schon viel gesehen 🙂


The next piece was also seen. In the summer, and last Christmas – and the year before last Christmas … and so on.

“All I want for Christmas” von Mariah Carey. Nina acknowledged with the words

“and now I do my damned duty and sing”…

like she wanted to weigh us seemingly only in security, because the ceiling hung a confetti Speier, blew the one in the asylum house completely unusual small number of pieces of confetti into the crowd. Disappointing!

But a little later, Nina took the big confetti bag out and the Mad House was white and Christmassy.


Well, that was the last astray House this year. But it's already in January 2008 further and it would have to go with the devil, if we are not then there…

The Christmas Angel will then not longer needed, but I've been told, that Red Bull gives wings…


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