Melli Magic @ Irrenhouse

… and Stella and Mataina, and so on..

in the last week, I had rather Halloween to do with my blog. But before I get to the halloween weekend, I have firstonce work out the last weekend and we were once again in the Irrenhouse from :nina queer:.

After our visit to the Queens & Sheriffs Party ja schon beendet war, before we were drinne, we saw the Mad House this time extremely early. …Normally, yes, we plan to show at about the Trans-two to be on site. This time we were there but looong ago. And as Nina left waiting for their guests this time also extremely long, because they had to announce on Venus Pornstars – maybe they also had to take care of her otherwise… so you just do not know it. In any case, was the first statement of Stella Destroy “half past two starts the show”.

A little later revised this then Melli Magic “three quarters before being nothing”


But at half past Nina was not in the house. Eventually, as against three it was finally going.

But the wait should be worth it, because the show was one of the best in recent months, although the lady of the house this time (except moderation) stayed out of the show. Melli Magic, :Mataina Ah wie süß: and Stella Destroy but made for great entertainment.

It began with a presentation by Melli and Mataina, again the great sloping German songs, I do not know, however,, had chosen. And I can not help myself, something was different, entered as both the stage…


After about a week I've now seen the pictures, I think to know, what it is… Mataina has forgotten, sich die Augenbrauen zu zupfen 😉 Naja vielleicht war es auch das gesamte Outfit, Mataina but today had to go through as paunchy man, of it to the good times Melli really worried.

The two were followed after some time again from Stella Destroy, the one made on Christina Aguilera and Fighter mustered. A brilliant song with a great driving beat and a brilliant performance by Stella, the transformed without problems of the moth in the butterfly. Great and my highlite of the evening


But only just, because it was followed by a third, spectacular show, Melli Magic this time solo and armed with Whitney Houston and a large Hackebeilchen, with whom she made a delight, and the bawling crowd and relish chopped off the tethered sausages. This in itself is already hard Toback, but then to eat this hot dog relish yet… This is hard – – – aber ganz großes Kino 🙂


After the show, then all met before Krizzies lens again, a couple photos for Berlin 4 Fun, To make club feeling and sound Spitz and for all of our photo albums. Here then are actually a few nice Funny pictures come out. Only Berlin greatest tattoos in the form of Barbie Breakout talking this evening noticeably away from the camera lens. May be due to, that she had no desire to dressen obviously this evening and was a man on the go.


But again back to Melli Magic. The good mentioned their new website, under the immediate is found. Super, the more the girls understand and use the Internet, better. But still a few content on the page.

That will certainly change, I'm sure.

Search Engine Optimization for web designers

Berlin Drags and the Internet

Some days ago I received the following email:

Hello Zoe,

Cock Disaster seems to have no website”| I thought, maybe you have your e-mail address.
It's about a DJ booking”¦

from the DomAquarée

… So far it's been already, or that my Sheila's Blog regarded as a possible source, To reach Berlin Drags, which are not otherwise represented on the Internet.


…natural disaster Polla has a website and taking the really catchy name The sad thing is only, that good unfortunately has a totally incompetent webmaster and can be with never ever found. I forwarded the request of course, with the Note, on the website to do something, because they are so may cost you much more money, as she does it anyway.

Domain monthly costs + Costs by, that she finds no one and therefore much less reservation requests as possible would arise.

It is frightening to all who today “Web Designer” may call, and that they must not have at least a rudimentary knowledge of search engines.

at the site would displayed, Unfortunately, until further on in the search results.

That is correct!
This need not be. Especially with important keywords without competition it's really easy, to put forward a concept. There is only one Polla Disaster and of course only one side, which originally dealt with Polla Disaster. Such a page is easily among the first 10 To place courses and should actually place 1 are.

Others do it, too…


The Google Das Lage, not on the programming of the website! Google would list the search results according to a certain scheme and thereby place the most frequently clicked earlier

Unfortunately, this is wrong!
Of course it is up to the programming, Strictly speaking, there is an almost complete lack of programming. Flash can specify a search engine can not read and therefore is a search engine except for the page title and a Description no content on the page. Pity! Although the page looks so great, However, a search engine robot despairs.

Therefore it is by no means the, that the frequency, how often a page is sought had anything to do with her rankings. It has something to do with title tags, Meta Tags, Content on the website, Linking and 1367 to do other things, with the number of searches but not.


All booking requests had also come across the page or Tefefon materialize or, they would therefore found.

And, it is found, but it is very very bad.

Search studies to follow 85% all users of search engines, only the first page and go. Here you will find not Polla Disaster.

People, they find, to know for sure, where to find, a search it is quite untraceable. The effect is the same, as if they hang the URL beside her doorbell. Whoever finds there has already found, who she looks in, may approximately 3,4 Scour million nameplates. That does no one.

Anyone looking for a Djane, then perhaps more of a :Gloria Viagra: Request, one finds at least. And this should certainly not be the intention


Nevertheless, he would sichIch but would again put me in connection with Google.

Unfortunately, it is not enough, nochml to be put in touch with Google, Unfortunately, because this is completely pointless. The search engine robot would have to be persuaded and that is only satisfied, if the page has content it. And that does not currently have

Players can strangely, namely times when I look through the Berlin girls, that come to mind spontaneously, I see many firsts to its own name

Place 1
Gloria Viagra, Nina Queer, Barbie Breakout, :Superzandy:, Sherry Vine, ADES Zabel, Melli Magic, Mataina Ah wie süß, Gina Tonic, Daphne Debaakel, Kora van Tastisch and just for the record, of course, also Sheila Wolf and Zoe Delay.
Margot Schlönzke creates at least still place 4

not at all discoverable:
biggy Blonde, Stella Destroy, Christel Cokes, Polla Disaster, Sally Morell, Kitty coke and and and….

Empty and dead unfortunately


By the way, not all, which are forward, do well, to rest on their laurels, one finds, for example, black text on a black background, Texts in Noframe area or another nonsensical to spam-prone on the various pages
Girls, because you have to do what.

…and who now wonders, why Sheila and I are actually findable everywhere, we make a good web designer (Sheila) and a good Suchmaschinenoptimiererin (myself) 😉

The different web designers I put a strong history:The search engine robot and webdesigners an Herz, he can learn something there 🙂

Edit: Not even two weeks later there was an html splash page, and some other changes such meadow a link of this page with the title “Polla Disaster” and the side stand to its name at # 1… Also Na, it works 🙂

GMF Mykonos

A funny article about the GMF Mykonos travel in the Tagesspiegel. Worth reading

The man on the photo ID card bears his dark hair short and slicked back, Type: Dressman. The Person, the record in this Sunday night to push through the check-in counter at the airport Schönefeld, wearing a bright tight leopard dress, long mane and lots of gloss on the lips; he calls himself “¾ Melli Magic”“. The clerk, gets handed the pass, looks irritated. Several times his eyes wander back and forth between passenger and photo. Short brooding, Then he puts the leopard lady a ticket from. Normal is nothing that night anyway, So just do not have to worry… [MORE]

Worth reading.

zum GMF und Bob Young, although not about this party. Here then is also finally my former question solved by name.

[youtube] = lUF9MRkVhA0[/youtube]

As German tourists abroad

GMF Club im Mandarin Casinos auf der Reeperbahn

Mandarin Kasino

Barbie BreakoutMany years ago, the Mojo Club was with his mix of soul and jazz dance floor one of the variables in the Hamburg club scene. By the idiosyncratic music Melange it was also an island in the Hamburg club scene, the least 13 Years was. (and this can hardly claim to a club of)

After this long time, joined the Mojo Club, because the bowling center, in which he was housed (also known as ugly vacant for many years, concrete block at the entrance to the Reeperbahn) should be demolished after years of back and forth, finally. That was in April 2003 – So almost four years ago.
The ugly concrete building still stands and there are in it for some time again celebrated Parties. The whole is now called Mojo Club but not more Mandarin Kasino, but generally something other music is still played here and it will be celebrated other parties, than elsewhere.

On the last Wednesday came here then the Berlin GMF Club below, of once a year aushäusig bored in Hamburg. With 4 DJs (Maringo, Zoe, Melli Magic and Barbie Breakout), Therefore, at least two tour buses and many cars fall of the Berlin in Hamburg – and they acted like tourists abroad. I was told, that was already in the bus neat caroused.

melli-magic.jpgWhen I arrived I found surprising, that the GFE Club in Hamburg has different rules, than in Berlin. Are entering and snake – GMF in Berlin unthinkable – the GMF in Hamburg unfortunately standard. (Kalt wars)

But it was much better attended than I expected. I've not seen a GMF-flyer on the relevant parties in Hamburg – and almost an empty casino Mandarin expected. However, it has got round and together with the Berliners it was really full.

Fully were also a lot of people, already at half past the Wasserspülkasten Example instance from were-kicked and all leather sofas and leather armchairs be occur. In general, the location was pretty run down.

Look around at the first came to me with the words Tatjana. “Hello, today all're here” Now, not all, but a number. As I have said Melli Magic and Barbie Breakout launched, Tatjana war da, :Gloria Viagra:, Polla Disaster and two girls, I did not know. Hamburg Drags is a collection of such enormous and certainly already beaten only by the CSD. Hamburger girls I have not seen.

Not even :Valery Pearl:… The good Valery has attended the party though, However, as a man. While I of course did not recognize it right, they recognized me and spoke to me.

“I will greet Miss Pearl”
“where is it?”
…looked exactly

zoe_.jpgHuman Human Valery, Here you're the queen. As the supreme hamburger Drag your city but you should not leave without a fight inside the Berlin, but show flag.

But they did not, instead they bleute to me, I have to put myself kindly to your monthly Pearls of the Night Party in Hamburg, wenn ich denn in Berlin wohne 😉 Mal sehen… I will certainly come from time to time to check on the rights.

The show of Melli Magic and Barbie Breakout this evening was somewhat arbitrary and somehow joined with little attention from the public. After I but now the one or the other show I saw, I must admit, tion war okay, but not great. Although Mellis performance of Whitney Houston in your time, than this no (or at least not as bad as today) Drugs wreck was, was actually okay.

Speaking of drugs: Sad, that there is always polladisaster.jpgDrugs victims must come, which do not have a firm grip. As well as the Mandarin Kasino Barbie announced shortly with the micro-, that drugs are probably not a problem in Berlin, that there are two women subject but please dispose of the security, these two drugs should wrecks. Not that it would really interest, but it would just look better, when they would say in retrospect, it would have interested… Not nice – but just honest.

Better than the show itself was the party. As per all felt like being on holiday, hardly one was allowed to drive or had, and you're on vacation like rauslässt the sow, was celebrated properly.

In the large room fairly normal in the music of Zoe (of which I again someday to have a photo with me for the rest), in a small space, in contrast to the usual suspects clearly exuberant divas. I believe ka.jpgsometime three Madonna tracks are played in a row (or simply a long remix??).

No matter the course of the party is actually almost always some trannies on the counter have found. Whether the show was of course no matter the fan with sake or for the sake of flying hair but is only a ordinary beer here. It was as always really just depends on, be seen.

I saw it, and the rest of the celebrating crowd also.

Does anyone know the guy right in the picture? I give you a hint. Laugh at it can be seen. Even more than the tattoo, weniger allerdings als durch die Verona Poth Stimme 😉 die man auf dem Bild nicht hören kann


Otherwise it was the usual Fotografiererei, from which I have pretty much kept out of me this time. there is only one picture of me, and that only, because I was asked to.


Insgesamt war the Party okay, but quite strange. Unlike Berlin parties and parties other than hamburgers – But strangely, neither as, noch with, nor between.