Rock & Roll X-Mas Nightmarket @ HBC.

I run with yes besides still a small site about Pin Up Rockabilly, Retro clothing and so I was not completely uninterested, when I saw the announcement on Rock & Roll X-Mas Nightmarket im HBC las.


Exciting brands and labels, where the issue of the night, for example, to the music of the Cry Babies Burlesque and Julietta La Doll. Exciting concept, now that does have to do with X-Mas and a little something like this also on 2. february or 25. July or or would be possible, but definitely a good idea, as to stop by.


It was not that easy, the HBC. to find. at least not for me, I had really no idea, exactly where I had to look for and also the address, the HBC. or their website has helped me a little. Questions by then, was the motto – and worked so – well – moderately. Nevertheless, I found the HBC. and thus the rock & Roll X-Mas Nightmarket.


Really a lot of new brands but I could not find as. Pony girl I know, of course, long and also the shops, which were exhibited there reasonably recognizable by the brands, they exhibited. The only exciting new label, that I met there was kissin Bomb, a rocking a Finnish designer label at absolutely fair prices.


But, if I could not learn much new brands, I was happy about but the secondary program. The Cry Babies, for example,, a Berlin-based band, I have seen so amazingly, on a visit to my hometown for the first time in Hamburg, and gave me back then liked it very much.


Or layer Julietta La Doll, I have indeed seen X times, but the white again and again to inspire with new numbers and amazing outfits. Yesterday, however, it was really difficult for them, because just problems with the music to their number somehow.. A misfire followed the previous and next accompanied the. As if the DJ slapped on the CD player every few seconds times… Too bad. …Outfit of Aber… a dream.


I had expected non, to meet my ex-colleague, but there was probably a little earlier… too bad.

Burlesque Show Glitteresque

Burlesque Show Glitteresque

In Hamburg ist klar, where you can see a good burlesque show. Natürlich im Queen Calavera. In Berlin, the whole is somewhat unclear. Times one finds that at the Admiral Palace, times in Roadrunners Paradise, but always on Miss La Juliettas Glitteresque, However, the turn off and on ist.Dieses elsewhere once she was first in the Chillout Lounge.

I had actually canceled, I could probably go out, by my Doctor at noon had a face, I did not want to show the public. Since, however, was not as bad as expected, However, I still did not want to burden them with makeup, I arrived just as a man with, while Sheila course the usual way Wara € |. I never do again. Nobody paid attention to me, all ran past me. Just two people-he knew me at first sight, some more on the second and I had to get some new vorstellenâ € | Nene, that's not for me, This masculine appearance on Saturday night.. at least not in circles, actually only know me as Zoe. But back to Glitteresqueâ € | and Queen Calaveraâ € |. Because there is a rain of burlesque dancers exchange between Hamburg and Berlin. Actually, all major central Berlin have their burlesque show ever presented on the stage and also small hamburger hamburger burlesque dancers are not too rare in Berlin. Stood that evening 10 Burlesque shows on the list and Golden Treasure, Member of the Hamburg Harbour Pearls should deny some of them. In addition, of course, Julietta La Doll herself, Mama Lita, Mrs. Pepper and newcomer as well as Scarlett O'Hara with a show.

It started with Furios Golden Treasure, showed the same one of their great costumes. Under a sweeping buttocks, Beyonce would have done that a jealous and an equally expansive top, would be the size of Dolly Buster cry but hid the expected but not a fruit basket, would have meant the multiple Tagesosis any vitamins, hätte one possible Golden Treasure geknabbert. But they freed themselves of these vitamins and clothing – to the mandatory pasties

This quality was Mrs. Pepper then not really hold. Neither originality nor of course in costume they came up to Golden Treasure. Her first appearance was a rather boring performance to Big Spender, which has not really blown away. Much better was her second appearance, but showed a lot of enthusiasm on the. But I must confess, I this Diamands Are a Girls Best Friend soon can not hear. Maybe it's a classic, but it's just a classic, I've heard and seen very often. Who is tempted to give this song always competitors to Marily, Madonna, Kylie and even Moulin Rouge. Since we can only lose.

Do not Miss Mama has never lost Ulita, but that was pretty with their own songs. 20he is arrested her style and thus also their costumes and the songs in this period years. Mama Lita ueigte, on what all can be waived on an already tight costume – and that is a whole lot, and not much clothing on her was. But really, you could not be sure exactly located, because she made it with flying colors, to conceal everything with two large compartments peacock feathers. Pretty great.

There was the only newcomer this evening. Scarlett O Honey. I have no idea, how many times has she been standing on a stage, however, announced when the newcomer, probably not too often, perhaps never. But that did not bother, because she moved on stage like an old doe, with the subjects they could get along like a great and without doubt it is one of the sweetest phenomena, that I've seen on burlesque show stages lately. Since it is expected more.

The last sentence I can say without hesitation leave as, when it comes to Julietta La Doll. No question. From her but is expected to not only more, but it has already shown much much more. Of course they can not ask, to give up their own party also a burlesque show at best. She looks always made, as if she could butter would not melt and therefore the role of the sweet innocent girls tailored to a tee. â € | When they perform the way, I noticed for the first time, what skills the girls have developed, to open laced corsets on the back. This is worthy of all honor.

But with all the beautiful performances I do not want to worry about, that impressed me most Golden Treasure. Their performances are artistic class, they have wit, Golden Treasure takes itself too seriously, and their costumes are simply amazing. Whether as a Hawaiian girl with fruit, whether as a great swan with white feathers or a medley of Freddie Quinn and various James Bond songs, all the costumes have cost with safety at work. You inspired me and not only me.

Speaking of inspiring. Lady Lou held a small raffle, where it was about a burlesque dance course in studio beauty. Five volunteer girls should show, how well they deal with pasties can Kà ¶. (on the clothes, of course,).. But honestly, was five in all for not so great. Nevertheless ¼ rte Lady Lou-kA Siegerinà ¢ â, ¬  | at least, almost, because at the last moment came a mà ¤ MALE voice from the audience à ¢ â, ¬ Å "I can do better than you all collaboratio ¢ â, ¬  à ¢ â, ¬  | who says something like this, the need to prove it – and he did it: The pasties swung in fact better than all five Mà ¤ dels and he was the undisputed Burlesque this course. Unfortunately, the studio nheitstanz Schà ¶ à ¢ â, ¬ Å "strictly for womenâ ¢ â, ¬ Â

Overall, this was a spectacular burlesque show, that was offered to us there. Ten appearances, many of which were really good. The La Glitteresque's always worth a visit. Only the next time please back as Zoe.

Boylesque – Burlesque for men

I'm not sure, whether the Constantine white, what he has decided on Wochenenende or what has been decided for him, but I can do now because times facts.

Someone asked me at the weekend on the Glitteresque, if I was there, join a burlesque workshop… Now there are burlesque workshops almost every corner, but, at issue in this question, is a somewhat different. It is about men, Also sozusagen one Boylesque.

According Natallia Baturova and Agata Lattka beauty dance studio they probably get a lot of requests for relatively amazingly Burlesque workshops for men, but had been unfortunately due to lack of “Teachers” and so avert such a course never came into existence. That may change now perhaps… Last weekend was Coco, asked the Confronciere the monthly Boheme Sauvage, whether he could imagine, to conduct such a course…

Agata & Natallia

Whether that was the alcohol, that he was not averse, I do not judge – but the next day because he was still on fire, I have to assume, that he is serious. Now Coco is a Bühnenrampensau, He stitched and is also a nice weekend Menstrip have organized in small groups. He is so artistic, like dancing the right person for a workshop Boylesque. In addition, he has naturally beauty dancing in the studio the right support, Teaching, for example, but there have Lady Lou, Xarah of the frequent rain or Miss Julietta. – But just so far only women.

Coco and his first victim

Than boys, mailt dem Beauty Dance Studio ever, so they quickly arrest Coco. And girls, would not such a workshop Boylesque a nice Christmas gift for your loved ones?

The Glitteresque – Berlin Burlesque Party

The Glitteresque – Berlin Burlesque Party


Pretty much almost three months ago was the primitive bar in Berlin Friedrichshain with a nice party with three performances of Bulesque Taschana and Julietta La Doll opened. A nice little bar with an even smaller stage and especially a very low stage. Should Heissen: Unfortunately, only the first row could see well…. That was still expandable. But a good start.

That said, probably also Julietta and decided, to make it a party series. The Glitteresque!

Glitter, Glam and Burlesque will now occur in the month mode in the primitive bar and thus hopefully many enthusiastic spectators…. It worked first time on Friday this very well. La Glitteresque was a success voler: The Bar war gerammelt Voll, Julietta was able to convince the bar, that the stage had to be at least three times as high, the girls at the bar were great and most of the guests were thrilled. Smaller flow margins, the first of a party are owed, fall there really no weight, even if a couple wanted to make the faith. Julietta konnte – , and was – be happy in the end. Her first party was a success and so it can go on. But to the matter:

Three girls were on stage: Julietta La Doll und Taschana, as three months ago, plus Lady Lou.

The likable New Zealander Lady Lou, already a long time in London Burlesque dancing has filed a maternity leave and speak celebrated at La Glitteresque her comeback. We already talked to the last Boheme Sauvage with her and she trusted to Sheila, that it would probably exciting, To watch her performance. In London, she thinks, it was almost hard, yet to find a location, still standing in the Burlesque on the program, in Germany it was still all a bit in the early stages, but it evolves. They are also teaching in the area in Beauty Dance Studio.

The stage in the primitive she shared with a small poodle, whose name I have unfortunately forgotten, and with Fred, a man in the … Well let's say something more than the best age. Our Sugardaddy eben, was supposed to be an easy game to Seduce. .. In this case, but I'm not quite sure, he was so motionless, that he seemed to schalfen. He was probably also the only, because all the others were enthusiastic.


But the performance of Julietta La Doll was also inspiring. Great and romantic. About 6 Minutes but not too long. Ein tolles Outfit, eine tolle Show. Unfortunately, you can not at all see the green in the red glow as good, but I refer here before even coming to the report of the Girl in a Hot Rod Party of Inga, Julietta where this number also brought. – In better quality camera. Five pieces Julietta has been and is working on a sixth. I know of two. So stay still for the first four. Looking forward to it, more to see.


In Taschana there were also “more than can be seen”. The lady is just huge and blew at her first appearance as my camera lens. Luckily I was the second appearance “Goldfinger” far enough back, to perpetuate them all on the lens can. Now Goldfinger's also quite a standard, I've seen a few times on stage, and I must confess, at Stella Destroy with its Version of Goldfinger kam nicht ran Taschana. But decide for themselves.


Otherwise it was a very nice evening with many of the usual suspects. Constantine (Coco) might look somewhat surprising, was discussed as it “Caution, do not be surprised, Zoe is just behind you…” and smiled at him, a type… Da brauchte er ein paar Zehntelsekunden um das einzuordnen 🙂

Unfortunately, I missed after another great aftershow Birthday Party, probably took the really strange trains, probably the better of any pictures or videos but would have to be made.