Lena Hoschek Runway, BBB & Aftershow Party

Lena Hoschek Runway, BBB & Aftershow Party

After I got the last time actually getting great Lena Hoschek show skipped or missed, this year's Berlin Fashion Week brought me again to, is time to view the oeuvre of the great designer from Vienna again.


My colleague Jasmine joined me there and we should have a nice day in berlin fashion world - much to the dismay of her friends, the more envious asked by cell phone, why she was at Fashion Week and thought "Damn why I'm not there"…


As it eats now times and they had every reason to be jealous, should the Lena Hoschek Runway yet turn out to be great.

Because football and fan mile Fashion Week moved into an ice rink in Wedding - a sure-coming Sadtteil - but clearly not center with the glamor factor of Berlin and the Brandenburg Gate. But who needs it, for the C-X celebrities, visit the most runways of Fashion Week which is actually just right.


Lena but are still to some really exciting people there - oh yeah, and especially exciting fashion.


The very first model and the first outfit was a small applause and I thought – "Yep, which is something - this is exciting, " – great models and even crazier creations, bunt, beautiful, female. In between loosened with a long dark dress, that certainly would have as the Endkleid can go through - but far from it, then it went off again properly and the whole thing ended with a great - of course wedding dress.


Next time I need somehow to the forefront create, but could be good photos for my site Pinup Fashion make very difficult.


In any case, I would have hanged me this time all the clothes in the closet - but only under the premise, someone gives me his credit card with unlimited limit 😉 It was definitely their best show since the bondage show with the many Bettie Pages - and the audience saw it the applause after just.


After that I had actually going, me to peel out of my great Dahlia Dress Lolita Girl Clothing at the London Edge and the Bread & to visit butter, but hey, what the hell, we just drove right on. The London Edge was interesting to sniff at times purchase prices and cry (considering, what you pay for itself)… Sometime I make an online shop, just purchase prices to get 😉


At Bread & Butter Berlin we wanted to stay in the Vintage range on the runway, but the weather they probably wanted to punish them for the partial relocation to Berlin and unwetterte properly - so, that the outside area was completely blocked and the rain, the paved away from above and below in the hangar.


We marketed and then the time when kickers and in the press (I was there reading - Working Jasmin on day off…


And so the evening ended well, we visited the Lena Hoschek after-show party in the new Bikinihaus… It was the day of the 7:1 Victory against Brazil and the game was transferred to the party… However, we missed everything. The first two goals for delay and the next three goals between guest list Counter and Bar… After that was at the game then do not care and we talked and prefer nice guests, Known, Promoters and unknowns… As with the lady, who wanted to tell me all Ernst's, Berlin is fashion moderately dead, because well-known designers no longer come to Fashion Week.


My opinion is, even if the Berlin Fashion Week was dead, Berlin is not – they just do not look good enough towards. I told her various Berlin fashion label of which they knew not one - because they deny just no runways and not so well known are.


If only Runways known designers and B-X celebrities represent a vibrant city, then Berlin may like to be dead, but as long as Lena Hoschek aligns still a Runway, solange, Yvonne Warmbier, Lüllepop, Froßen Hibiscus, Redcat 7 Kitsch-Nation, produce and many other fashion, Berlin is not dead to me.

great day, Tolle Show, Great after show - only the lost football match against Jasmin, really would not have to be ... I wish I could now simply say… The nights time I win - but I'm afraid, the rematch already existed, and guess, who won there… And! Exactly. Not me!


Oh, should want to know someone, where there is this great dress, I've recently seen on a screen and Pandora Boxx: Lolita Girl Clothing 😉

All preparation for naught

I'm not exactly known, that I prepare to live unimportant things overly encompassing. Friday afternoon, I still do not know in general, I thus exaggerating the weekend and during the week in front of the CSD and I usually did not have a clue, I'm going to wear so.

Clear: something now and bib, But strangely, somehow much more common smooth. Over the last 37 umm 27 😉 Jahre habe ich mir das “it works somehow” made a life motto and stay as still reasonably quiet, when others would freak out… I rarely break out of that practice from.

So zum London Burlesque Festival… Es war Lange Klara, that we go theremovewould fly, an accommodation was booked, the flight as well, and the date was also kler, as the theme “Burlesque”… Time, all times to address different. A nice outfit had to be. Greenery – and black. Corset, Burlesque-Rock, great shoes.

brocade-stripe-green-burlesque-overbust-my-010-azs--2714-pthe right green-black corset I found at corset-de.com… seltsame Domain, and, but it seems pretty good corsets for a fair price, at least, wenns, holds, what was promised. So I ordered, at the same time I found a simple skirt burlesque and elsewhere around the whole round I ordered great, green glitter high heels Bordello. Tolll planted all fertig. Now wait and enjoy, to have a nice outfit…


But it's so easy then just Soch sometimes not – In this case, at least…. the rock came quickly, but was soooo exciting not… There are, however, Idee im KDW , green-black feathers for pig prices and the seamstress my choice in the Orange Street. Pimp is the motto. Also worked well, Hooks on the matter. The Bordello also came and fit – Also a hook. With the corset on the other hand it was not so easy.

The order was lost somehow – sollte ich irgendwann einmal einen Nachbarn oder den Briefträger in einem grün schwarzen Korsett sehen, I might also find, where the item is abgeblieben. Arrived At least for me it is not. Goofy…

So now something urgent, a new attempt… Unfortunately, my postman has to get the last one and there was no more, So it had to be made only. Precious time. … The ladies and gentlemen, but gave gas and sent it off immediately – AND it came to.

What can I say:
Design: agreed,
Quality: extremely good for the price
Height: uuuh knapppppp.

True to my currency “That works out somehow”… pack up and head off to London.

Unfortunately, I had to say, but then Diana, that they would not let me go home so unless it is clearly too small, and you should see that very clearly in the non-closed flap back. And with a heavy heart I had to admit: She was right….


So now that I had a great outfit with glittering Bordello, a really pimped skirt and a great quality corset ….which to me was too small – and then went to a – even great – but comparatively simple dress to London Burlesque Festival.

Mark: Planning brings a not much further.

eggs, some will say now: “Good planning with enough time and meticulousness already”, for that I'm just mediocre but obviously made.

But I plan to continue: Since the quality is really great and the corset is, I brought it to my seamstress choice Friday, the flap to extend significantly… Let's see, whether it hinhaut, but otherwise I buy this whole outfit in French Market Stitch, which is also green-black, allerdings auch einige Male teurer 😉

Photo shoot at the port for Sahneschnitte

A year ago, the Obsession me Karin from Sahneschnitte a wonderful red, tailored velvet dress on the body. But somehow still missing, dazu ein paar schöne Bilder für ihre Homepages zu schiessen. Da ich gerade Urlaub habe, met the outstanding, times after Hamburg to ride and shoot these images at the port once.

Karin actually had the old coal steamer “Anna” ausgeguckt, However, there turned out on a sample inspection with her photographer, that the ship is not big enough, for me to get a total of the shoes to the head on an image.. Since dress would still just fit but without legs and head… nene, that would have been nothing.

Nevertheless, we met down at the Museum Övelgönne, to look at times, which imagery would still so questioned. A ship itself not, so my images will remain on the Rickmer Rickmers unique, but a little bit of wanderlust comes at the end certainly over yet, Unfortunately, I have only 4 get unprocessed images, but time is, Images come and there is something else behind…

Something funny, people have looked as though, waiting for the ferry or Hadag came from these same, felt disturbed but none of us has… Rather the other way around. Thus came a ferry with a class on school trip, which could hardly tear myself away from us, until the teacher has something rabid and the boys and girls to “come” abkommandierte.

Before, I had to answer some of the usual questions, why I so rumliefe (Photos for dress), if it was hard to run on the shoes (not with a little practice) and why I want to be a woman because (yn ich garnicht) … especially the answer to the last question I found amazing… namely that consisted of a simple “OK” no questions asked..

As I was then in a sheltered corner next to a cell phone (what has to be actually looking at this pontoon in the harbor museum) moved from the spring dress in a simple dress, just one more rushing Ferry with a packed upper deck at… Man man, ich muss auch überall Aufsehen erregen 🙂

In any case, we made up with a picture of my little notches, that me at the port with a “Hamburg Süd” Container ship shows. The drive now not on the Spree, they bear the word “Hamburg” in itself, and finally, my father for the shipping company is driven times… Long here allerdings.

Then it was on to the Nina Borg Horst…

Primark Berlin

“Oh this is so cool, I feel like in paradise – in 7. Heaven”

Quote of girls, which ran in the Castle Street Centre with shining eyes and a bulging pocket with the new Primark store in Berlin.

I have the feeling, as this shop is a huge success

Quote a Security of Primark Stores Mannn to his colleagues, shaking his head that looked at the amount.

Primark Pockets 12 €

I do not know exactly, But somewhere on the Internet on Facebook I read I the new Primark store, The last week was opened in Berlin and with “Amazing Fashion, Amazing Prices” advertises… 5000 m² and probably great.

To see times,if that's true, I sat in my car, took a huge detour, because I mistook Steglitz and Zehlendorf only village in numbers my iphone for the right Adrsesse asked.

Primark shoes 18 € + 15 € + 12 € = 45 €

No matter, I was definitely in healing and must confess, the advertising slogan did not tell too much. Really great in clothes obviously really good quality at ridiculously low prices.

Who thought, H&M would be favorable… Forget it!, who finds the Aisa-Import Shop for shoes around the corner low, forget also the. Primark ist genial. And I could not stop myself.

Dress 17 € + BH 8 € + 2 x 4 € = 33 €

Three pairs of shoes, a great bag, a dress, BH, 2 Slips for as much as only 91 €… The mere three shoes and the bag for just 57 €… and all in great quality… I mean Halloooooo? H&M, Pimkie, Tally Weill take that… Oh, and all the shoes up to size 42 !!! hallo Janka 🙂

and in a few weeks is the invite maybe not quite so full of blissful girls, as last weekend …

I definitely am in love already in the store. Unfortunately, he is so far away… but it should get a second store on Alexanderplatz… only where there is so much space?