Shenzhen – in search of a bag

I had to once again return to the Luohu commercial center in Shenzhen to pick up my business suit.

It was a task to me by bkannter and confidant page, I should of put me with all his ambition and eagerness. Even before my departure, I had a status message in my Facebook Account, but rather testified seemingly for fun, ” You bring me a nice handbag with”

When I told him about my visit to Shenzhen and also said, that since I have to go there again, please, the specialized. “You can see times, whether they have this bag? Up to 40 € it must not cost…

louis vuitton

Hmm, Louis Vuitton and neither material, in color from the standard brown-golden model. That could be difficult, but asking costs nothing – except nerve, is as simple as asking in Shenzhen - Luohu Commercial Center not, so that one goes more or less in the hands of the respective seller, only then can the one from the store, if you bought something…

In the very first case of perhaps a hundred shops in this center – I let myself into the pure pull willingly, there was not this bag. At least not visible, but in the second of two large suitcases full lookbook there was this bag – and Large, Medium and small… Showed some phone calls to anyone, there are these pockets somewhere here… Now I was not left out of the shop more, as I looked at that and medium Lagre me and inspect it could, that it really “best quality” was. Waiting for these bags, who were brought from any cellar lasted about 10 Minutes more 5 Minutes, the haggling over the price.

Okay, no standard pocket and therefore 1690 Narrow yuan 181 € but she could make me a great offer in 1500…. F-O-R-G-E-T – I-T. I would have to enter a different price in the calculator now, but what is a normal price for an irregular pocket, I had no idea… so I asked further.

Surprisingly, the further I asked, the more it went downhill with the price. 1200, 860, 700, 640. I suppose, that at the other end of the phone line anyway always sat in the same person… With 640 was also the end for a person like Feilschunbedarfte reached me.

I then left the store still debated without end around, threw 400 Yuan to simmer in the ring and had it for a while. To hochzuhandeln the price I had to look closely at it yet and I were the differences in poor forgery – shown that there were… but under 480 yuan was nothing to do.

I did not buy, since given me the price of 40 € has not been reached. And I also could not use the phone with China Mobile. Goofy somehow! ….And that cost me three hours now determined.

Exciting but, that there are a quarter of an hour was between, in which each store, I visited on a sudden no more brand Chen had… And, the disbursements, were cleared away quickly. I should in 10 Minutes to come back again… Somewhere there probably ran through the police center… I have not seen, but the wildfire has spread rapidly.

Oh, and EUBAM fitting for the costume would have been good, Now, I'll now do in Berlin.