Lena Hoschek Berlin

Lena Hoschek Runway @ Berlin Fashionweek 2011


Lena Hoschek accompanied me now for quite a while, since for the first time a fashion show in Zurich on the I Artists Charity Night had seen, which was already pretty impressed and excited me.

Lena Hoschek

Some time later they followed me to Berlin… More times to Berlin Fashion Week since – I believe – three years and then since last year with an official Lena Hoschek Store at Berlin, I have not visited for the sake of minimizing output…. That needs to change times, however, strongly.

Lena Hoschek Sommerkleid

But unlike the Berlin store I visit the fashion shows, if it is possible for me. Two years ago I took for a half-day holiday. This time I invested for Lena Hoschek, Premium die, Bread & Butter and the Underground Catwalk an entire day. Immerhin 1/28tel meines Jahresurlaub 🙂

Lena Hoschek Runway

But it was worth it, because the show was really great. Normally, it's rarely in such shows as, shown that the clothing is actually suitable for everyday use, sometimes clothing to a fashion week shows not even wearable. Not so with Lena Hoschek. At least not this year… On the contrary:

Lena Hoschek Modenschau

All the pieces were summer, sweet, sometimes floral, Mediterranean and, above all, extremely portable. Often it is so, that you then found one or two nice pieces at the end of these shows, In this case, however, I would have hung almost the entire collection in my closet… – So once accepted, I would have someone financed… But something is always. 🙂


This year I was even considered in any case with a really great benummerten place in the second row. Thanks for that. Amazingly, I sat next to Mrs. Wolf, which also wanted to see in male covering the Lena Hoschek Show.. For that, that we akrreditierten us completely independent of each other which is pretty amazing – or a very very attentive court order, the organizer.

Mirja Du Mont

But there was also a first series, sat in a few well-known personalities, I knew again not usually. Except maybe Mirja Dumont, that even I recognized and was a great Light Apparel. Also a cute outfit wearing a girl, that struck me at the entrance. Einen floralen Everywhere. It turned out, dass es Sila Sahin war, gzsz first Turkish woman and an actress on the cover of Playboy. Look at that. In any case, they took a seat in front of me.

Sila Sahin

But not only do I not recognize people. So I grabbed a photographer to chat, emerged as Lorielle London. First of all fought hard to the best picture of you to ask then:

Who is that really?
Lorielle London!
and what is the
does Trance

Aaah, and… well wrong is not the, though not very nice, but whatever.

Lorielle London

Back to the show: I read, that any models are run there from Germanys next top models there, then I do not care which is realtiv, sodenn it because in the right clothes – occur in nice clothes and speak as I said that was the case. My two favorites were this Spanish-themed dress

Lena Hoschek Spanisches Kleid

and of course the great wedding dress:

Lena Hoschek Brautkleid

Overall, I noticed only positive reactions this year Lena Hoschek Show, all were pretty excited and I also.

Lena Hoschek Fashion Show

Berlin Lena Hoschek Show


I can not say with certainty, I've seen the two most exciting shows at Berlin Fashion Week, I, unfortunately, not accredited was. For the Underground Catwalk however it was again this year easily and with a reference to the Artists Charity Night in the last year in Zurich, and my contribution was not a problem, Get Einladungenzur Lena Hoschek Fashion Show at Fashion Week Berlin and going there with Dani, which also had a ticket.

lena hoschek berlin

Even in Zurich I found Lena Hoschek – neben Eve Gallagher – as the Highlite of the evening, their outstanding fashion models and their wonderfully different from the typical model of the typical fashion shows. So this time again, But more on that later. Is fixed, it ahttenmanche models this year it really hard with her.


Unfortunately, I only hatet 6/8 of the day off and had to choose between the Lena Hoschek Show and the visit to the Bread & Butter still a meeting in the company. In order not to appear there in a pencil skirt, or at least in the flower summer dress, I attended the show completely underdressed and boring. That will not happen to me again, because the cameras would have been sure, because honestly – the majority of the audience is not marked by exciting clothing in the style of Lena Hoschek.


One of the two Klitschkos, Jenny Elvers, a wannabe pinup and much chest and lips, which turned out to be Dolly Buster, to some of Germany's Next Top Model, the contestants were probably the most important people, but not the most exciting… do you mean not exciting for me. The cameras and photographers saw the different nature and sought other names as Katya Cintja or Lexi Light… Is quite.

Katja Cintja @ Lena Hoschek show

But we were there to see to yes, what is and is not seeing IN BEFORE Lena Hoschek Catwalk. And that could be described with four words: floral, rivets, black, Latex. She designs so wonderful dresses in the style of the 50s and 60s. Often floral dresses Floral, you love to, innocent girl would imagine at some summer days.


But Lena Hoschek girls, er models are certainly not sweet and definitely not innocent act on the catwalk. Whilst the music echoes of bands like the Ramones and move it down the catwalk dressed up in high heels and latex stockings. These plays Lena Hoschek with accessories such as studded belts. Also probably a reminiscence of the punk, the actually went off until well after the favourisiserten of their time…


Another reminiscence was clear and made life difficult for standard models, only because the whole show was black hairstyle with bangs. On the whole, then, a Bettie Page Style. Blonde model had no chance with her, but I think, that because one or the other wig must have been in the game. In any case, it was refreshing, to see, it was even a few models, from the typical “I'm a runway model and should act terribly Untouchable” differed and apparently even had some fun.


Dani next to me would have liked to taken everything and I would have gladly filled the closet with their designs, but that can catch up soon, because there will be from August a Berlin Lena Hoschek Store, although I do not know yet, where, will certainly prove that soon.


comic types and nothing else

vier Rentals – hardly content

What to write to an evening course, to the fact that little is done? Accommodate much and I still have a video and some pictures, So therefore some text accompanying another evening.

The Fashion Show Pony girl and the short party was over and we pulled it off oin the early evening. Since they also had in mind nothing, we took with Nico and thought about, to drive to the infamous Royal, should there this evening but occur Berlin chicks, Nico also wanted to see the party once. So why not.

Before the stage, however, very shady characters roamed around. Der Grund was the Baby Party, which was held for the first time in a disco, whose name I have forgotten. A monkey, a Leo in a very real catsuit, a zany made-giant and a few other characters mer, who made there advertising and koberten people in the disco… Now we do not. But for a pair of images is of course still time.

Across the whole town went to the infamous Royal. Nelly Farouche was kind, to put us on the guest list. Thanks for that. Unfortunately, the party was attended only as moderately good and also not really lift the mood at. For a cocktail and some delicious sandwiches the infamous Royal but should be good in any case and should we still expect a little burlesque show. We looked at the course and then made our way again to the further.


Nina Queers hoe sealing Party at Loreley was the next idea, something to do. Unfortunately, the Lorelei was a little worse than the infamous Royal visit. Thus, here the mood was rather Mau. …Unfortunately, this is also not change at this party, According to Nina because it was the last of its kind, because if this party series no one apparently really interested they can spend their evenings otherwise. Just as we.

Nico had heard from a friend, who was in Insomnia, that the music was there droßartig. It was a special party and it would play rockabilly.. Rockabilly im Insomnia? I would surprise me, but why not. We drove through the town towards Insomnia, were about as long as a car park, as we later stayed in there. The two Turks, who tried to smuggle us, However, there were even fewer long, because the bouncer escorted immediately BEFORE the door…. We were after all still a whole Strawberry Colada in Insomnia, gray rarely us a little in front of some people and went with the motto “It can really only get better” but without Nico towards Kumpelnest 3000 more, where actually wanted to celebrate the Teaserettes yet..

But it was not better. Instead of Teaserettes we found only “Dieter from the counter” So a teaser and not much else more. Cocktails there was no more unfortunately,, So we had another short drink, still drove just past Burger King and declared this evening succeeded for little and finished for… The only bright spot was the fashion show. Now it can not just be any great evening, last week it was extremely well.

Pony Girl Fashion Show

The Teaserettes on the Pony Girl Fashion Show


Nomaleweise yes we pull off on Saturday. This has the advantage, that you can prepare in peace for the evening and can style in peace…. It is more difficult, when we go out on Fridays, harder, when it starts earlier than normal. So it was this Friday, because the Pony Girls burlesque fashion show with the Teaserettes was already at half 10 start.

So ready to work, jets home, Sheila welcome, which since 2 1/2 Deal made with me for hours.. I had significantly less total time, but we wanted to see the entire show pony girls…. Accordingly, Sheila readily and often stood next to me to drive me, but freely according to their own motto “As long as I'm not ready – not” I needed something more…


So seen from the Schaubüne at times, what Valena Fürstenberg of pony girl so has in their collection. But before the show the love God even find a parking space has set, designed and located on the Kurfürstendamm really difficult. I guess we kamenso 5-7 by half, the firm conviction, that the fashion show would already be delayed by a few minutes.. But the Teaserettes are not the girls in the asylum house and began before our arrival.

So we came in, still saw a half gigs and already were in the break. Damage, but there was the possibility, and, All times just present as Tara La Luna or Nico to greet and take some warm drinks to us. …The cooling system had failed. However, whether it was because of the heat, that Sandy Beach after that splashed on stage with water, I do not know. Maybe they just wanted to mess up only the pony girls outfit is so, dass sie es bahalten dürfte 😉


..Now on jedern case there was still a pause after the second set of appearances and that was well worth seeing. And, when the Teaserettes began earlier than it would do the girls in the asylum House, there were still some similarities. It was herumgesaut with flour and various liquids, it was fake snorted coke on stage and it was generally very worth seeing. And finally, the show was – as in the wrong house – too short, because the show was ended much too quickly.

Unfortunately, most of the guests then moved tions output and so the party did not really after ingange. So we chatted a bit and went with derm dissolving the party on a long journey through the night early by Berlin.