The fashion of the 80s? A disaster!

The fashion of the 80s – and I will not argue with me – was really a disaster.

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Had this decade spawned not so great music, it would be a long time because of the sins in a fashion “iiiich??? Never” Drifted with the past.

But it is not, as you may already know it alone, that it is the fashion of the 80's apparently coming back extremely. No matter, where one is shopping, it lights Neongeld, Pink neon green, or at least, Headbands and Wristbands are sold at once again. These leggings, I do not have a reason last year have described terrorism as fashion. All that is at once back.

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Some of it I find quite nice, But the 80 true even worse. It could be only a decade, in which a blond guy in a white balloon silk tracksuit, there so tat, when he would play guitar and also another type, a large chain Nora, could be successfully rich, or in the rocker with a long mat and perms were in fashion.

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It was the decade, in der Frau Kernels – no not the woman by Johannes B., sondern Nena – 99 Balloons and sang showed, the armpits en vouge may be. A fallacy in my opinion. Ever, the hair… Backcombed, punky, gelled, Braid to the side and of course the perm. Some great, much of it was just bad

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As I said, the fashion of the 80s was cruel, the hits of the 80s, the decade but have saved more than. Although there are individual songs, you can not hear for a long time, so this decade should probably also be described as a music revolution.

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In Germany, the German new wave of charm with, for example, was just Nena. I myself was still young and inexperienced and can still remember, I saw the hit parade with my parents sometime and annoyed me, just those that could hat.Ich won but graoßertigen song by Roger Whittaker me did not explain. Shame on me. As I said, I was still very young and that I now 4 Nena-plates and their live CD's my own call is more than just its own reassurance for myself.

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But then I got used to it very quickly to the music and I loved it. Like so much of the new German wave, as well as the foreign Hits of the 80s. Madonna began her career, Michael Jackson, Prince and George Michael had their best phase, A-Ha and Blondie, U2 or Depeche Mode are allowed hits in the 80s should not be missed, as well as Kim Wilde or CC Catch

In addition there are some exotics, who were in the 80s as. Boy George, Vince Clark und Andy Bell als Erasure, Soft Cell and and and.

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Musically a great decade, if there is not just the fashion

Leggings – Fashion sin or Fashionitem?

LegginsIt's summer – well almost at least.

It is warm and the skirts on the streets, more and shorter. Is not that one of the reasons, why we all love the summer, as? At least for me it is so. Man(n) looks just like. This summer, however, the experience is somehow tarnished, because a long ausgemerztes evils of the fashion world this year is somehow difficult in the coming.

Nobody knows why, but at a time through all women with leggings under their skirts and dresses around – because it will make everyone else. These leggings like to have then gone on a completely different color than the rest of the outfit.

Yesterday I had my colleague say with a heavy heart, that your leggings to actually very nice summer dress over DISAGREE goes. That was not nice of me, but at least honest.

Vogue writes:

Nr Modesünde. 6
One dark tights Floral skirt for summer is a no-go: If it absolutely must be stockings, then you prefer to spray the œ à ¢ € â € the extremely fine make-up from the spray covers imperfections, Pores and capillaries almost as well as from its textile counterparts.

leggings2.gifOkay, I admit, Vogue writes here not explicitly leggings, but you can believe me, that black leggings under Blümchenkleid not better than black Strumpfhosen.Mädels, Fashion is terrorism in its purest.

Does something like this not with, burns your leggings, Your pass shaved legs and let this fashion quickly and without dead to us.

Only once as an example:
I think leggings under skirts have approximately the same as Modesündeingrad pink sweatbands, Sandals with socks or string bikini with cellulite.

Please, please stop!