Myfest 2013

Myfest 2013

The Myfest remains for me the best street festival world - at least! I know, that some people see things differently and for those that Myfest a "hard fucking police" is. Okay, then just the world's best police hard. I am also satisfied with.


Although I realize, how Kreuzberg changed slowly but surely, thus keeping the issue of gentrification felt here still within limits. The Orange Street is still alive, when I look at the Oranienplatz, I look at Refugee Camp, something, what would be hardly to unthinkable in other parts of the city and I feel generally more comfortable.


I think it's also okay, when on May 1 is not a police state of emergency, burn and no cars. Place in the face give it to the ears and such right. Punk, Indie, Reggae and dancehall, Hip Hop, World Music, Electro and even some with a more x (= Large number) to make the platforms Myfest simply a pleasure.


It's just not a commercialized festival, Becks no stage, kein West Power Tower, no Carlsberg beer stand or Bacardi cocktail as. Anwohnende residents and traders provide food and bars, Tavern etc. for the beverage and sound. And which is, that the Orange Street and all side streets until midnight are pickepackevoll and having to burn cars ...


I love the Myfest for girls punk band like the Diva or the collective simply superb beatboxer at the underground station Skalitzer Street. For me, every day could be ... Although Myfest, I would not be happy ... Let's leave it there so once a year and we hope, that the district not eventually cancel any, because Kreuzberg has become quiet.

So stay loud

No fear of Punk

No fear of Punk
Or: Rampage made other

I had to read in Wednesday, I really wanted to look after the result of the Friday game of the Bundesliga. Spiegel Online wrote of worst riots in Kreuzberg and I have heard nothing of all this. Who was always aucgh, Punks, who had just gathered with me in front of the stage and the drinking devil Towerblocks heard – and there were a lot – had nothing to do with it. In general, it seemed to me the whole from other factors likely, But it elsewhere more.


So on the Trinkteufel stage played the tower block and the verse “Be proud to be Punk, be proud to be psycho or maybe a skinhead” I was able to write so absolutely. Okay okay, I am neither the one nor the other, and not the last, but I come from the musical corner with loud and dirty. or loud and melodic. Tower Blocks and offered the. It was interesting for me, it was super peaceful. Both guests and security were completely relaxed. Ein Punk, who was drunk was picked by several other of the fence and if he once was but he came across as more friendly way captured by security and wiieder brought before the barrier. Super Security.

In general we can only congratulate the makers of Myfest. Great organization, abandoned but good enough and Security, and even paid Bottle Collectors, einsammelten the potential hurling.


What the music was concerned has won this year's Trinkteufel stage against the Coretex stage. Good indess and populated by masses of elaborate hairstyles and Mohawk Flats were both stages. And it has nothing on the printout “populated” done, was later than elsewhere rampage. The beautiful proverb “Since the punk goes from” not true, which went on and off the stage from. For example, even with The Headlines, whose Bassistig clearly got points for her hair, while in front kick these points rather went to the men on lead guitar. In any case, it was about and attitude to music, However, not to rampage. The meaning of Myfest was so absolutely on.

Subsequently, than most theaters had already been shut down, I danced at the Viva Con Aqua stage and no 30 Meters burned it then still. Adolescents with – as they say – Migration background burned on the street and cardboard cartons to. Clear, the burning well, but also burn pretty fast. Overall, however, the more it seemed to me to be kid stuff. Idiots and troublemakers without a political message. One would have them left and right to a rooms. The police, however, played it safe and gave a well-measured (probably plenty of metered) Charge from pepper spray, that unfortunately also uninvolved met before Viva Con Aqua Stage. Pretty much by the stuff.


Insagesamt I need the police but also make a huge praise, although it later or to. earlier hour in 30 schwergepanzert squads roamed through Myfest, they were somewhat loose and could not be of provocations from the rest bring. Only with the pepper language would not just have to be really.

this love was one-sided

Overall: Punks calm and serene, Security calm and serene, Police calm and serene. And that idiot make fire and build barricades tion truncheons and pepper spray to get is their own fault. Overall, it seems to me, je kunstvoller there iro, the less a slob.

Myfest Kreuzberg

Myfest Kreuzberg, one of the reasons why I live here.


In Hamburg, my absolute favorite festival of the harbor birthday was. I feverishly every year already days and weeks previously pointed out, and i loved it, there to wander from music stage music stage and see new music and well-known. I am particularly enthusiastic always the underground stages in the Bernhard Nocht Strasse, Punk bands, Sound Systems, Reggae, Hip Hop and everything just not sponsored by a major beer manufacturer or radio station. This music is somehow more real, and visitors are also exciting.

a little pirate with soundproof headphones before Trinkteufel stage

In Berlin there are similar, only without port and without Becks stages. The Myfest Kreuzberg. Already last year I was there – mostly at the stage Coretex – and generally quite enthusiastic. I know otherwise no street party, where so many different people and styles of music in such a mass meet.

Already last year I was on 1. Mai um 12 Clock from “Germany must die” aroused, because the revolutionary 1. May day demo starts on the square in front of my apartment. The Slime with but seems to be a ritual, because this year they woke me up again with Slime to me then to explain, that “the system has to go” and only the Communist world revolution would help us… na denn. That she has shown in the past.

Nundenn, los gings nerve did, the big stage on the Oranienplatz made before a whole lot of sound checks then it really took off. As I said with musical styles, as they could not be more different. On stage just struggled a wannabe gangster rapper before his few gangster rappers friends and some visitors from throughout 50 Meters punks “Greek wine danced played by a brass band…

For me it was the reason to get up and at night to visit the Myfest Kreuzberg, vollzufressen me and to move from one stage to the next – and there were many stages. Gangster rapper, Brass bands, Rhythm Congo, Songwriter, Soul votes, Human Beatboxes, Reggae Soundsystems, House DJ’s, Turkish folklore, Hardcorebands, Punk bands, Skabands, Hip-Hopper, Folk bands. I forgot what? Certainly 12 Platforms + various places for music without stage. Great for someone like me.

At dinner it was similar, you think a country we certainly got them something to eat – somewhere. The interesting thing Myfest Kreuzberg but the little commercial painting. Of course, the bands cost money, but they were not sponsored by a drinks manufacturer, there were no external provider but every shop has contributed his contribution to Myfest. And all this had quite a political reference to the left of the center-right. So i like it.

Multicultural food

Amazing also, I've actually seen all day until the evening hours on the Myfest no police, even, as the notorious “18 Uhr Demo” moved peacefully through Myfest

I Marx did not simply

As I said, the Myfest Kreuzberg is one of the reasons, why I like living here.

Film: 1. May heroes at work

1. May heroes at work
or: a general 1. May in Berlin Kreuzberg


or “Large shadow cast ahead of the history & events” Thus begins a song of the crashes ends pigeons and that has really little to do with film, out of, that this band a long time ago, when punk was still an important part of, little was known of this song and I start immediately came to mind yesterday, I saw signs for unlimited time parking ban but very limited parking ban outside my front door. Sometime the next day, then come the Polizeiabsperrgitter and Friday night teeming again from police car on the Oranienplatz.

1. Mai sechs Uhr bis 2. Mai sechs Uhr Parkverbot

Last year, however, there were around, this year is concern, which could also be used, to last year, a lot has changed. This year, burn cars in Berlin every day, that any idiot al View luxury cars and Burn, then there is a large NPD demo in Berlin, the last year has led to serious riots in Hamburg – and all went to the anarchists from Berlin to Hamburg…. This year, right and left in Berlin plus anarchists from all over Germany in Berlin… And there on the Friday followed by a weekend, sure a few more. After all, the 1. May in Kreuzberg yes something like a symbol and such a symbol, dass es bereits einen Film gibt, which contains only this.

1. May heroes at work


This film deals with different people on a typical 1. May in Berlin Kreuzberg. Since we have a Turk, Javuz like its little brother would be a big gangster and love to make and the cops would flatten and brings him into some trouble, there is Harry, the old '68, Once a year the building barricades and declared Javuz, what with Communists, Stalinists, Freedom fighters and a beer bottle on his cabinet has to be, because there is the policeman Uwe, whose wife has just separated from him, and who has no desire to rampage and without his gun again found in a brothel and is riveted by its own water cannon and finally there's the two tourists from riot town, throw the bottles, handle with ratchet, Branding and try to make first experiences with drugs…. Plus a few other people, whose paths cross. That's all find a late night in the hospital because only the logical consequence.


Overall, a great movie, härterer Art, one day to the 1. May in Berlin Kreuzberg shows – as it could be, when filmmakers think of him. Interestingly, he is definitely. Kreuzberg between the road and the chicken house Skarlitzer Oranienplatz. As this year.

I prefer the Myfest but with the Coretex- and the drinking devil-stage instead of rioting