Orange Street Kreuzberg

Much too early – do you mean against three clock – I came home on Saturday, parked my car and asked me, if that actually should have been all. I believe, I went out of the house more often against three, come home as. The bed was not thinking, after all, I was also only around 18:00 stood…. I thought so.

oranienstrasse bar39

Now, in the Orange Street, not three hundred yards from my house is my regular bar, the Bar 39, in which I actually pass in review every Sunday at one or two or three mojitos and let the week where I chop the collected stories of the weekend in my laptop.

The bartender I've ever betimes shown photos of me and he invited me, I should urgently come times, so why not, the evening in the bar 39 round off…? Meanwhile, I know, however,, that he works there only on Friday and Saturday and Sunday, a colleague tends the bar. No matter. Also could make a good mojito and was only slightly surprised about me. Kreuzberg and Berlin in particular provide.

oranienstrasse berlin

Although I paid the ordered Mojito itself, but the vodka in between, were supposed to represent me and not even the strange red cocktail not the typical cocktail glass, was mixed me unasked. My question, what it was probably, he answered me “That you have but know. 4 Women and the favorite drink of Carrie” …okay, The name is clear, but I admit to have never seen Sex and the City, and thus also the Cosmopolitan me is not very common.

Vodka and Grenadine. Much Vodka and a little grenadine for color… Huuuh, I was so tipsy, I even took the offered cigarette promo and not only drank, but also smoked. Relief. I could still set a picture of me and the bartender, but he told me it “but not post on Facebook” ….Now I would think, my blog is not unique Facebook. aber es ist noch öffentlicher 🙂

Well shortly after four, I was one of the last guests and the bar 39 slowly made tight, I now thought slowly as, what to do. So I walked up the street toward Orange Cake, wo ich auf auf ein paar weitere Cocktails ein kehrte, to give this cake to 5 also made tight and I was once again at the thought, to go home or not….

oranienstrasse kreuzberg rosesI did not go, but wandered on the Orange Street high, um das Roses AKA “the trashy bar in the world” haunt and there to drink the Becks Lemon corner of the bar, so, I end up with real beer “Becks ohne Lemon” landed, that was there but not matter anyway, I noticed anyway not much.

So in the wonderful sunshine I came home on Saturday and I was surprised on Sunday, that I actually still managed, take out my contact lenses and abzuschminken me…

Okay, in the Orange Street can be excellent crash. The good, I can then fall straight to bed.

Berlin Biennale opening in the department store Maassen

Since I live in Berlin, I – Strictly speaking, the Orange in Kreuzberg, I look at a beautiful old, large, imposing, six-story building, Unfortunately, that is completely empty. Since then, I ask myself, times what it was and why it is probably empty, I also frequently revel in thought, what you could do it well.

kaufhaus maassen oranienplatz

To ienna time, should have been as the Orange Street Kurfürstendamm of Kreuzberg, this building was the store Maassen, the largest specialty house for women's clothing in Germany. Just a few hundred meters from the first Wertheim department store, was the lady of the world here buy everything you need, they sat Pelze oder Pariser Mode. All there was in the department store Maassen. Eventually it was to end, the war came, the house fell into disrepair and was empty. End 2003 The house was completely renovated – and has since been empty again.

eröffnung Berlin biennale

The last few weeks I was able to recognize some small features, that this will change something, I saw lights, I saw workers, which came in or out. obvious from the department store Maassen should lay awake the hibernating. Today it was so far…. At the side entrance were large, wide men – Bouncer – and before that there was a queue of people waiting…. Hmm a snake… I place myself at times also.

eröffnung biennale Berlin

It turned out, that there was an opening ceremony of the Berlin Biennale and was therefore carried out a private viewing of contemporary art behind the walls. Admission by invitation… I of course had not, but no one asked for these invitations and I was admitted.

kapitalismus biennale

The large rooms were divided with covered plywood into many small rooms, many of which were built as a small cinema for artistic movies. Not all these movies I've seen, not all opened up to me, but I think that must not be so. Art is always the, declared what the artist as an art. If alternate on a canvas just different colored rectangles over several minutes, that is the way art.


General social criticism was probably an issue of opening, so I have two more films drawn into the spell. One of the films on two screens showed scenes of French demonstrations, Singing, dancing and especially angry with French sayings – often obvious to Sarkosis. Often a cantor on a canvas and the loud answer to the other. Even though I did not understand anything, it was very power full.

Berlin Biennale Eröffnung

Another film was about the GDR. They saw students, which is about the exploitation of (West)-German workers talked, to a French, who has studied social studies in East Germany until the turn and then had to find their way in a new world society, To a teacher, turnaround time for the questions not answered and you saw a competitive athlete, told the, so spannend, I saw the movie twice…


Probably the most attention a naked man otherwise generated in a glass box, was described over and over with diseases besäät umm. Certainly the most photographed object on this vernissage of the Biennale. Contemporary Art – If the artist says the, and certainly a bit of an experiment, to catch a picture in the newspapers.

biennale berlin

I liked this opening somehow fallen, Even though much passed me, such as the Stegosaurus standing in the backyard and the elephant adjacent… or it should be a mammoth? I do not know, but for me it was always the star of the buildings of the former department store Maassen.

berlin biennale

I would be only too happy, however, the biennial opening party at Kiki Blofeld visited, someone would have found, who wanted to come.

Molotow Cocktail Berlin

What temperatures – as class.


The day felt like vacation. So the weather I mean, not work of course. And I can not explain with the best will, why people moan all at once… these are probably exactly the same, the always complain about the severe winter in Berlin… Human being, which should nevertheless appreciate good weather, go out and sipping a cocktail or two.

That was a good idea, I thought to myself as I face the cocktail Molotov cocktail at the Orange Street is a great mushroom gratin pan ate UDN me whether the heat to a cold drink lusted. What better fit than a beautiful Mojito with as much ice, as just one in a Mojito.


Somehow I've been I live in Berlin rumgeschlichen to the cocktail bars in the Orange Street, without ever having set foot purely. I always had a bit of shame, to know even the next best cocktail bars closer. Now I know a more.

Of Molotow Cocktail….

Interesting name for a bar in the middle of Kreuzberg in the Orange Street. Stylish is the floor made of stone, which can eventually break out and throw, on the walls hang pictures of last nights kreuzbergers May 1 with water cannons, Police, multi-colored hair and blue lights… However, I believe, this means that more style, because political message, but does nothing, for it is indeed primarily about the cocktails and the – I am sorry to say, are not well.



Now I have drunk in my life, one or another mojito and two in Molotov Cocktail. They were drinkable, but not particularly well – while quite expensive.

Nevertheless, I have a couple hours of good music and a good book out there and not keep it bereuht. Whoever dwells in the Orange Street and fancy a cocktail in a little less trashy atmosphere has, So there common practice, can stop here once, but he who seeks the best cocktail bar in berlin, might be better off elsewhere.

Crazy Box Berlin – Rockabilly Stuff

and my favorite seamstress

Insipid, Saturday evening will therefore start with a Verabstaltung, According to the Sammy should begin with a Pinup Contest. Clear, that we wanted to get there, but what to wear. my red polkadot dress I had so often, my blue dots dress and also the third Pepitakleidchen although I have still no pictures, but I had it already but at least – oh at least once too often in recent months. Consequently, I desperately needed a new dress.

In Hamburg I had known since a real shop, in Berlin, but no, the Sheila had not been grazed entirely. ..That may have changed now. I have the Crazy Box found, Place a small shop near Boxhagen, the presumably everyone, who has ever used or Rockabilly pinup clothing, knows. However, although it Dord of bows, Dots and strawberries teeming, I found nothing, what would have occurred to me to talk to Sheila.

Although this shop is much bigger than my living room and a total of maybe just once 10 Had clothes hanging there, you could browse a while and you could spend a lot of money. A small but nice shop. I found a cute dress, that was actually pretty affordable with.

But the male physiognomy simply something is still different than the female, I could so with this dress, start bit, if I did not want to look slightly baggy this evening. Oben is perfekt passte, but below it was a bit far. (When are the garments manufacturer finally for their new target group – speak to me – tailor?)

Unfortunately, the chance of change is small, wenn man(n) Saturday noon to decide, having to buy new clothes for Saturday evening…

Fortunately, however, I have settled with me Kreuzberg in a great area, in which there is a small tailor in the Orange Street… in the sweet-Turkish seamstress Although only looked a little funny, when I told her, that the dress should fit me and I urgently “today” would require. That was not a problem, although already 13 Clock was by.

So I could not have two hours later, the wonderful dress to my measurements changed again fetch. At least I could now. Whether it is generally the, I will certainly soon find, I have chosen this to be my favorite from now Tailoring Tailoring.

Learned a great new shop know and met great new Tailoring. Successful day