Gala Drag Queen 2010 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Drag Queen Gala – Gran Canaria

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As I said with the images from Benalmadena already, Carnival is – and thus the time in drags on the whole world – at least there where Carnival is celebrated – are welcome. And where they are celebrated on their own galas. So just in Benalmadena, as the leading event in Venice and of course in the great Drag Queen Gala in Gran Canaria.


I mean I can remember, I already asked me last year, why I'm not actually went there and asked, expectant because the next year would come up with to Gran Canaria. Hmmm, I was not there, so I have to repeat the question again this year, for the great Drag Queen Gala is worth seeing in any case and without any doubt.


Normally you get from such events so nothing except a pair of images, always with, since no one is so crazy and be time wasted instead with wonder that, focus a camera on the action on stage, but Gran Canaria is there a laudable exception…. There, the TV maintains the professional cameras it, because the Drag Queen Gala will be broadcast live on television every year – which is also good, because the cards are always long forgiven in advance.


I think yes, that the NDR should strive for the broadcast rights for Germany, transmission could be an event like the Euro Vision Song Contest… Just as colorful and funky is the Gala,the audience would probably be similar and the Euro Vision Song Contest're now drag queens also rather commonplace, because the major exception during Serduchka but “only” second has become, proof course in Gran Canaria Drag Queen Gala Drags place one to three …. und alle Plätze dahinter 🙂