Halloween Masquerade 2014 @ New home

Halloween Masquerade 2014 & various for Halloween


As long as the old RAW site on Revaler Strasse still exists and as long as it has not yet been spoiled with expensive condominiums and even more expensive town houses, one should still use this urban area, Bob Young must have said to himself, and moved on with this year's Halloween Masquerade in a short term new home, namely the club “New home”


Big enough for Bob's annual horror show and the crowd, who appear here every year and give their very best.

hallowenn outfit

Now the topic Halloween Yes so Berlin always bigger and hardly a disco or a self-respecting club, didn't host a Halloween party this year… This led to, that Deko Behrendt had to hire a doorman on Wednesdays, to master the masses.

halloweenparty berlin

Maskworld, on the other hand, not only had lunch with one on Friday 200 Meters long snake to fight, but above all with an almost empty shop. Something like the Maskworld store had been around since 25 Years in Berlin. The queue outside was getting longer and longer and everyone was buying everything in the shop, which could even remotely have to do with Halloween. White color? not available any more, red wigs? No sorry, We still had striped socks yesterday, but you see yes… all empty.

halloweenn masquerade 2014

Speaking of white color – As a test run to the Halloween Masquerade, so to speak, I was at a company Halloween party the day before and I tried Maskworld white paint. G-R-A-U-S-A-M . it crumbled, it didn't cover and just looked like shit. – Sufficient for a company Halloween party, but far from my comfort zone and on a Halloween Masquerade I would have been ashamed of myself, So on Saturday noon to Kryolan City and oh wonder – no bouncer, no crowds in the store and good makeup. I love Kryolan.

halloween masquerade

So I was much closer to my comfort zone on Saturday, although Jasmin said, everything about me would say – “I do not feel well” – actually went, I was happy with the makeup, with the costume well, but okay, I have ... myself Felt worse on Halloween – so bad, that I even did a Halloween Masquerade once – I feel like shit and don't want any of this – skipped. Not this time.

halloween berlin

I couldn't either, 'Cause I wasn't alone, Jake Skellington people only understand, if next to him Sally is – ragged and blue in person of jasmine. Otherwise everyone thinks he's Beetlejuce. Ignorant! But that's how we were often recognized. The costume of the hearts on the Halloween Masquerade – at least.


Ever, what can you say about the Halloween Masquerade, which hasn't been said many times anyway? Bob has been aligning them for ages – the costumes are lavish and detailed – but mainly – and I noticed that at the company party – creepy. This is not about being beautiful, not about sexy, a witch hat is not a costume , not even a mask, neither a wig nor some fake blood. The Halloween Masquerade is the party, where it's about, to be scary.

the best berlin halloween party

Even Berlin's drag queens not only look beautiful on this day, but also beautifully scary – the best example is Janka. It is always amazing, how ugly the old hag can be, if she wants it and how beautiful or ugly a little make-up can make you…

halloween witch paints sally

By the way, the old witch made it back into the nominees in the costume contest and reached third place. Worthy of all honor. Kitana was back on stage too, but won nothing – last year's winner is also this year's winner and won – again – a trip to Transylvania …


deserves in my eyes, he worked on his alien costume for over a month – wonderful. As far as the costumes are concerned, the Halloween Masquerade should once again have been the measure of all things.


But there are always things at this party too, that surprise me – Jasmine asked me, whether I don't Superzandy, that I just said hello, could ask, if she would play a song.


I so: I can not do that… BLA bla, good dj… blablub, you don't do it …
End of the song: Jasmin went there herself, asked, got her song and a kiss from Zandy…
Man man .. but who can, he can!


And I'll give her the fun before the ordeal, to get the blue color off. The sentence of the evening was namely: “Why doesn't that surprise me now?” I poured Redbull vodka over her blue arm and she wiped it off with a white napkin – while the blue color remained on the arm and the napkin afterwards still pure white, only a little Redbull remained soaked. Getting that off shouldn't have been fun.

sally nightmare before christmas

The Halloween Masquerade, however, was it and what scares me the most now in the past Halloween time is the following:


After Halloween is before Halloween. In this sense, shuddered for this year.


Halloween Party Berlin: Halloween Masquerade

Bob Young has been hosting the Halloween Masquerade in Berlin for many years. He was already beginning, before today's hype about Halloween was conceivable.

halloween party berlin

At that time there were no small protection rackets running through the streets and the range of Halloween parties in Berlin was probably rather manageable – and when .- then probably provided with the simplest costumes.

halloween berlin

I can remember, when I was in Hamburg for the first time – completely random and without a costume – came across a party in what was then the Madhouse on Halloween… the whole thing was completely incomprehensible to me, why all of a sudden witches, and ghosts were walking around and what it was all about – With the term “Halloween Party” I couldn't really do anything back then either. That was just beginning, the first time I went to Bob Young's Halloween party in Berlin.


With a witch hat on you won't get very far at this party and you run the risk, to get rid of the ridicule of his companions. It's getting bloody here – and not just a little – so right. And it gets creative – also not just a little but just as correctly. It's just the best Halloween party in Berlin – and as I said for years.


This year the place of horror was Kino International, which was recently still largely banned from the International Club. This time it was completely up – and well filled with gruesome figures.


I tried to push myself for a long time, because somehow I'm not really a Halloween fan. To make yourself extra ugly – somehow that's not my thing. But I couldn’t help Janka's persuasion and so join the ranks of Disney Deathney Princesses Ariel (Sheila) R.I.P unzel (Janka) as a Zöööwittchen (I) and started buying things together and Maskword, To visit DEPOT and Deko Behrend…


Okay, of the Snow White ran safely there 4 or 5 Greek, but I was confirmed, I'm the scariest of them all, the bloodiest and ever… the deadest. But it didn't stop me, to quarrel with another Snow White for an apple. You have to have your little bastard Little Dwarf No.. 6 feed.


The costume contest took place in the cinema this time and was a lot better than last year in the old coin. For me, the right candidate won. I don't know, what he represented, but it was best. Some character from some horror movie – and I just don't watch them.


Neither did the Spookhouse this year. But not out of fear, but because it was always full and we and the waiting time didn't want to do that. But it was sure to be great again.


In any case, this year's Halloween Masquerade has cemented its status as the best Halloween party in Berlin. Difficult to get there. To a new in 2014


High Heels On The Dancefloor

At the time I come out relatively little, which shows the frequency of update of this blog clearly. Yesterday was relatively clear, was anstand. Redcat 7, Struppets, Love Soybeans, Candynailz, Truly Nutritious, KEREGAN *, and the laundromat planned a launch party with some great acts and music. If you attend something like this.

High Heels On The Dancefloor - Adagio

However, the afternoon my phone rang and Nadine was my turn and told of winning a VIP package for High Heels On The Dancefloor Party at the Adagio. Free admission – of course, Free drinks – beautiful and a limousine, against 23 Clock would drive off with your near Tegel… Since they already said some time ago “if I win the, kommst you mit.!?” I was invited. If you make…

23 Clock… sufficient time, stop by at the opening party… when my car would be skipped. Unfortunately, since this was Friday night with lights switched on before the door was… At exactly that same place it was then also lack power in the battery – now without link – are. FUCK.

So I could do the most beloved, I so like in Berlin. Use the public transport. ….I hate the bus and precisely and to avoid ground I have actually a car… But what the hell. Hilft ja nix, somehow I had to get to the other side of Berlin. So I took a ticket and boarded the big yellow limo to come around for much less big pink.


I was much too early, and the other passengers because the car is not yet, enough time so, yet to open a bottle of white wine… or actually empty. Well with good drinks as did a car without power but its benefits. The white wine in front of the exit followed namely a few bottles of champagne in the car and a nice place setting after the Adagio. … and a big head this morning 🙂 I've had little training lately 🙂


The promised limo was a Lincoln in the long – not just fashion color – Pink. But to be honest the ride in such a car is overrated. Although: easily, Drinks, cool. But through the tinted windows so you get not at all with, like the rest of the world reacts – and all the times we live now mainly by the reactions, we provoke.


At least there were some reactions at the stop at the Brandenburg Gate and of course directly at the Adagio. Past the snake. Stop at Zalando state to determine, that the action “win a 500 € voucher Zalando had already ended. (High Heels, as the TOP selection on projector but were later shown a Lousy selection were dear ladies and gentlemen from Zalando… that's better… We did not care, for seats in the VIP area with Red Bull, In fact a bottle of vodka and champagne waiting… and very treatable more people in it.

moet chandon adagio

Decreased time, Type of, the obviously felt hurt by the proximity with me so in his honor, that he twisted together with the stool in the other corner… Idiot. But that was his problem, not mine, gell. I wanted to not bother me in the festive mood, because, amazingly, was the amazing evening at the Adagio…


Strictly speaking, I'm sure, I never had more fun at the Adagio… What I experienced as would fit in another blog post, but we leave the. Obviously I have but since at the minimum 2 years a partnership… Did not your – I do not even! But the lady's boom pulled away and I got kisses 🙂

Eventually, at dawn it went home with a big smile.

img_70881336331858 (1)

Halloween Masquerade 2011

Halloween Masquerade 2011


The deaths were, Half dead and undead quite impressive in the horror Laboratory of Silver Wings, was at the Halloween Masquerade by Bob Young – actually traditionally – another Shovel draufgelegt Reingehauen ax.


It really is that, that the, of at another party already is pretty good, at the Halloween Masquerade certainly has to worry because, noticed – and he must already be really great, about to enter the pre-selection of Bob and Frank and participate in the costume contest can.


Sheila, Janka – and actually Diana – selected – And Stella DeStroy, in their series “Women of movie history with big names and even greater wickedness of the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland this year and threw a cloak over Dalmatian Cruela de Vil from embodied hundred and one Dalmatians. Sehr passend 🙂


Even otherwise the costumes were again overwhelming and it is probably once again ran into many friends, one has simply not recognized, because they just looked so different, as you know otherwise. Someone got me, after we had been there for quite a while asked, Janka whether there is also…


Simply search for something great, pretty disgusting with Fledderflügeln
Oh that's Janka?


Behind the music controls played the dead Gloria Viagra, Barbie Breakout and SuperZandy dead musical stuff from Amy Winehouse to Michael Jackson, to which the dead mass, however, could dance admirably. One would think yes, that zombies move slowly and colleagues, here was not quite as…


The costume contest and a magnum of champagne bottle, they will never drink, then won a happy, beautiful tooth fairy with a decibel volume from 97, which is similar to a circular saw, just the right Dezibellautstärke for a Halloween Party.


And so the horror could actually stop the night the terrible witch Kitana lost her key and had to ring the bell in the sense of Trick or Treat… Well not at the neighbors but with Janka, which in turn did this to me… Fortunately, the key was in my car and the locksmith had no witch unlock the door…


It would certainly have been difficult for Kitana, sich so richtig auszuweisen 🙂 So rettete Supergirl dann an diesem Abend zwar nicht die Welt, but by a witch in front of the frozen Erfrierungstot. Every day a good deed.